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Starring Buddy Ebsen
Season 7 (CBS) (1978-79)
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############## Barnaby Jones ################
############# Season 7 1978-79 ###############
CBS Thursdays 10:00-11:00pm Eastern (25 episodes) (counting 2 hr ep as 2)
Quinn Martin - Woodruff production / Produced by Robert Sherman

7.01 [132] Barnaby Jones: BLIND JEOPARDY
QM-Woodruff prod. no. 9011-7801 / 21Sep78
Written by William Keys / directed by Walter Grauman
director of photography: William W. Spencer / music composed by John Elizalde.
Guest Cast:
Gretchen Corbett (Jenny Hastings)
Richard Evans (Lester)
Donald May (Curt Phillips)
Ron Max (Morgan)
Betty Lynn (Mrs. Russell)
Sandie Newton (Marsha)
Sean Griffin (Dr. Young)
Nick Holt (Lineman #1).
When Barnaby locates Jenny Hastings, witness to a murder, killers Lester and Morgan abduct her.
While following them into a forest area Barnaby is wounded by a bullett and left blinded.
Escaped Jenny discovers him and both try to flee on foot, pursued by the killers.

7.02 [133] Barnaby Jones: A DANGEROUS AFFAIR
QM-Woodruff prod. no. 9011-7807 / 28Sep78
Written by Dick Nelson / directed by Dick Lowry.
director of photography: William W. Spencer / music composed by Lance Rubin
Guest Cast:
Morgan Fairchild (Scottie MacKay)
Quinn Redeker (Vic Chambers)
Melodie Johnson (Pat Barrow)
Dennis Robertson (Bill Bentley)
Don Dubbins (Frank Auburn)
Joseph Chapman (Peter)
Mark Pinter (Mark).
While investigating for the insurance company whether Frank Auburn's death was an accident, J.R. falls
in love with beautiful Scottie, who works for Vic Chambers as a model. She takes care of lonely
customers and a hidden camera films it so Vic can blackmail the men.

7.03 [134] Barnaby Jones: DEADLY SANCTUARY
QM-Woodruff prod. no. 9011-7802 / 12Oct78
Written by Mann Rubin / directed by Leo Penn
director of photography: William W. Spencer / music composed by Duane Tatro
Guest Cast:
Larry Linville (Tom Watkins)
Stewart Moss (Bill Wayland)
John Calvin (Andy Godwin)
Wayne Heffley (Sheriff Carson)
Michael MacRae (Eddie, Bartender "Red Sail")
Christina Hart (Jenna Smith)
Ben Fuhrman (Vic Smith)
Melendy Britt (Phyllis Hunter)
Sandy Balson (Lucille Watkins)
Arlene Banas (Iris Banning)
Robin G. Eisenman (Rusty Kelly).
Rod Masterson (Deputy)
Alan Austin (Len).
During her vacation Betty visits her friend Phyllis. When a young woman whom she denied help
is raped, Betty feels guilty and starts to investigate on her own. She tries to find more
victims and even endangers herself by posing as a bait for the rapist to catch him.

7.04 [135] Barnaby Jones: HITCH-HIKE TO TERROR
QM-Woodruff prod. no. 9011-7809 / 19Oct78
Teleplay by Mann Rubin / Story by Jeff Kanter / Directed by Walter Grauman.
director of photography: William W. Spencer / music composed by Ralph Kessler
Guest Cast:
Inga Swenson (Marie Barrett)
Robin Mattson (Shelly Barrett)
Darrell Fetty (Tony Bridger)
Carole Tru Foster (Ginger Holsten)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Saundra Sharp (Nurse Powell)
Florence Sundstrom, (Mrs. Nicholson)
Nancy Priddy (Officer Dayton)
T.J. Castronova (Harry Coyle)
Patrick Culliton (First Officer).
Lyle Kessler (Eddie Pearson)
Dani Nolan (Sanitarium Orderly)
Arnold Mesches (Police Artist).
When young Shelly hitch-hikes to L.A. the driver vanishes after an accident, leaving her with
drugs in the car. As Shelly is arrested she claims that Barnaby is her father. Jones visits
her at the hospital and tries to clear the strange girl, whose mother he knew years ago.

