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Starring: Christopher George & Gary Raymond
Season 2 (ABC) (1967-68)
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############## season 2 1967-68 ##############
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ABC Mondays 8:30pm Eastern

2.01 [33] The Rat Patrol: THE TRUCE AT ABURAH RAID
11-Sept-1967 ABC Mon
Writer: Edward J. Lakso
Director: Sutton Roley
Guest Cast:
Joseph Turkel ......... Captain Bruener
Captain Dietrich monitors a broadcast sent to the Patrol from HQ and then
intercepts them on their way to a escort a supply convoy. With the
odds decidedly against them, Troy takes refuge in an oasis. A
child, playing near by, runs away terrified of the noise and falls
down an old old. The two teams make a truce in an attempt to get
the child (who is still alive) out. A second German unit appears
and shoots Tully. In the end they are able to get the child out and,
in the confusion, the Patrol escapes.

2.02 [34] The Rat Patrol: THE DAVID-AND-GOLIATH RAID
18-Sept-1967 ABC Mon
Writer: Sheldon Stark
Director: Herschel Daugherty
Guest Cast:
Manfred Lating .... Medic
The Patrol ambushes a german courier and finds that his papers contain
charts showing desert waterholes and some oases which are unknown
to the Allies or the Germans. Suddenly a German patrol attackes,
wounding Tully and destroying the Patrols jeeps, water and weapons.
Troy and crew strike out for a waterhole mentioned on the chart.
Hours later, near their end, Troy and his men stagger toward an inviting
waterhole to find it has been poisoned. On a distant dune they see
Dietrich. Tully is near the end, because of his wound. It is up to
Troy to negotiate with Dietrich

2.03 [35] The Rat Patrol: THE TRIAL-BY-FIRE RAID
25-Sept-1967 ABC Mon
Writer: Peter Allan Fields
Director: Sutton Roley
Guest Cast:
Milton Selzer .... Tobar
Gale Garnett .... Safti
The Patrol attempts to destroy a small village that currently has a train
in it that the Germans are loading with ammunition. But there is a small
group of Arabs (including women and chlidren) being used to load
the ammunition. One of the women stumbles upon Troy and offers
to help by warning her people. But as Troy attempts to plant the
explosives, Dietrich catchs on to the plan and gives alarm. Troy
ends up shot and captured. It is now up to the rest of the Patrol to
cause enough diversion to get him free. The woman continues to
plead with Dietrich to give Troy medical attention. As Dietrich is
questioning Troy, though, Troy breaks free, shoots the German and
is able -- with the Arab woman's father's help -- to get the explosives
planted. The train goes up, the man is killed.

2.04 [36] The Rat Patrol: THE DARERS-GO-FIRST RAID
02-Oct-1967 ABC Mon
Writer Mark Weingart
Director: Paul Stanley
Guest Cast:
Manfred Lating .... Soldier
A heavily guarded German fort proves an impossible mission for
the Patrol until Troy decides to utilize a German tank against
it. They lay a trap in a near-by oasis and soon a tank does attempt
to attack them. They are able to capture the tank with a trick,
causing no damage to it. Moffitt, now driving the tank, simply
pulls it in back of the next convoy going into the fort and, once
inside, they blow up the ammunition stores.

2.05 [37] The Rat Patrol: THE LOVE-THINE-ENEMY RAID
09-Oct-1967 ABC Mon
Writer: Edward J. Lakso
Director: Herschel Daugherty
Guest Cast:
Susanne Cramer .......... Gerta
Troy inadvertantly wounds a German nurse -- who ends up being the
lone survivor of the Patrol's attack on a German convoy. The
Patrol's assignment is to stop all supplies from reaching the Ger-
man division. The nurse tells them there is a field hospital 6
miles away. It isn't on Troy's map, though. Despite that and the
rest of the Patrol's arguments, he decided -- out of guilt -- to risk
taking her there. On the way they finded a wounded American
soldier who was carrying information to a trapped regiment of
soldiers that artillery is on its way to help them. Troy must decide
whether to save her life by taking her to the hospital or save the
regiment with the information. In the end he finds a way to do both.

