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Starring Buddy Ebsen
Season 5 (CBS) (1976-77)
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############### Barnaby Jones ################
############# Season 5 1976-77 ###############
CBS Thursdays 10:00-11:00pm Eastern (24 episodes)
Produced by Philip Saltzman
Mark Shera joins the cast as Jedediah Romano "J.R." Jones in episode #5.1 "Blood Vengeance"
Slightly Different title credits.

5.01 [86] Barnaby Jones: BLOOD VENGEANCE
prod. no. 7605 / (1976.10.07)
Written by Dick Nelson, Directed by Walter Grauman , m. Duane Tatro
Guest Cast:
Christine Belford (Louise Brenner)
James Olson (Walter Cahill/ Tom Brenner)
Steven Keats (Tony Ridder)
Gregory Harrison (Ritchie Ridder)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Kelly Thordsen (Monroe Jones)
Suzanne Zenor (Sue Ellen).
Suzanne Petrie (Receptionist)
William Bronder (Foreman, Plumber).
Monroe Jones, a police sergeant from Chicago and Barnaby's cousin, is shot at L.A. airport by Cahill,
the man he has been pursuing for years. His son Jedediah Romano Jones (J.R.), a law student, and
Barnaby try to solve the murder. But Cahill is a karate expert.

5.02 [87] Barnaby Jones: DEADLINE FOR DYING
prod. no. 7601 / (1976.10.14)
Written by Robert W. Lenski, Directed by Walter Grauman , m. George Romanis
Guest Cast:
John Rubinstein (Larry Christopher)
John Lehne (Elliott Webster)
Susan Sullivan (Ruth Sorrell)
Frank Maxwell (Maxwell Holt)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Laurence Haddon (Ben Ross)
Robert Casper (Proprietor)
Sally Stark (Maureen Ross)
James York (Carl Hichman).
Robert Cleaves (Manager)
Joan Roberts (Operator)
Sylvia Walden (Beatrice, Ross' Secretary).
Ben Ross falls to death after telling reporter Larry Christopher about an ecological association
that is a fraud. Barnaby and J.R. investigate for Ross' wife. Christopher spots Ross' informer
Ruth Sorrell and becomes a murder suspect when she is killed.

5.03 [88] Barnaby Jones: SINS OF THY FATHER
prod. no. 7603 / (1976.10.21)
Written by Gerald Sanford, Directed by Walter Grauman , m. John Parker
Guest Cast:
James Woods (Danny Reeves)
Patrick O'Neal (Coleman Reeves)
Daniel J. Travanti (Fred Bender)
Mark Goddard (Vince Reeves)
Gerald McRaney (Jim Cabe)
Loni Anderson (Joanna Morgan)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Robert Doyle (Nat Lewis)
Laura Wallace (Sara Fields)
Tony Cristino (Alex Dayton)
Sam Edwards (Jules).
Janus Blyth (Barmaid)
Don Carrara (Joe Cooper)
Peter Ford (Sam Fields).
In order to get the same recognition as his older brother, Danny Reeves robs laundered gambling
money from his father, a syndicate man, and is responsible for the death of a pilot. At Danny's
next robbery his brother Vince is accidentally killed.

5.04 [89] Barnaby Jones: THE FATAL DIVE
prod. no. 7607 / (1976.10.28)
Written by Paul Robert Coyle, Directed by Walter Grauman
Guest Cast:
Don Gordon (Carl Everett/ Paul Tessler)
Janice Lynde (Alice Caldwell)
Charles Frank (Tony Chap/ Robert Lynch)
Robert Ito (Nin Tsu/ Mr. Nin)
Charles Siebert (Doc Porter)
Hank Brandt (Jay Leahy)
Bill Zuckert (Sheriff).
Gary Giem (Jeff Hansen)
James Storm (Resident)
Cletus Young (Nunnally)
Owen Bush (Watchman).
The members of Trident Diving School hire Barnaby to investigate the death of their colleague.
Barnaby meets Carl Everett and his assistant Alice Caldwell who claim to search for a sunken
treasure. J.R. dives and finds the wreck of a plane with a skeleton inside.

