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Starring James Brolin, Connie Sellecca
Season 5 (ABC) (1987-88)
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################### Hotel ####################
############# season 5 1987-88 ###############
############## (final season) ################
ABC Saturdays 10:00-11:00pm Eastern (17 episodes)
joining the regular cast for season 5
Valerie Landsburg as Cheryl Dolan (reception)
Susan Walters as Ryan Thomas (reception)
Ty Miller as Eric Lloyd (bellboy)

5.01 [98] Arthur Hailey's Hotel: HAIL AND FAREWELL
produced by Tom Swale & Duane Poole and Dennis Hammer
written by Duane Poole and Tom Swale
directed by Harry Falk
guest stars
Ginger Rogers
Ted Shackleford
Dack Rambo
Bellman Dave Kendall seeks employment as a lawyer

5.02 [99] Arthur Hailey's Hotel: MIXED EMOTIONS
produced by Tom Swale & Duane Poole and Dennis Hammer
written by Sandra Kay Siegel
directed by Robert Sheerer
guest stars
Priscilla Barnes
Chad Everett
Gary Lockwood
A workaholic husband finds his wife is the target of a
death threat.
Leaving the series at the end of this episode:-
Heidi Bohay as Megan Kendall (reception) (1982-87)
Michael Spound as Dave Kendall (bellman) (1982-87)
A workaholic husband, Alex Shepard (CHAD EVERETT), whose business life is endangering
his happy marriage, has been receiving death threats against his lonely wife,
Donna (PRISCILLA BARNES). To get Donna out of harm's way, Peter takes her out for
a boat trip, since Alex is too busy with his latest business deal. Donna is
flattered by Peter's attentions, but becomes angry when she discovers he's only
doing it to protect her. She doesn't need a baby-sitter -- she's been sending the
death threats to herself, in order to gain her husband's companionship. Dave is
offered an excellent job with a law firm in San Diego, and Megan gives him the
news that she is expecting the birth of their first child. Christine doesn't want
to lose her secretary, Megan, and therefore offers Dave a job on the hotel's
legal staff. Dave prefers the trial law job, and he and Megan get into a heated
argument. After Dave agrees to take the hotel job for Megan's sake, she changes
her mind and opts for San Diego, realizing that she is squashing a dream they
have shared for a long time.

5.03 [100] Arthur Hailey's Hotel: RESERVATIONS
produced by Tom Swale & Duane Poole and Dennis Hammer
directed by Oz Scott
guest stars
Gene Barry
Tracy Scoggins
Kate Mulgrew
Peter has a romantic interest.
Christine decides to move to a larger apartment, but the realtor has promised the apartment
to another applicant as well, handsome Michael Casey (GENE BARRY), a retired airline pilot.
Michael gallantly withdraws his offer and Christine helps him find temporary lodging at the
hotel. The friendship between Christine and Michael blossoms, causing Peter some concern.
Michael starts to get serious about Christine, but she cannot commit herself.
Leslie Chase (KATE MULGREW), a former New Orleans socialite, is using a suite to operate
an escort service. Peter is an old friend of Leslie's, but he is unaware of her business dealings.
Seeing Christine's involvement with Michael, Peter spends time with Leslie, and there is
a mutual attraction. Leslie adds to her staff of escorts a beautiful model named Dana March
(TRACY SCOGGINS). Dana, a close friend of Julie's, has found modeling jobs scarce and
desperately needs work. Julie questions Dana about her new job, but Dana brushes her
aside. Dana finds herself in deep trouble when an escort gets rough. Alerted by a hotel
maid, Billy finds Dana badly beaten and calls for the paramedics. Peter and Christine
openly discuss their romantic near misses and realize that the person each cares about
most is the other.

5.04 [101] Arthur Hailey's Hotel: AND BABY MAKES TWO
produced by Tom Swale & Duane Poole and Dennis Hammer
written by Duane Poole & Tom Swale
directed by Harry Falk
guest stars
Deborah Adair
Kay Lenz
Tom Mason
Christine rescues a baby that has been abandoned in a
hotel room.
Garment manufacturer Robert Matthews (TOM MASON), whose business brings
him to San Francisco twice a month, is having an affair with dress
designer Lynn Patterson (DEBORAH ADAIR). Their affair is interrupted
when Robert's dutiful wife Gail (KAY LENZ) pays him a surprise visit.
As her world begins to crumble, Gail seeks the solace of an old friend,
Margaret Hudson (MARGOT ROSE), who advises Gail to win back Robert's love.
Meanwhile, Lynn informs Robert that she has tested positive for AIDS
and Robert has been exposed to the virus. If he tests negative, he won't
have to admit his unfaithfulness to his wife. Otherwise.... Christine
finds an abandoned baby in one of the rooms and is immediately charmed.
She plays baby-sitter while Billy seeks out the mother. Christine, who
had been abandoned by her own father at an early age, relates strongly
to the motherless child. Christine obtains permission from the Child
Services Department to be the baby's foster parent. Knowing the ecstatic
Christine is getting too deeply involved with somebody else's child,
Peter begins to show concern. The following day, Peter calls Christine
into his office and introduces Barbara Warren (RUTH DE SOSA), the baby's
mother, who has returned to claim her child.