2.06 [38] The Rat Patrol: THE DARKEST RAID
16-Oct-1967 ABC Mon
Writer: Dean Hargrove
Director: Leon Benson
Guest Cast:
Alfred Ryder ........... Col. Gerschon
Manfred Lating ......... Orderly
German captain Richter is ordered to bring a cache of "confiscated" diamonds
to Berlin to sell -- the money to be turned back into weapons for the
desert campaign. The Patrol's mission is to stop him, no matter
what. They capture him on the way to his HQ, and after disguising
himself as the "blind" Richter, with Hitchcock as his new "German"
chauffeur, Troy goes to pick up the diamonds. But the German
commandant who has them grows suspicious. In the end he nearly
manages to catch Troy out but not before Troy is able to put his
plan into action and steal the diamonds.

2.07 [39] The Rat Patrol: THE DEATH-DO-US-PART RAID
30-Oct-1967 ABC Mon
Writer: Anthony Lawrence
Director: Frank Baur
Guest Cast:
Pippa Scott ........... Drusilla
Barry Robins .......... Ben Nafti
Stanley Waxman ........ Colonel Luden
The Patrol is ambushed in an arab village where they've gone to meet
with an unknown contact. Troy is wounded but manages to
escape into one of the huts. His men are captured. Troy is
nused back to health by the local missionary -- a hot-tongued
Irish lass Drucilla Blackner. Drucilla preaches peace to Troy
and talks about her pride with one of her pupils. The pupil
turns out to be Troy's contact. Drucilla forbids the boy to help
Troy but, in the end, the boy is taken away -- having been exposed
as a traitor -- and it is now up to Troy to go rescue him and his men.

2.08 [40] The Rat Patrol: THE DO-RE-MI RAID
06-Nov-1967 ABC Mon
Writer: Don Brinkley
Director: Robert Sparr
Guest Cast:
Jack Jones ........... Mickey Roberts
Harvey Jason ......... Perkins
Mickey Roberts, a popular American entertainer, is captured. HQ orders the
Patrol to help him escape. Troy manages to get himself captured so that he
can tell Roberts of the upcoming escape plans. Roberts, though, isn't
all that keen on trying and tells Troy to take another prison -- Perkins
instead -- seems Perkins has good information. Roberts isn't just a
coward, though, he is a collaborator and tells Dietrich where the Patrol
is hiding. Dietrich ambushes them and ends up with Hitch's glasses to "prove"
 to Troy that his men are dead. Troy attempts the escape with Perkins finally.

2.09 [41] The Rat Patrol: THE KINGDOM COME RAID
13-Nov-1967 ABC Mon
Writer: Robert Sherman
Director: Frank Baur
Guest Cast:
Matt Clark .......... Corporal Meekin
Hitch and Corporal Meekin, on a special mission to deliver new secret anti-
aircraft shells, are the sole survivors of a German ambush. When they
disagree on whether to move on or stay, Meekin shoots Hitchcock and
drives off, leaving him for dead. Meekin wanders into the rest of the
Patrol and tells them he has no idea where Hitch is. Troy follows
fresh tire tracks back to the convoy. They find Hitch who tries to
tell them about Meekin but passes out. To Permanently silence Hitch,
Meekin sets the fuses of the unique shells to explode while Hitch is
being taken to a hospital. Troy, though, not knowing this, orders all
of them into the same truck. Meekin, in the end, breaks and runs and
the Germans "recapture" the truck from Troy in the confusion. So it
is a German who drives over the ridge -- and it explodes.

2.10 [42] The Rat Patrol: THE HIDE-AND-GO-SEEK RAID
20-Nov-1967 ABC Mon
Writer: Mark Weingart
Director: Sutton Roley
Guest Cast:
Mark Anthony - Miles
Charles Irving - Colonel von Graff
The young son of Allied Commander Simms is kidnapped and
the Patrol is given the mission of rescuinghim. The kidnapped
youth provides bargaining power for Nazi General von Graff, who
wants to exchange the boy for desert commander General Schiller,
a POW in Allied hands. Complications arise, though, when Moffitt
learns that the boy is a traumatic mute. The boy rises above this, though,
 and in the end not only helps with his own escape but helps to save Troy's life.