5.05 [90] Barnaby Jones: FINAL RANSOM
prod. no. 7608 / (1976.11.11)
Written by Mann Rubin, Directed by Mel Damski, m. Robert Drasnin
Guest Cast:
Jenny O'Hara (Angie Harding)
Gary Lockwood (Doyle Egan)
Lawrence Pressman (Mr. Bentley)
Bill Lucking (Nick Harding)
Stacey Baldwin (Kathy Ann)
Fred Stuthman (Jim Ashley)
Anne Convy (Laura Bentley)
William Bryant (Sheriff Coulton)
Amzie Strickland (Mrs. Morrison/ Neighbour)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Stephen Parr (1st Officer)
Just before collecting the ransom for the abduction of Bentley's little daughter Cathy Ann, Doyle Egan
was caught for robbery. After leaving prison ten years later he makes another ransom call and threatens
his former accomplice Angie who has cared for the girl.

5.06 [91] Barnaby Jones: BAND OF EVIL
prod. no. 7609 / (1976.11.18)
Written by Robert W. Lenski, Directed by Walter Grauman
Guest Cast:
Andrew Robinson (Sonny Holland)
Annette O'Toole (Cas Carter)
John David Carson (Walt Gornett)
Devon Ericson (Lois Lambert)
Len Wayland (Tim Carter)
Kenneth Tobey (Sheriff Tommy Allen)
Roberta Leighton (Vanessa Pickering)
Josh Taylor (Les Sayer)
Stephen Coit (Dr. B.L. Allendale, Optometrist)
During a fishing vacation Barnaby and J.R. are hired by rancher Tim Carter to find his missing ranch
hand Les Sayer. Carter's daughter Cas overheard a CB conversation indicating that Les was pursued.
Her observations lead Barnaby to four drug smuggling young people.

5.07 [92] Barnaby Jones: VOICE IN THE NIGHT
prod. no. 7604 / (1976.12.02)
Written by Robert Sherman, Directed by Leslie H. Martinson
Guest Cast:
James Naughton (Dr. Louis Manning)
Sharon Spelman (Claire Glover)
Linda Kelsey (Linda Glover)
Anthony Geary (Nelson Mosley)
Joan Tompkins (Judge Edith Royce)
William Bramley (Sheriff Martin Perry)
Sean Fallon Walsh (Harry, Bartender)
Carole Demas (Cynthia Lynn Glover)
Janice Carroll (Manager).
Barnaby investigates the murder of three people: a medic, a judge and the owner of a lodge.
Shortly before their death they received phone calls from Cynthia, who after being raped
was confined to a mental institution and was supposed to have drowned a year ago.

5.08 [93] Barnaby Jones: THE BOUNTY HUNTER
prod. no. 7606 / (1976.12.16)
Written by William Keys,, Directed by Alf Kjellin
Guest Cast:
Eugene Roche (Ernie Kilgore)
Jason Evers (Herb Dorset)
Beverly Todd (Dorla Sanders)
Carl Weathers (Jack Hopper)
William Carden (Lee Watson)
Joel Fluellen (Woody Womble)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Barbara Baldavin (Nurse Allison Claymore)
Byron Mabe (Buck)
Ed Hall (Conners)
Eleanor Tanin (Mrs. Watson)
Paul Sorensen (Charlie Graham)
Al Hansen (Stoner)
Fil Formicola (Logan)
During an attempt to escape from prison, Hopper gets away, two people are killed and Watson is
caught facing murder charge. Hired to clear Watson, Barnaby tries to find Hopper who is
looking for money from a robbery. Bounty hunter Kilgore is also on his track.

