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Season 2 (CBS) (1964-65)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by: Rina Fox
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 ############# The Danny Kaye Show ############
############## season 2 1964-65 ##############
CBS Wednesdays 10:00-11:00pm Eastern
Regulars:  Joyce Van Patten, Harvey Korman, The Earl Brown Singers

2.01 [33] The Danny Kaye Show
Gwen Verdon
The Rhythm Masters (a group of college musicians)
A spoof on bashful bachelors.
Gwen Verdon sings and dances to "Downtown". [RF]

2.02 [34] The Danny Kaye Show
Show No. 39
Phil Silvers
Barbara McNair

Danny and Phil do a skit recalling the old days of the burlesque theater.
Barbara sings "When the Sun Comes Out" and "I Feel a Song Comin' On".
Danny closes his show with a five-minute film of his visit to the Olympic site in Tokyo and a discussion with
Japanese children. [RF]

2.03 [35] The Danny Kaye Show
Imogene Coca
Joe and Eddie

Imogene and Danny do a skit about a man buying a birthday gift for his wife.
Joe and Eddie sing "Lonesome Road".
The Kinderspiel Light Opera Company also makes an appearance. [RF]

2.04 [36] The Danny Kaye Show
Mary Tyler Moore
singer Danny Cox (making his TV debut)
Danny and Mary portray a married couple in a comedy sketch faced with the question "To Watch or Not to Watch TV".
In another sketch, Mary plays Candy Doll, whose papa is Fat Daddy (Danny) and whose prospective husband is
Gaylord Siss (Harvey Korman) an Old Southern family fop.
Danny Cox (a burly ex-football player who signed with Columbia Records) sings both folk and pop tunes.
Mary also appears in a dance routine titled "Ten Cents a Dance".
Danny closes the show with a group of young dance students who improvise a dance to illustrate a story. [RF]

2.05 [37] The Danny Kaye Show
Angela Lansbury
John Gary

Angela, Danny and John appear in an amusing spoof of Tennessee Williams' "Night of the Iguana". Angela is Anna the
Piranha who has devoted her life to crushing men.
Danny & Angela do a song-and-dance routine witg h "A Ruddy by the Name of You".
John sings "This Is All I Ask" and "Danny Boy". [RF]

2.06 [38] The Danny Kaye Show
Jose Ferrer
singer Dorothy Collins
Harvey Korman
Joyce Van Patten

In the opening comedy sketch, Kaye and Ferrer are applicants for the same post' tion with paper clip company.
Joyce Van Patten Is seen as the receptionist.
Later In the show, in the setting of the famous British criminal court, the Old Bailey, Kaye and Ferrer are antagonists
In a murder trial drama. Kaye is barrister for the defense, and Ferrer Is prosecutor for the crown. Harvey Korman Is
th- judge. Miss Collins sings, and Joint Kaye aad the rest of the company In a musical presentation of "Rockla'
Red Riding Hood."
Jose Ferrer is the perfect foil for Danny playing Sir Percival Fopp in a courtroom sketch "Murder on the Mary Tyler
Moors", Danny plays Sir Chauncy Burroughs.
Dorothy joins Danny in a Beatle-like extravaganza musical called "Rocking' Red Riding Hood". [RF]

2.07 [39] The Danny Kaye Show
Lucille Ball
John Gary

Miss Ball and Danny run amuck as two actors in a road company who had to play six parts. They also play a married
couple with maid trouble n a sit-down bit, and later hop about during a balloon dance.

NOTE: It may take a while for Lucille Ball to catch her breath. Her performance on Tuesday night's "Danny Kaye Show"
(9 p. m., CBS-TV), taped a week ago in Hollywood, required the stamina of an Olympic track star and the dogged
determination of a combat-ready Marine. In the interest of her art, Miss Ball was punched, pummeled, hurled through
the air and sat upon during a long day of rehearsals and the final taping. In return, she elbowed Kaye in the ribs,
stepped on his toes and strangled him. The last time such a performance was staged for television, Gorgeous George
bested Killer Kowalski, two falls out of three. A friend of this department was present when the talented redheads
joined forces. The following is his verbatim report: Arrived at the studio before the two stars but in time to find
ten men, seated on the floor, inflating balloons. One fellow said that what was happening was and when he opened
his mouth o reply, the air went out of his balloon. "Look, Mac, I just work here," he growled. "They tell me to
blow up balloons, I blow up balloons. A guy's gotta eat." With that, he took a deep breath and went back to work.
After more than a thousand balloons had been deposited in the studio next door, the co-stars arrived. They embraced,
then launched into their most exhausting sketch, a tour-de-force about two actors who take all the roles in a
touring drama when the other performers fail to show up. This entailed a dizzying succession of rapid costume and
make-up changes. [RF]