7.05 [136] Barnaby Jones: NEST OF SCORPIONS
QM-Woodruff prod. no. 9011-7806 / 26Oct78
Written by Norman Jolley / directed by Kenneth C. Gilbert.
director of photography: William W. Spencer / music composed by Robert Drasnin
Guest Stars:
Hilary Thompson (Melissa Warren)
Alice Hirson (Emily Warren, Melissa's and Sara's Aunt)
Martin Kove (Greg Saunders, Bartender)
Julie Hill (Sara Warren)
Jordan Rhodes (Frank Leeds)
(end cast)
Donna Baccala (Abby Leeds)
Lanna Saunders (Paula Dixon)
Russ Marin (Scott Baldwin)
Ed Crick (Deputy Sheriff Cochrane).
Frank Leeds, a real estate developer, is mysteriously slain with a spade after following Melissa
Warren into the forest. In search of Frank J.R. encounters Emily and her nieces Melissa and
Sara at Big Cedar Lodge, who kill any intruder and J.R. will be their next target.

7.06 [137] Barnaby Jones: DEATH OF A FRIENDSHIP
QM-Woodruff prod. no. 9011-7811 / 9Nov78
Written by Robert E. Swanson / directed by Bruce Kessler
director of photography: Jacques R. Marquette / music composed by Don Bagley
Guest Cast:
Jo Ann Harris (Ellie Beck)
Lawrence Casey (Paul Craig)
Christopher Allport (Jeff McKnight)
Ward Costello (Daniel McKnight)
Laura Wallace (Jill Craig)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
John Devlin (Ed Wilson)
Walker Edmiston (Dr. Prideman, Dentist)
John Steadman (Floyd Johnson).
Joy McConnochie (Sandra Vernon)
Harvey Fisher (Waiter)
Peter Kim (John).
Jeff McKnight is kidnapped and his wealthy father Dan asks Barnaby to assist Paul Craig with the
ransom payoff. When his friend Paul is killed after the delivery Barnaby feels guilty. He doesn't
know that Paul faked his death to escape with the money and Ellie, Jeff's girl friend.

7.07 [138] Barnaby Jones: A FRAME FOR MURDER
QM-Woodruff prod. no. 9011-7810 / 16Nov78
Written by Dallas L. Barnes / directed by Leo Penn
director of photography: William W. Spencer / music composed by Nelson Riddle.
Guest Cast:
Karen Purcill (Drew Barber)
Biff McGuire (Mason Barber)
Mark Goddard (Tony Klinger)
John Karlen (Johnny Alban, the "Candyman")
Aubri Martin (Det. Sgt. Sharon Ann Marsh)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle), Meshach Taylor (Parking Lot Attendant)
Mary McCusker (Connie Parks)
Charles Howerton (Pete Heyward).
Robert Ackerman (Bartender)
Nancy Adrian (Cocktail Waitress)
Tom Pittman (Officer)
David M. Cohen (Business Man).
After dating Drew, the daughter of Barnaby's client Barber, J.R. awakes in a strange room and is
arrested with accusation of rape, but can't remember anything. He is released on bail and
searches for the man who drugged him. Barnaby investigates Barber's past.

7.08 [139] Barnaby Jones: STAGES OF FEAR
QM-Woodruff prod. no. 9011-7808 / 23Nov78
Written by Marc Brandel / directed by Leo Penn
director of photography: William W. Spencer / music composed by John Elizalde
Guest Cast:
Penny Peyser (Sybil Crawford)
Charles Siebert (Carter Stone)
Dick De Coit (Ben Naughton)
Patricia Donahue (Laura Harding)
Christopher Norris (June)
Jonathan Frakes (David Douglas)
Ray Wise (Malcolm Elliot/ Sybil's Agent).
Laura Harding, Betty's acting teacher from college, asks for help when Sybil Crawford, leading lady
of a musical, is haunted by a series of threats. Betty poses as an actress to investigate. Sybil's
boy friend is killed and the solution seems to lie in the girl's past.