5.09 [94] Barnaby Jones: RENEGADE'S CHILD
prod. no. 7602 / (1976.12.23)
Written by Larry Alexander, Directed by Harry Falk
Guest Cast:
Don Johnson (Wayne Lockwood)
Nancy Wolfe (Julie Nesbitt)
Edward Walsh (Griffith Markham)
Christina Hart (Amanda, Wayne's Girlfriend)
Bettye Ackerman (Mrs. Nesbitt, Julie's Mother)
Victor Mohica (Roy)
Frederick Herrick (Leo Shenson)
John Perak (Willie Omardt)
James Coleman (Pete Dawson)
Bruce Watson (Rudy Bates)
Gary Sandy (Sy Rogers)
David Hollander (Jody Lockwood, Julie's Son)
Iris Korn (Mrs. Trent)
Karl Ellis (Chuck Moss)
Patrick Culliton (Sheriff's Deputy #2)
Tom Pittman (Sheriff's Deputy #1)
When Wayne Lockwood robbed a super market his girl friend was imprisoned. After her release Barnaby
is hired to find her six-year old son Jody who accompanies his father Wayne on gun hijackings.
Barnaby poses as a mercenary colonel and meets Wayne's orderer.

5.10 [95] Barnaby Jones: FRATERNITY OF THIEVES
prod. no. 7611 / (1976.12.30)
Written by Gerald Sanford, Directed by Mel Damski
Guest Cast:
Bradford Dillman (Roger Le Barron)
Ron Masak (Albert Woods)
Charlotte Stewart (Janet Woods)
Heather Menzies (Melinda Marks)
John Ashton (Lester Shiller)
Nancy Stephens (Ruth Shiller)
John Gilgreen (Jim Neilson)
Claire Brennen (Lillian Stanhope)
Dan Barton (Ray Keller)
George Ball (Building Security Guard).
Roger, Al and Lester, three former college 'fraternity brothers' want to solve their financial
problems by robbing diamonds. During their preparations Lester is shot by a guard. Barnaby
tracks Al in search for the missing husband, but Roger continues with his plans.

5.11 [96] Barnaby Jones: SISTER OF DEATH
prod. no. 7610 / (1977.01.06)
Written by Gerry Day and Bethel Leslie, Directed by Michael Caffey, m. John Peter Smalley
Guest Cast:
Sheila Larken (Sister Terry)
Katherine Justice (Suzanne Montaigne)
Jack L. Ging (Dave Hendricks)
Jonathan Lippe (Mr. T)
Fred Sadoff (Freddy Fairfield)
Skip Homeier (Col. John Kevin Clausen/ Jake Rawlson)
Claudia Bryar (Sister Agnes Elizabeth)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Stuart Nisbet (Sanden)
Laurel Barnett (Rita Carbone)
Walker Edmiston (Dr. Jackson)
Maria Cale (Adelina).
Elaine Church (Maid)
Dani Nolan (Nurse McKay)
Sally Marr (Marie Holcomb, Terry's Sister).
When someone pulls the plug of comatose Marie's life support machine, her natural sister, a nun,
is accused of murder. Barnaby and J.R. try to prove Sister Terry's innocence and find out that
Marie was a prostitute involved in a blackmailing plot.

5.12 [097] Barnaby Jones: THE DEADLY CHARADE
prod. no. 7612 / 13Jan77
Written by Calvin Clements, Directed by Michael Caffey
Guest Cast:
David Hedison (Paul Nugent)
Joshua Bryant (Harry Lassiter)
John McLiam (Sheriff Coyle)
Marla Adams (Sandra Lassiter)
Jana Bellan (Alma)
Katharine Charles (Shelley)
David Lewis (Leonard)
Dick De Coit (Buzzy).
Jessica St. John (June)
Michael Masters (Deputy Sheriff Abrams)
Newell Alexander (Rob).
Paul Nugent kills his rich cousin Sandra, hurts himself and fakes a jewel burglary. Sandra had a
$1000,000 life insurance policy and Barnaby investigates for the insurance company. Suspicion
falls on Harry who wanted to divorce Sandra. Meanwhile Betty dates Paul.