2.08 [40] The Danny Kaye Show
Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop
Howard Morris

Danny and Howard portray Italian street singers.
Sketch with Shari as a ballerina and Lamb Chop hamming it up.
And in spoof of James Bond, Danny is secret James Pond and Howard as Dr. Yes. [RF]

2.09 [41] The Danny Kaye Show
Diahann Carroll
Don Knotts
The Clinger Sisters
Harvey Korman

Don plays a shy shoe salesman, a research assistant and a prince in a square light opera. [RF]

2.10 [42] The Danny Kaye Show
Gwen Verdon
Danny & Gwen are a husband and wife battling at breakfast.
Gwen, Danny and Harvey do a parody in the movie musical style titled "The Elopement".
Gwen sings "I've Got Rhythm". [RF]

2.11 [43] The Danny Kaye Show
Art Carney
Pearl Bailey
Laurie Ichino

Danny opens the show with little Laurie Ichino dancing to "If This Isn't Love".
Art plays a loud, rude character who drives the car in a two-man car pool and Danny is his meek passenger.
Art plays Big Joe Carrats in a three-part movie titled "Murder, Maestro, Murder". Danny is song 'n dance man Peter Piper.
Pearl Bailey makes her debut with Danny singing two songs.
Pearl sings "Who Cares?" and "Personality".
Danny & Pearl duet on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?"
Danny closes the show with the Earl Brown singers in "Mother Goose Jumps". [RF]

2.12 [44] The Danny Kaye Show
Imogene Coca
Tony Bennett
The Clinger Sisters
Imogene makes a return visit and she brings her ballet slippers for the production number of "Swan Lake" with Danny.
In a Kinderspiel Light Opera Company called "The Fleder-Mikado", Danny plays a handsome U.S. Naval Lieutenant and
Miss Coca is his Japanese love.
In a Christmas sketch Danny plays a cockney Englishman who has been fired from his job as a department store Santa,
Imogene plays his wife.
Tony Bennett sings three songs. [RF]

2.13 [45] The Danny Kaye Show
Pat Carroll
Howard Morris
Joe & Eddie

Skits include a show lampooning television documentaries with Pat Carroll interviews a German and English war hero
in a TV sketch.
Danny plays a shy bachelor who goes to dinner at a girlfriend's house and is badgered about marriage by her parents.
The trio do a hillbilly number and Joe & Eddie sing folk songs. [RF]

2.14 [46] The Danny Kaye Show
Gwen Verdon
Jo Stafford
Harvey Korman
Tony Charmoli Dancers

Gwen & Danny open with a Christmas Waltz.
Danny & Gwen portray rejected dolls in a fantasy dance that takes place in a child's room.
Gwen sings "There's a Lull in My Life" and "The Song Is Ended".
Jo sings a medley of Christmas songs.
Danny & Jo duet with ""Jingle Journey" and "It's Almost Like Being in Love".
Danny recreates a character from last season as Giovanni the old Italian expecting a call from his son in America.
Danny, Harvey and Gwen appear in an espionage and counter-espionage comedy sketch titled "The Spy Who Got a Cold". [RF]

2.15 [47] The Danny Kaye Show
Buddy Ebsen
Pat Carroll
Howard Morris
Earl Brown Singers

Danny & Buddy do a dance number to "Bidin' My Time".
Pat appears an a trouble-making department store shopper skit with Danny and Howard.
Buddy & Danny do a Western skit involving an Indian scout.
Pat, Danny and Howard [RF]

2.16 [48] The Danny Kaye Show
Peter Falk
Dorothy Collins
Peter Falk returns for a "Mr. Novak" takeoff with Danny.
Danny plays a shabby teacher who works in at an ESSO gas station at night and Peter plays the father who wonders
why his son is failing.
Dorothy Collins and Danny relive the old Hit Parade days.
Peter joins Danny for a bandit movie bit as El Producto to Danny's El Ringle. [RF]

2.17 [49] The Danny Kaye Show
Vincent Price
Diahann Carroll
Harvey Korman

Danny does a dentist sketch with Vincent Price as the Dentist.
Diahann sings.
Danny, Vincent and Harvey do a costume spoof about Viennese Prince Rudolf (Danny) and a handyman looalike with Vincent
as the Prime Minister and Harvey as the General. [RF]