7.09 [140] Barnaby Jones: VICTIM OF LOVE
QM-Woodruff prod. no. 9011-7803 / 30Nov78
Written by Jack V. Fogarty / Directed by Walter Grauman.
director of photography: William W. Spencer / music composed by Hugo Friedhofer
Guest Cast:
Darleen Carr (Julia Shoemaker)
Gary Swanson (Floyd Shoemaker)
David Hollander (David Shoemaker)
Barney Phillips (Lou Arnold)
Terence McNally (Frank Taylor)
Jeanne Bates (Mrs. Stites).
Julia Shoemaker, J.R.'s high school girl friend, divorced her violent husband Floyd recently.
She travels from Chicago to L.A. to find a job and to withhold their son Danny from Floyd.
J.R. tries to mediate when Floyd threatens Julia to force her to come back.

7.10 [141] Barnaby Jones: MEMORY OF A NIGHTMARE
QM-Woodruff prod. no. 9011-7805 / 14Dec78
Written by Shirley Leeds / directed by Walter Grauman
director of photography: William W. Spencer / music composed by John Parker
Guest Cast:
Claudette Nevins (Pat Runkle)
Granville Van Dusen (Joe Bannock)
Alan Rosenberg (Ray Reid)
Ivor Barry (Dr. Kirby, Hypnotizer)
Ryan MacDonald (Larry Reid)
Lindsay Bloom (Jean Turner, Laslo's Girlfriend)
Sondra Theodore (Mary Lee, Party Guest)
Buck Young (Lt. Red Griffin /San Diego)
Peggy Pope (Mrs. West, Laslo's House Keeper)
Lisa Loring (Lois)
Sean Michael Rice (Archie, Ray's Friend)
Michael Fairman (Gerald Laslo, Private Detective/ San Diego).
When driving her new friend Larry Reid to the airport, Betty is forced off the road by a car.
Larry is killed and Betty loses her memory about the accident. To gain more details Betty
undergoes hypnotherapy. Barnaby and J.R. find out that Larry met detective Laslo.

7.11 [142] Barnaby Jones: THE PICTURE PIRATES
QM-Woodruff prod. no. 9011-7804 / 21Dec78
Teleplay by Robert Sherman / Based upon a story by Brigitt & Jon Christiansen / Directed by Kenneth C. Gilbert
director of photography: William W. Spencer / music composed by Bruce Broughton
Guest Stars:
Ben Masters (Jimmy Collier)
Conrad Janis (Marty)
Judith Chapman (Rita Lockwood),
Bert Freed (Edward V. Emery),
Special Guest Star:
Ina Balin (Francesca Scarlotti),
(end cast)
Eugene Peterson (Dale Fowler)
Michael Alldredge (Joe Tucker / Security Guard)
Noah Keen (Kenneth Wade, Film Editor)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle).
Larry Watson (Albert)
Pamela Jean Bryant (Pamela).
To pay the debts of his girl friend Rita, Jimmy Collier gives brand new motion pictures to film pirates.
Editor Ken discovers him, but is killed by Jimmy's accomplices. J.R. arranges a meeting with Francesca
and Barnaby poses as a black market film buyer.

7.12 [143] Barnaby Jones: ACADEMY OF EVIL
QM-Woodruff prod. no. 9011-7812 / 28Dec78
Written by Margaret Asmen & Alf Harris / directed by Ray Austin.
director of photography: William W. Spencer / music composed by Frank Denson
Guest Cast:
Terri Nunn (Olivia Hamilton)
Marla Adams (Eleanor Raymond)
Patricia Smith (Grace Nesbitt)
Jean Rasey (Donna Austin)
Jill Martin (Sue Ann Moore)
Cindy Henderson (Liz Baxter)
Richard Lockmiller (George Laura Lacey (Meg Campbell)
William Joyce (Robert Hamilton, Olivia's Father)
Del Russell (Cal).
When several teachers of Westhaven Academy for Girls are afflicted by mysterious accidents, Betty
goes undercover and finds out about a secret society that punishes not only strict teachers but
also illoyal members. Her life is endangered when Olivia, the leader, discovers her identity.