5.05 [102] Arthur Hailey's Hotel: BORN TO RUN
produced by Tom Swale & Duane Poole and Dennis Hammer
written by Jean Clarke
directed by Bruce Bilson
guest stars
Karen Carlson
Nancy Dussault
Ed Nelson
Charles Siebert
Claire Yarlett
Peter is in a romance that he cannot control.

5.06 [103] Arthur Hailey's Hotel: DESPERATE MOVES
produced by Tom Swale & Duane Poole and Dennis Hammer
written by Erica Bryne
directed by Harry Falk
guest stars
Vincent Irizarry
Lainie Kazan
Heather Langenkamp
Alex Rocco
Dee Wallace Stone
The hotel's new receptionist is upset by a visit from her mother.

5.07 [104] Arthur Hailey's Hotel: REVELATIONS
produced by Tom Swale & Duane Poole and Dennis Hammer
written by Sandra Kay Siegel
directed by Nancy Malone
guest stars
Sam Elliot
Ted McGinley
Lorna Patterson
Martha Scott
Jane Wyatt
A terminally ill woman arrives at the hotel with some shocking news.
Nancy Rhodes (LORNA PATTERSON), a high school teacher, and Kyle Stanton
(TED McGINLEY), a lounge pianist, share a honeymoon suite following
their whirlwind one-week courtship and marriage. Their bliss is suddenly
interrupted, however, by the arrival of Kyle's father, George Stanton
(STEPHEN ELLIOTT), a tough no-nonsense businessman who brands the startled
Nancy a gold digger and demands to know her price for an annulment.
Nancy, unaware of Kyle's big-money background, resents the elder
Stanton's insinuations. A short time later, she is further distressed
to meet socialite Hilary Sinclair (BRENDA STRONG), who introduces herself
as Kyle's fiancée. Peter is delighted by a visit from his favorite
grandmother, Katherine Jenkins (JANE WYATT), and her best friend since
childhood days, Roz Campbell (MARTHA SCOTT), who has come along to see
a heart specialist. Peter is unaware that Roz is his true grandmother.
Katherine painstakingly explains to Peter that Roz was 18-years-old,
unwed and pregnant when Peter's real grandfather was sent overseas
and lost his life in battle. The revelation shocks Peter. Roz is unaware
that Peter now knows of his heritage, as he escorts Roz to the park
for a lovely day's outing. Roz suffers a coronary, but before she dies,
the air is cleared of any regrets.

5.08 [105] Arthur Hailey's Hotel: DARK HORSES
produced by Tom Swale & Duane Poole and Dennis Hammer
Teleplay by Jean Clarke and Michelle Poteet Lisanti / Story by Michelle Poteet Lisanti
directed by Bruce Bilson
guest stars
Wayne Northrop
Josh Taylor
Adrian Zmed
Christine ponders a future as the wife of a presidential candidate.
The staff is agog over the arrival of Senator James Powell (JOSH TAYLOR).
He's a leading Presidential candidate and Christine, who met Powell
during her vacation, is rumored in the tabloids as the woman he plans
to marry. Peter regards the rumors with mixed emotions. Billy also has
mixed emotions when he learns that Powell's security is in the hands of
Ross Reynolds (WAYNE NORTHROP). Billy and Ross grew up together, but
when Billy moves to greet him, Reynolds brushes by him. Another hotel
employee, Cheryl Dolan (VALERIE LANDSBURG) meets charismatic Scott
Osborne (ADRIAN ZMED), an unaccredited press photographer who hopes
to make a name for himself with his coverage of Powell. Scott's
camera case actually conceals the components of a high-powered rifle
and his target is the Presidential candidate. Senator Powell arranges
an intimate dinner for two and proposes marriage to Christine, who
asks for time to decide her answer. At a banquet for Senator Powell,
Scott pulls a handgun, and Billy shouts a warning to Reynolds, who
tackles Powell, removing him from target range, as Scott fires.
Christine tells Senator Powell that she admires him greatly, but she
could never accept life in a fishbowl, sharing her husband with the
public and the press.