5.13 [098] Barnaby Jones: TESTAMENT OF POWER
prod. no. 7613 / (1977.01.20)
Written by Stanley Roberts, Directed by Alf Kjellin
Guest Cast:
Pernell Roberts (Daniel Matthews)
Susan Dey (Linda Jason)
Nancy Olson (Thelma Thompson)
Roger Perry (Glenn Ryan)
Frances Bergen (Margaret Jason)
Dick Bakalyan (Harry Layton)
James Congdon (Cap Hutchinson)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Alfred Avallone (Porter).
Katie Hopkins Zerby (Claire)
Beau Billingslea (O'Donnell)
Michael Laurence (First Reporter)
Larry Watson (Phillips)
Larry McCormick (Second Reporter)
Linda Lee (Lorna).
Matthews and Ryan want to get access to an altered last will of billionaire R.C. Bradley and kill
Margaret Jason. Her daughter Linda doubts a suicide and asks Barnaby for help. J.R. becomes
infatuated with Linda. The search for the testament continues.

5.14 [099] Barnaby Jones: COPY-CAT KILLING
prod. no. 7614 / (1977.01.27)
Written by Larry Forrester, Directed by Leslie H. Martinson
Guest Cast:
Trish Stewart (Kitty Bradden)
David Huddleston (Sheriff Roland G. Bradden)
Wayne Maunder (Deputy Burt Campbell)
Jeff Cooper (Billy Cranston)
Annette Cardona (Lucy Stahl)
George D. Wallace (Gus Willison, 2nd Deputy)
Roger Carrion (Vince Stahl)
Jorge Cervera, Jr. (Cesar Ducentes)
Sean Michael Rice (Arnold Nessen)
Alvah Stanley (Clem Nugent)
John Rayborn (Jake McDermott)
Sheriff Bradden kills the lover of his young unfaithful wife Kitty by copying the 'Colverton Hangman'.
To prove the contrary the victim's sister hires Barnaby, who is an old acquaintance of Rolly Bradden.
Disguised with a white wig Kitty continues to date men.

5.15 [100] Barnaby Jones: A SIMPLE CASE OF TERROR
prod. no. 7615 / (1977.02.03)
Written by Calvin Clements, Directed by Michael Caffey
Guest Cast:
Michael V. Gazzo (Mr. Farinelli)
Peter Coffield (Tom Landry)
Renne Jarrett (Peggy Landry)
Jerry Douglas (Lee Wallace)
Robert Yuro (Eddie)
Paul Bryar (Cooley)
Herb Armstrong (Pawnbroker Byrds)
Jim Bohan (John Stevens).
Since Vietnam Peggy Landry cares for her husband Tom as he suffers from a weakness of memory.
Lee Wallace stabs Stevens and makes his friend Tom believe that he is the murderer. Hired
anonymously by Peggy Barnaby finds out that Stevens left diamonds at a pawnshop.

5.16 [101] Barnaby Jones: THE MARATHON MURDERS
prod. no. 7616 / 17Feb77
Written by Worley Thorne, Directed by Walter Grauman
Guest Cast:
Lynne Marta (Lorraine Whithers)
Robert Hogan (Ken Scanlan)
Lynette Mettey (Sally Delphine)
Alex Henteloff (Dr. Eric Ryan, Psychologist)
Paul Mantee (Wallace Brooks)
Mary Jackson (Lorraine's Mother)
Sudie Bond (Maude)
Gina Alvarado (Ava, Ryan's Receptionist)
Anne Newman-Mantee (Ruth Scanlan)
Laurie Jefferson (Mary Garrett)
Sean Morgan (Stan Eggers).
During a Marathon Group Therapy weekend Ken Scanlan talks about his unfaithful wife Ruth. Lorraine,
with whom he had a brief affair, slays Ruth to help Ken. As Ruth's life insurance policy had a
double-indemnity clause, Barnaby is sent to investigate the case.