7.13 [144] Barnaby Jones: THE MEDIUM
QM-Woodruff prod. no. 9011-7815 / 4Jan79
Written by Gerald Sanford / directed by Dick Lowry
director of photography: William W. Spencer / music composed by Mauro Bruno
Guest Cast:
Sarah Kennedy (Cleo da Vinci)
Norman Alden (Norman Finch)
Marianne McAndrew (Linda Grayson)
John Gilgreen (Sam Cooper)
Michael Bond (Father Donovan)
Mark Carlton (Clerk)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Gary Giem (Chuck Bowen)
Thom Carney (Dorsey)
Jade McCall (Ranger).
Father Donovan hires Barnaby and J.R. to find his missing sister Julie and requests the help of the
young psychic Cleo da Vinci. J.R. befriends Cleo, but at first she is reluctant to use her
clairvoyant talent. Rare Sunset Flowers put J.R. on the right track.

7.14-7.15 [145-146] Barnaby Jones: ECHO OF A DISTANT BATTLE (2hrs)
QM-Woodruff prod. no. 9011-7801 / 11Jan79
Written by Gerald Sanford / directed by Walter Grauman
director of photography: William W. Spencer / music composed by Duane Tatzo
Guest Cast:
Laurence Luckinbill (Elliot Rexford/ Lt. Damon Maxwell)
Margaret Impert (Adrienne Rexford)
Andrew Robinson (Robert Curtis)
Larry Bishop (Harley Jessup/ Lee Henderson)
Jim McMullan (Major Scott)
Jenny O'Hara (Dorothy Warner)
Char Fontane (Candy Harper)
Lloyd Gough (Felix Warner)
Mark Metcalf (Ted Parker)
James Blendick (Hal Coburn)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Ken Lynch (Building Manager)
Louis Guss (Pop)
Niles McMaster (Neil Owens)
Stephen Coit Morgue Attendant).
Cindy Daly (Liz)
Don Furneaux (Chaplain)
Raymond Duke (Mechanic).
Barnaby is hired by Dorothy Warner to find out whether her missing husband Colby really was a deserter
in Vietnam. Trying to locate Warner's war comrade Lee Henderson, Barnaby gets involved in a shooting
and a ricochet shot from his gun kills a seemingly innocent bystander. When an eager D. A. threatens
with a charge of negligent homicide a shattered Barnaby wants to give up the case, but Dorothy asks
him to continue. Barnaby uncovers that several soldiers robbed gold in Viet Nam and then deserted.
Lt. Maxwell alias Rexford changed dog tags with Warner and stored the gold. Now he is pursued by his
betrayed accomplices.

7.16 [147] Barnaby Jones: THE ENSLAVED
QM-Woodruff prod. no. 9011-7814 / 18Jan79
Written by Jeff Myrow / directed by Michael Caffey.
director of photography: William W. Spencer / music composed by Robert Drasnin
Guest Cast:
Edward Power (Dr. Bainbridge)
Sharon Spelman (Nurse Karen Banks)
Nellie Bellflower (Peggy Whittaker)
Kathleen Doyle (Nurse Sally Marsden)
Mike Masters (Bill Collier, Orderly)
Jennifer Harmon (Jane Prescott, Patient)
Mary Betten (Flo Willis, Patient)
Stanley Grover (Carl Whittaker)
Sarah Hardy (Harriet Butler, Patient)
Jill Jaress (Alice Granville).
Arlen Stuart (Mrs. Fellows, Secretary)
Kathleen O'Malley (Margaret, Maid at Whittaker's).
Investigating a fatal accident at the Suncrest House Sanitarium (an institution for addicts), Betty
gets back in touch with her friend Peggy, now turned into an alcoholic. Betty poses as an addict
and discovers that the "vitamins" wealthy patients receive are drugs to make them suffer a relapse.

7.17 [148] Barnaby Jones: DANCE WITH DEATH
QM-Woodruff prod. no. 9011-7813 / 25Jan79
Written by Larry Alexander / directed by Ronald Satlof
director of photography: William W. Spencer / music composed by Ralph Kessler
Guest Cast:
Sandra Kerns (Penny Tremaine)
Dawson Mays (Carl Norris)
John O'Connell (Gary Allen)
Ron Hajek (Russ Hart)
John Davey (Tank Bronson, Bouncer)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Vivi Janiss (Landlady)
Mikhail Kulik (Frank Wilcox)
Madeleine Fisher (Felicia Norris)
Barry Brooks (Mr. Raymond, Carl Norris' Father-in-law)
Gary Mule Deer (Directed by J.).
When staying with her ex-room-mate, disco dancer Penny, Felicia Norris is shot. Penny believes the
attempt was meant for her, and fearing for her life she asks Barnaby for help. J.R. finds out that
Felicia's husband hired Penny's dancing partner Gary to get rid of his wife.