2.18 [50] The Danny Kaye Show
Imogene Coca
Nancy Wilson

Imogene and Danny play a couple of circus acrobats in on sketch.
Imogene plays a wife who brings home an expensive wig.
Danny illustrates how the Russians might do "Cinderella".
Nancy Wilson sings.
Four-year-old Victoria Page Meyerink appears in a sitdown with Danny at the end.
News article Jan20/64.
"Appleface" was comedian Danny Kaye and the object of his affection was four-year-old Victoria Meyerink who if she
likes you will nickname you after her favorite fruits and vegetables. They met shortly before her first appearance
on December 31, 1963 when she starred with Danny and dancer Gwen Verdon in a Christmas sketch on the show. The response
was so favorable to the child's performance that Danny brought her back to share his final "sit-down spot" on two
succeeding shows. She appears for her fourth time on this episode. [RF]

2.19 [51] The Danny Kaye Show
Irene Ryan
Bessie Griffin and the Gospel Pearls

Earl Brown Singers
Tony Charmoli Dancers
Paul Weston Orchestra

Irene Ryan as Granny goes avisitin' with Danny as Grandpa the oldest couple in West Virginia.
Irene also does a medicine sketch about hillbillies and blackouts about mothers and sons with Danny. [RF]

2.20 [52] The Danny Kaye Show
Fred Gwynne
John Gary
Joyce Van Patten
Fred plays a slipping Broadway stage director who tells a shy Danny how to act.
A wild nightcourt sketch with Danny, Fred and Joyce Van Patten over a restaurant brawl. [RF]

2.21 [53] The Danny Kaye Show
Gwen Verdon
Harve Presnell

Danny presents a three-act comedy entitled "Top Hat, White Tie and Green Socks".
Harve, Gwen and Danny do a sketch about a temperamental musical comedy star who looks for a leading man to star in
her next stage show and decides on an accident-prone delivery boy (Danny).
Gwen and Danny do a sketch about a couple discussing the husband's quest for a raise at the office. [RF]
Harve sings two songs.

2.22 [54] The Danny Kaye Show
Elke Sommers
Pat Carroll

Danny opens with little Laurie Ichino.
Elke & Danny duet with some folk songs.
In a sketch Elke plays an actress with Danny as the shy shoe salesman.
Pat Carroll plays a variety of mothers-in-law all of them pushy.
NOTE: This was Elke Sommers television debut. [RF]

2.23 [55] The Danny Kaye Show
Paul Ford
Shirley Bassey
(British Singer)
In a comedy sketch Danny portrays British secret service agent James Blonde who is assigned to stop the evil racketeer
Ringfinger (Paul Ford).
Shirley belts out "The Lady is a Tramp".
Danny & Shirley do a duet.
Paul Ford plays a sour father who can't stand his son-in-law (Danny). [RF]

2.24 [56] The Danny Kaye Show
Imogene Coca
Joe & Eddie
Virginia Page Meyerlink

Danny and Imogene take on a sketch about a poker game.
They also present a series of commercials as they might have been written by William Shakespeare and
Tennessee Williams. [RF]

2.25 [57] The Danny Kaye Show
Jim Nabors
Oscar Peterson Jazz Trio

Jim sings "Swanee"
In one sketch Jim plays a Marine to Danny's pesky drill-sergeant.
And a Western sketch titled "Labanza" with Danny as Fat Daddy and Jim his clumsy son.
Danny does a soft show and dance.
Jim as his famous "Gomer Pyle" character takes on a "Roosian Spy".
Danny plays Maestro Bruno Walnut, a Viennses symphony conductor, in a ribbing of Leonard Bernstein's concerts for
young people.
The Oscar Peterson Jazz Trio perform. [RF]

2.26 [58] The Danny Kaye Show
Imogene Coca
Enzo Stuarti
Danny celebrates St. Patrick's Day.
"The Irish Traveler" is a sketch about a leprechaun and an unladylike Irish girl.
Enzo Stuarti sings "Irish Rose".
Imogene plays a health faddist. [RF]

2.27 [59] The Danny Kaye Show
Lauren Bacall
Jason Robards
Danny Cox

Danny & Jason portray two expectant fathers waiting in a bar for the births of their heirs.
Lauren & Jason join Danny for a medley of songs.
Lauren plays a movie star on a quiz show paired with timid amateur Danny Kaye. [RF]

2.28 [60] The Danny Kaye Show
Kit Smythe
Howard Morris
Harvey Korman

Danny plays Giovanni the tailor and Howard Morris plays an irate Italian father arguing about their children's
wedding plans.
Kit Smythe sings "Some People" and "The Party's Over".
Harvey & Danny do a sketch about an old lawyer and a reformed crook.
Danny, Howard and Kit close the show with "Pleasure". [RF]

 ############# The Danny Kaye Show ############
############### end of season 2 ##############

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