2.11 [43] The Rat Patrol: THE VIOLENT TRUCE RAID
27-Nov-1967 ABC Mon
Writer: Don Brinkley
Director: Eddie Davis
Guest Cast:
Howard Caine .......... Major Bracken
Bruce Glover .......... Lt. West
When Lt. West (US Medical corps) is injured, Moffitt takes over his
mission to warn a British convoy of contaminated plama supplies. While
Tully carries Lt. West to HQ for help, Moffitt is captured by the
Germans. Dietrich turns Moffitt over to the Brits in exchange for
some plasma for his troops. When both sides refuse to believe that
the supply is contaiminated, Moffitt attemps to destroy the plasma.
The Germans mistake this for an ambush and fire back. Meanwhile
Moffitt is ordered to stand a court martial. And Troy must go to
the Germans to get them to testify when the only man who could do
so -- Lt. West -- dies. Dietrich comes to the court and testifies that
the plasma was contaminated and his men did die.

2.12 [44] The Rat Patrol: THE LIFE-FOR-A-LIFE RAID
04-Dec-1967 ABC Mon
Writers: Quentin Sparr and Don Brinkley
Director: Sutton Roley
Guest Cast:
Kamala Devi .......... Sallah
Paul Stevens ........ Captain Longet
In a melee of horses and men, the Patrol bombards a band of Arab guerillas
to rescue captive Frenchman Pierre Longet and his wife. When his
wife dies, Longet blames Sallah, a pregnant Arab woman Troy has
taken hostage. As they attempt to escape, they end up hiding out in
the basement of a battered mosque. Dietrich demands the return of
Sallah (who is working against the Germans) and Longet wants to
give her up. Troy won't do it, though, not even after she goes into labor.

2.13 [45] The Rat Patrol: THE FIFTH WHEEL RAID
11-Dec-1967 ABC Mon
Writer: Richard DeRoy
Director: Robert Sparr
Guest Cast:
Michael Tolan ........... Sgt. Kabi
Ben Wright .............. Col. Jameson
Manfred Lating .......... Orderly
After being briefed for a crucial operation, British Colonel Jameson is
abducted by the Germans. Allied Intelligence suspects that the abduction
is a cover for the colonel's defection. The Patrol is ordered to either
get the colonel back or make sure he is dead. However, the colonel's
aide believes he CAN'T be guilty and Sgt. Kabir insists, at gunpoint,
that he be taken on the mission.

2.14 [46] The Rat Patrol: THE TWO-IF-BY-SEA RAID
18-Dec-1967 ABC Mon
Writer: Mark Weingart
Director: Robert Sparr
Guest Cast:
Walter Brooke - Captain Vulcan
Michael Vandever .... Lt. Reiner"
Norbert Meisel
A convoy of Tiger tanks is the prime target for the Patrol's electrifying
mission. Moffitt hijacks a truck in an attempt to sabotage a German
lighthouse. However he gets caught in the attempt. Moffitt manages to escape
but then the commander of the lighthouse "shoots" him. The Patrol engin-
eers a burial for Moffitt so that Rommel's convoy will come in -- the
information of Moffitt's death with the information he got before his
escape is carried back to the Germans by a collaborator. The convoy
is caught in shallow water and destroyed.

2.15 [47] The Rat Patrol: THE STREET URCHIN RAID
25-Dec-1967 ABC Mon
Writer: Don Brinkley
Director: Leon Benson
Guest Cast:
Gerald Michenau ....... Tico
John Myhers ........... Rettig
Rica Diallina ......... Sarina
Troy acquires secret photographs of vital German installations, and when
German soldiers and Gestapo Chief Rettig corner him in a small Spanish town,
he hides the pictures. Tico, a shoe-shine urchin, observes the entire
scene from a distance and takes the pictures to his sister Sarina, a belly-
dancer. Anxious for him and Srina to return to their beloved Spanish
home, Tico decides to sell the pictures in any way he can. With
Troy an hour overdue, Moffitt, Hitchcock and Pettigrew set out to find
him. Eventually rescuing a sadistically beaten Troy, the Patrol goes in
search of Tico and the pictures. However the Gestapo has taken Sarina
and offers to trade her for the pictures. A trade Troy reverses by taking
a Gestapo agent and offering to trade HIM for Sarina.