7.18 [149] Barnaby Jones: THE PROTECTORS
QM-Woodruff prod. no. 9011-7818 / 1Feb79
Written by Jack V. Fogarty / directed by Seymour Robbie
director of photography: William W. Spencer
Guest Cast:
Marshall Colt (K.C., Driver)
Genie Fitzsimmons (Kim Stratton)
James Houghton (Steve McShane, Son)
Peter MacLean (Charlie Abbott)
Beeson Carroll (John McShane, Father)
Barry Jenner (Alan Rogers, Abbott's Son-in-law)
William Traylor (Frank Bishop)
Larry Golden (Tag Hooper)
Nona Manning (Cathy Rogers, Abbott's Daughter)
Susan Cotton (Lauren Abbott, 2nd Wife)
Mark Harrison (Harvey Collins)
Norbert Weisser (Hans Mueller).
Two masked men threaten business man Abbott, who can escape. He hires a highly modern security team
called "Counterforce", consisting of father and son McShane, pretty Kim and driver K.C. Barnaby
is asked to assist and poses as Abbott in a car ride.

7.19 [150] Barnaby Jones: FATAL OVERTURE
QM-Woodruff prod. no. 9011-7817 / 8Feb79
Written by Dick Nelson / directed by Graeme Clifford
director of photography: Joe Jackman / music composed by John Elizalde
Guest Cast:
Christine Belford (Virginia Kirkland)
Scott Marlowe (Peter Kirkland, Pianist)
Kenneth Tigar (Gavin Brewster)
Earl Boen (Eddie)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Curt Lowens (Dr. Dryce)
Marie Denn (Landlady)
Sandra de Bruin (Mary White).
Charles Walker (Police Officer)
Tawny Moyer (Lynette Atkinson).
Betty witnesses the quarrel of a neighbor with two women. On the next day one of them is dead and the man,
Peter Kirkland, asks Betty to investigate the apparent suicide. He fears his jealous, unbalanced wife
Virginia might have committed a crime.

7.20 [151] Barnaby Jones: MASTER OF DECEPTION
QM-Woodruff prod. no. 9011-7821 / 22Feb79
Written by Gerald Sanford / directed by Kenneth C. Gilbert
director of photography: William W. Spencer / music composed by Mauro Bruno
Guest Cast:
Glenn Corbett (Daryl Enders/ Eddie Woods)
Markie Post (Linda Woods)
Gwen Humble (Kitty)
Kenneth Tobey (Ron Hagarty/ Veretex Electronics)
Martin Cassidy (Jeff Peters)
Fran Brill (Pauline Enders)
Eve McVeagh (Maid/ Millie Kelley)
Sean Fallon Walsh (Security Guard/ Tony)
David Cass (Jimmy Hickock)
Lane Allan (Mr. Bellows)
M.G. Kelly (Director).
Daryl Enders copies secret files from Veretex Electronics, where his wife Pauline works. She discovers the
photos and is killed. Barnaby finds out that Daryl is a bigamist with another wife, Linda, secretary at
a company cooperating on the same secret project.

7.21 [152] Barnaby Jones: A SHORT HAPPY LIFE
QM-Woodruff prod. no. 9011-7816 / 1Mar79
Written by Robert W. Lenski / Directed by John Carter
director of photography: William W. Spencer / music composed by Richard Markowitz.
Guest Cast:
Cassie Yates (Foxie Dolan)
James Luisi (Carl Lucas)
Tom Bower, First Stalker)
David Darlow (Arnie Richards)
George Caldwell (Coogan, Second Stalker)
Paul J. Micale (Mr. Lando, Shoe Repair).
Larry McCormick (TV Announcer)
Alan Rachins (Headwaiter).
Len Birman ?
Buoyant Foxie comes to visit her cousin Betty, and is dated by fellow passenger Arnie. She doesn't know
that he hid the key to a locker in one of her pinching sandals, now sent to a shoe repair. Foxie is
pursued by two men, who try to get the key after killing Arnie.