5.17 [102] Barnaby Jones: DUET FOR DYING
prod. no. 7617 / 24Feb77
Written by Gerald Sanford, Directed by Leo Penn
Guest Cast:
Cassie Yates (Ruby Connors) (The Sunshine Sisters)
Mary Ann Chinn (Pearl Connors)(The Sunshine Sisters)
Chris Robinson (Harley Nelson)
Ivor Francis (Stanley Beauchamp)
Darrell Fetty (Michael Albert)
Bryan Montgomery (Lester Gibson)
Arny Freeman (Sam Prideman)
Charles Bateman (Harry Dunbar)
Virginia Kiser (Ethel Dunbar).
John McCann (Duke)
Jonathan R. Banks (Car Salesman)
Patrick Skelton (Parking Attendant).
Barnaby gets involved with the The Sunshine Sisters singing group - also see sequel #5.22 "Duet For Danger".
The singing sisters Pearl and Ruby - prettier than talented - accidentally kill Harry Dunbar
when trying to steal his coin collection in the need of money for a demo tape. On the run
they murder Pearl's boy friend and hide the coins with his colleague.
Song: "One Thing on my Mind" produced for Chelsea Records by Wes Farrell.

5.18 [103] Barnaby Jones: CIRCLE OF TREACHERY
prod. no. 7618 / 3Mar77
Written by Robert Sherman, Directed by Walter Grauman
Guest Cast:
Tim O'Connor (Fritz Simon)
Tovah Feldshuh ("Laura Woods")
Alex Rocco (Harry Stroop)
Joe E. Tata (Little Angel)
Van Williams (Munson, Body Guard/ Police)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Jerry Ayres (Monte Kovell)
David Zooey Hall (Larry Riggs)
Read Morgan (Red Edwards, Waiter)
John Morgan Evans (Eddie Bryant)
Charles Isen (Doctor)
After an attempt on his life Fritz Simon is reluctant to testify against Monte Kovell in a race track
robbery. J.R. falls in love with pretty Laura and even gets her a job at the detective agency, not
knowing she is spying for Kovell's accomplice Stroop.

5.19 [104] Barnaby Jones: ANATOMY OF FEAR
prod. no. 7620 / 17Mar77
Written by Gerald Sanford, Directed by Walter Grauman
Guest Cast:
Paul Koslo (Tony Slayton)
Brooke Bundy (Sharon Henderson)
Lou Frizzell (Mr. Oatis)
Carl Weintraub (Casey Donahue)
Priscilla Pointer (Mrs. Cunningham)
Eddie Ryder (Mel Linder)
Paul Henry Itkin (Vic Slayton)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle).
William Benedict (Mike Brown)
Thom Carney (Bartender)
Chuck Boyd (Stan Warren, Sharon's Boyfriend).
Three young men from a carpet cleaning company, Tony, Vic and Casey, intrude in the house of Betty's
friend Sharon and she is raped by Tony. Barnaby and J.R. manage to capture Casey, but Tony abducts
Betty and demands to receive Sharon in exchange.

5.20 [105] Barnaby Jones: THE KILLER ON CAMPUS
prod. no. 7621 / 24Mar77
Written by Dick Nelson, Directed by Leo Penn
Guest Cast:
Katherine Cannon (Karen Bateman)
Jess Walton (Doris Carson)
Robert Mandan (Raymond "Dean" Carson)
Jerry Houser (Monte Anderson)
Jeff Conaway (Jeff Saunders)
Raymond Singer (Roger Lessing, Custodian)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Don Keefer (Professor Albertson)
Jenny Sherman (Alice, Librarian)
Sondra Theodore (Girl Student)
Barnaby has to investigate the apparent suicide of instructor Camper from Rutledge University.
Barnaby and J.R. discover that Camper and Doris Carson were former members of an underground
revolutionary cell, and planned to write a revealing book.