01-Jan-1968 ABC Mon
Writers: Al Ramrus and John Shaner
Director: Sutton Roley
Guest Cast:
John Anderson - General Owen Lansbury
Gen. Owen Lansbury, head of British Intelligence in the Near East, bails
out of his damaged plane behind enemy lines. The Patrol
go to bring him in. Dietrich has the same ideas, but Troy and
his men reach the fatigued general first. Lansbury reveals to
them that he has discovered where the Nazis have just completed
burying an oil pipeline in the desert. It feeds a major German off-
ensive scheduled to kick-off in two days; it must be destroyed.
Despite his injuries, Lansbury insists on accompanying the Pat-
rol. The general's fast-deteriorating condition causes him to make
seveeral command decisions that bode poorly for the Patrol.
Determined to protect his men and the mission, Troy walks along
the razor's edge of mutiny.

2.17 [49] The Rat Patrol: THE BOOMERANG RAID
08-Jan-1968 ABC Mon
Writer: Edward Lasko
Director: Robert Sparr
Guest Cast:
Dick Sargent .... Kemper
Efforts to convoy Allied reconnaissance data boomerang to make some double
trouble for the Ptrol. A Nazy soldier, posing as the Allied contact, Lt.
Kemper, attracts Troy's attention by his reluctance to ambush some
German soldiers. Troy's suspicions work overtime, but just fast
enough to play into the hands of Dietrich. Dietrich and his men find
the Patrol and the strategically marked map of Allied supply dumps.

2.18 [50] The Rat Patrol: THE FATAL REUNION RAID
15-Jan-1968 ABC Mon
Writer: Don Brinkley
Director: Herschel Daugherty
Guest Cast:
Louise Sorel ......... Gabrieele
Gilbert Green ........ Rettig
Tense emotions explode when French Resistance fighter, Gabrielle Ouvret
(Moffitt's former girlfriend), joins the Patrol in the danger-filled rescue
of a space scientist -- Pierre Marchand. Gabrielle and Moffitt realize
their love for each other again, but Gabrielle confesses that she is married.
She is Mrs. Pierre Marchand. Moffitt's bitter sense of betrayal jeopardizes
the already exacting rescue attempt.

2.19 [51] The Rat Patrol: THE DECOY RAID
22-Jan-1968 ABC Mon
Writer: Robert Sherman
Director: Sutton Roley
Guest Cast:
Richard Davalos .......... Captain Wansee
Jay Novello .............. LaDuc
Doreen McLean ............ Miss Arno
Sadistic SS Captain Wansee arrests the Swiss Red Cross worker -- Miss Arno,
who is administering vacines in a North Africa village threatened by typhus.
Wansee bargains with Dietrich to excahnge Arno and her vaccine with any
member of the Patrol. Vichy official, LaDuc, who is responsible for
containing the epidemic, has only 12 hours in which to use the vaccine
before it loses its effectiveness. Desperate to have Arno and her lifesaving
vaccine returned, he betrays Patroller Moffitt into Dietrich's hands.

2.20 [52] The Rat Patrol: THE TOUCH-AND-GO RAID
05-Feb-1968 ABC Mon
Writer: Peter Allen Fields
Director: Herschel Daugherty
Guest Cast:
Robert Knapp ......... Major
The Patrol rush to help a band of "Allied" soldiers and fall into a trap
when they learn the men are Germans. Dietrich's scheme to cap-
ture them has worked. With Dietrich's men now posing as the famed
Rat Patrol, they take Troy's place guarding an Allied munitions
depot. Dietrich himself poses as Troy and receives an envelope
marked "Operation Diamond" and decides that he must destroy the
depot and escape with the "important" information. The Patrol escapes
in a German truck equipped with a field radio and hear the broadcast
announcing the arrival of "Operation Diamond" which are plans for an
Allied Inter-company baseball game. Troy radios the depot about the
fake Patrollers, but before the operator can relya his message, he i s
shot by one of Dietrich's men.

2.21 [53] The Rat Patrol: THE FIELD-OF-DEATH RAID
12-Feb-1968 ABC Mon
Writer: Richard K. Brookway
Director: Herschel Daugherty
Guest Cast:
Albert Paulsen .... Col. von Brugge
Jack Bannon .... Lt Koenig
Nick George (Chris' real-life brother) as Captain David Troy
The capture of RAF Captain David Troy proves ample bait in Major von Brugge's
scheme to destroy the Patrol. Troy, Moffitt, Pettigrew and Hitchcock
arrive at the desert rendezvous to find Troy's wounded and unconscious
brother tied to a grenade in the center of a mine field. Fighting down
the urge to rush through the mine field, Troy painfully makes his way
to his brother as the Germans wait in ambush. He finally manages to
defuse everything, getting his brother free just as the rest of the Patrol
rushes in and kills Brugge and his men.