7.22 [153] Barnaby Jones: CHILD OF LOVE, CHILD OF VENGEANCE Part 1/2 15Mar79
7.23 [154] Barnaby Jones: CHILD OF LOVE, CHILD OF VENGEANCE Part 2/2 22Mar79
QM-Woodruff prod. no. 9012-7802
Written by Robert W. Lenski / directed by Michael Preece.
director of photography: William W. Spencer / music composed by Ralph Kessler
Guest Cast:
Marlyn Mason (Eve Garrison)
Pat Hingle (Wesley Garrison/ George Garrety)
Joanne Linville (Mimi Nettleson Chiles)
Ilene Graff (Stephanie Capello)
Renne Jarrett (Claire Boyers)
Susan Mullen (Diana Scott)
Byron Mabe (Paul)
Grainger Hines (Jamie)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Richard Eastham (Lawrence Adams)
Sondra West (Candy Kane/ Massage Parlor)
June Dayton (Marie Adams)
Claudia Bryar (Mrs. Pomeroy [part II])
Brendan Burns (Stan Clymer)
Richard Derr (Stuart Nettleson, Jr.)
Roger Callard (Garrison's Driver)
Bucklind Beery (Painter [part I])
Joel Colodner (Announcer).
Carmelita Mann (Proprietor/ Massage Parlor)
Penelope Gillette (Miss Armstrong)
Richard Stuart (Sgt. Glen Keller)
Jeff Austin (Nursery Employee)
Tom Gagen (Attendant).
Shortly after lawyer Adams of Nettleson Corporation withdraws a commission from Barnaby, he is killed.
In trying to solve the case, Barnaby and J.R. are assisted by Stephanie Capello, a young colleague
of Adams, who tells he was searching for Diana Scott. Diana went to the "Center for Spiritual Enlightment".
During the course of their investigations Barnaby gets his license revoked due to a false accusation,
and J.R. joins the "Center" to find Diana, who turns out to be the illegitimate child of Mimi Nettleson
Chiles of Nettleson Corp. and the leader of the religious cult, Garrison, rejected by Mimi's family.

7.24 [155] Barnaby Jones: TARGET FOR A WEDDING
QM-Woodruff prod. no. 9011-7820 / 12Apr79
Written & Directed by Robert Sherman
director of photography: William W. Spencer / music composed by Don Bagley
Guest Cast:
Greg Evigan (Blue Simpson)
Bonnie Ebsen [Buddy Ebsen's Daughter] (Laurie)
Ron Hayes (Sheriff Oscar Hamlin)
Bibi Osterwald (Aunt Grace Claymer)
Rick Carrott (Lester Deverill)
Don Keefer (Tully Kupper)
Fred Downs (Louis P. Mosley)
Thomas Bellin (Preacher)
Geoffrey Land (Deputy)
Barnaby visits his god-daughter Laurie for her wedding with Lester, but the murder of Laurie's uncle Tully,
a prospector, casts a shadow on the event. Laurie falls for Blue Simpson, not knowing that he killed Tully
and wants to marry her as she will inherit a gold mine.

7.25 [156] Barnaby Jones: TEMPTATION
QM-Woodruff prod. no. 9011-7819 / 19Apr79
Written by Norman Jolley / directed by Joe Manduke.
director of photography: William W. Spencer / music composed by Ralph Kessler
Guest Cast:
Trish Stewart (Julie Cabot)
Jonathan Goldsmith (Rick Garrett)
John Carter (Lt. John Biddle)
J. Patrick McNamara (Arthur Harrison)
Mira Waters (Tracy Adams)
Woody Eney (Walter Harrison)
Estelle Omens (Natalie Booth)
Liberty Godshall (Nancy)
Gino Ardito (Motel Clerk)
Peter Schuck (Orderly).
Maryedith Burrell (Nurse in Lobby)
Fred Garrett (Guard).
To convict Rick Garrett of murder, Lt. Biddle tried to develop Rick's ex girl friend nurse Julie into a
secret witness and fell in love with her. When a second witness is killed, J.R. investigates, finding
clues that point to Biddle. Barnaby and J.R. try to help the framed one.

############### Barnaby Jones ################
############## end of season 7 ###############

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