5.09 [106] Arthur Hailey's Hotel: FALLEN ANGELS
produced by Tom Swale & Duane Poole and Dennis Hammer
written by Bruce Shelly and Reed Shelly
directed by Nancy Malone
guest stars
Abby Dalton
Cliff Potts
John Saxon
Cassie Yates
Martin Stewart (CLIFF POTTS) tries to advance the career of his wife,
evangelist preacher Sarah Stewart (CASSIE YATES), by dealing with
Richard Larson (BARRY JENNER), a powerful media consultant attending
a convention of TV station owners. Larson wants to guide Sarah into
a new career as a national TV evangelist. While Sarah is in the
lobby comforting Ann Boyer (RACHEL BARD), a follower seeking solace
over her dying husband, Howard (BEN HARTIGAN), Martin and Larson
arrange a TV audition for Sarah, who is totally unaware of their
plan. Jack Curtis (JOHN SAXON), a recent widower, is visiting the
hotel for the first time in thirty-five years. On his way to the
Korean War, Jack paused in San Francisco long enough to fall in
love with a pretty 19-year-old artist named Laura. But by the time
Jack returned to the States, Laura (ABBY DALTON) had disappeared
without a trace. Now in town on business, Jack hoped to look up
his long lost love but has failed. Jack enlists Billy's aid to
locate Laura, who turns out to have an art gallery in Sausalito.
Laura fails to recognize Jack, who buys one of her watercolors and
lures her into a dinner date at the St. Gregory, where they dined
thirty-five years ago.

5.10 [107] Arthur Hailey's Hotel: PRIZED POSSESSIONS
produced by Tom Swale & Duane Poole and Dennis Hammer
written by Bruce Shelly and Reed Shelly
directed by Oz Scott
guest stars
Dirk Benedict
Albert Hague
Donna Pescow
Eugene Roche
A grandfather is revealed as the kidnapper of his own grandson.

5.11 [108] Arthur Hailey's Hotel: COMFORT AND JOY (Christmas episode)
produced by Tom Swale & Duane Poole and Dennis Hammer
written by Duane Poole and Tom Swale
directed by Bruce Bilson
guest stars
Heidi Bohay as Megan Kendall ( ex- reception)(1982-87)
Michael Spound as Dave Kendall (ex-bellman) (1982-87)
Megan and Dave who are expecting their first baby
return to the St.Gregory, this time as guests.
Peter and Christine spend Christmas marooned in a town.

5.12 [109] Arthur Hailey's Hotel: DOUBLE TAKE
produced by Tom Swale & Duane Poole and Dennis Hammer
written by Paul Monette and Alfred Sole
directed by James Brolin
guest stars
Ronee Blakley
Anjanette Comer
Tippi Hedren
Matthew Laborteaux
Gordon Lightfoot
Peter Mark Richman

5.13 [110] Arthur Hailey's Hotel: TILL DEATH DO US PART
produced by Tom Swale & Duane Poole and Dennis Hammer
written by Paul Monette and Alfred Sole
directed by Gwen Arner
guest stars
David Ackroyd
Lloyd Bochner
Juli Donald
Caren Kaye
Inga Svenson

5.14 [113] Arthur Hailey's Hotel: POWER PLAY
produced by Tom Swale & Duane Poole and Dennis Hammer
Teleplay by Paul and Sharon Boorstin / Story Rena Down
directed by Harry Falk
guest stars
Jamie Rose
James Stephens
Granville Van Dusen
special guest star
Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
Relationships crumble when two mismatched couples share a suite.

5.15 [112] Arthur Hailey's Hotel: CONTEST OF WILLS
produced by Tom Swale & Duane Poole and Dennis Hammer
written by Duane Poole & Tom Swale
directed by Nancy Malone
guest stars
Barbara Boson
Dick O'Neill
Christopher Norris
Carl Weintraub
A fashion consultant finds romance and the perfect male model.

5.16 [113] Arthur Hailey's Hotel: GRAND DESIGNS
produced by Tom Swale & Duane Poole and Dennis Hammer
Frederick Lehre
Merete Van Kamp
Julie accepts a blind date and winds up in the grasp of a rapist.

5.17 [114] Arthur Hailey's Hotel: AFTERSHOCKS (final episode)
produced by Tom Swale & Duane Poole and Dennis Hammer
teleplay by Joel Feigenbaum & Jean Clarke, and Duane Poole & Tom Swale
story by Joel Feigenbaum
directed by Nancy Malone
guest stars
Robert Hooks
John Rubenstein
Merete Van Kamp
Robert Walden
Three ex-jurors plot a vigilante-style sentence for a murder suspect they acquitted.

################### Hotel ##################
################## the end #################

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