2.22 [54] The Rat Patrol: THE DOUBLE JEOPARDY RAID
19-Feb-1968 ABC Mon
Writer: Peter Allan Fields
Director: Frank Baur
Guest Cast:
C.Clerk -- Jean-Claude
Danieele Roter - Monique
The arrival of a team of teenage guerilla fighers spells "Double-trouble"
for the Patrol. The embittered young Partisands, lead by a 17-year-old Jean
- Claude, and his fiery girlfriend, Monique, are determined to do things
their way in an unplanned raid in an impenetrable SS camp, even
though this means putting the Patrol temporarily out of action.

26-Feb-1968 ABC Mon
Writer: Edward J. Lakso
Director: Frank Baur
Guest cast:
Gary Lasdun - Captain Hunte
Moffitt is about to leave on a hazardous mission to deactivate the timing
mechanism of a whistle tower of Rommel's supply depot, when he receives a
sad message from London: a German bonb has killed his young brother. In a
blind rage against both the Nazi's and the war, Moffitt recklessly risks his
own life and the lives of the Patrol to avenge his brother's death. They
race against time to set the Whistle so that bombers may take out the depot
without endangering the prisoners held next to it.

2.24 [56] The Rat Patrol: THE TUG-0F-WAR RAID
04-Mar-1968 ABC Mon
Writer: Mark Weingart
Director: Jack N. Reddish
Guest Cast:
Bo Hopkins .... Bo Randall
Michael Shillo - Gaspard
Brioni Farrell .... Felicia
The screech of Nazi vehicles outside a desolate cemetery triggers a
desperate attempt by Troy and secret again Felicia Gaspard to dispose of a
small gold locket containing coveted microfilmed data. Racing wildly among
the tombstones, Troy tosses the locket into the open grave of Felicia's
mother before being captured by the Nazis. When Troy and Felicia refuse to
answer questions, an irate Dietrich sentences them to hang at dawn. The
Patrol's only hope of saving them is that the Nazi's drunken hangman is Felicia's father.

2.25 [57] The Rat Patrol: THE NEVER-SAY-DIE RAID
11-Mar-1968 ABC Mon
Writer: Dean Hargrove
Director: Herschel Daugherty
Guest Cast:
Fabrizio Mioni ......... Lt. Cristalde
Frank Marth ............ Col. von Bracht
Troy is wounded in a freakish ambush, and he and Hitchcock become prisoners
of top Nazi strategist, Colonel Von Bracht. Refusing to obey von Bracht's
order to radio Pettigrew and Moffitt of the German enecampment, they are
given to the psychopathic Lt. Koss, who uses sledgehammers and fires to
torture his prisoners. In the meanting, Lt. Cristalde, an Italian cavalier,
demands that Pettigrew and Moffitt take him prisoner uner the terms of the
Geneva convention. In the ensuing argument, Cristalde's humor gives the
Patrol a key to how to rescue Troy and Hitchcock.

2.26 [58] The Rat Patrol: THE KILL-AT-KOORLEA RAID (final episode)
18-Mar-1968 ABC Mon
Writer: Edward J. Lakso
Director: Eddie David
Guest Cast:
William Watson ........ Corporal Freebairn
Manfred Lating ........ Lt. Strum
The appalling brutality of Nazi General KKarl Koenig makes him the prime
target for the Allied offensive. General Boggs summons the Patrol for the
urgent mission. The fatal shot is to be fired from nearly a mile away by
British Corporal Freebairn, a crack shot with a lust for violence. Wind,
speed, distance, everything checks out for the clandestine mission at
Koorlea. Suddenly, Moffitt sees that Koenig's family is with him.
Torn between duty and decency, the Patrol decides to take "the Butcher"
alie and spare his family the horror of his death, but the cool Freebairn
is sadistically psyched for the "big kill" and refuses to give in.

############### The Rat Patrol ###############
################## the end ###################

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