5.21 [106] Barnaby Jones: THE DEADLY VALENTINE
prod. no. 7622 / 31Mar77
Written by Mann Rubin, Directed by Walter Grauman
Guest Cast:
Ed Power (Sgt. Will Gallan, LAPD)
Joan Pringle (Ellen Ashley)
Howard Honig (Henry Peerson, Tax Consultant)
Ken Lynch (Dispatcher Collins)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle).
Sandra De Bruin (Linda Kelly)
James O'Connell (Ed Wilson)
John Davey (Security Guard)
Phil Chambers (Custodian).
The "Valentine Murder" already killed three women after sending them candy. When Betty, just
moved into a new apartment, also receives a Valentine gift Sgt. Gallan volunteers to be her
body guar. Barnaby captures the killer, but Betty is still threatened.

5.22 [107] Barnaby Jones: DUET FOR DANGER
prod. no. 7623 / 5May77
Written by Gerald Sanford, Directed by Leslie H. Martinson
Guest Cast:
Cassie Yates (Ruby Connors) (The Sunshine Sisters)
Mary Ann Chinn (Pearl Connors) (The Sunshine Sisters)
Ray Danton (Nick DeMarco)
Bryan Montgomery (Lester Gibson)
Andy Jarrell (Johnny Blue)
Quinn Redeker (Ben Kingston)
Mark Thomas (Murray)
David Pansari (Lou)
Barbara Mallory (Mary Beth Wells)
Paul Picerni (Stan Toland)
Gloria Manon (Maxine).
Clark Howat (Minister)
Lou Tiano (Bartender)
Tony Ballen (Smiley Olswanger).
Barnaby gets involved with the The Sunshine Sisters singing group in a sequel to #5.17 "Duet For Dying".
The singing sisters Ruby and Pearl Connors join a prison escape and seek Lester Gibson's help
to travel to Nashville. His bride Mary Beth asks Barnaby to find Lester. When Ruby and Pearl
try to cheat club owner De Marco he forces them to distract gambler Kingston.

5.23 [108] Barnaby Jones: THE INSIDE MAN
prod. no. 7619 / 12May77
Written by Paul Robert Coyle, Directed by Guerdon Trueblood
Guest Cast:
Mark Jenkins (Ralph Hugh Alcott/ "Robert")
Laurie Prange (Chris Longacre)
Michael Baseleon (Roy Twain)
Richard O'Brien (Joe Montgomery)
Robert Patten (Martin Longacre)
Deborah White (Kathy Rondel)
Don Dubbins (Bill Hummel)
Than Wyenn ("The Professor")
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Betty Anne Rees (Sherry McLeod)
Erik Holland (Leo Gully).
Jean Gillespie (Nora Longacre)
Frank Downing (Bob Dyer)
John Yates (Artie Moss).
When Ralph Alcott foils an armored car robbery he is celebrated as a hero and befriends Chris,
the daughter of his boss. Barnaby is hired to find a possible inside man, who turns out to be
Ralph. As Alcott kills one of his accomplices, the other one abducts Chris.

5.24 [109] Barnaby Jones: RUN AWAY TO TERROR
prod. no. 7624 / 19May77
Written by Gerald Sanford, Directed by Kenneth C. Gilbert
Guest Cast:
Kathleen Beller (Julie Enright)
Linden Chiles (Douglas Enright)
Richard Evans (Brother Love)
Victoria Thompson (Gloria Henley)
Randy Powell (Steve Bender)
Emmaline Henry (Sadie)
Danny Dayton (Sammy, Bookmaker)
John Carter (Lt. Biddle)
Jill Martin (Melinda Enright, Julie's Sister)
Carol Vogel (Sister Felicity)
Phil Hoover (Marty Coleman)
Aesop Aquarian (Brother Free)
Harv Selsby (Dave)
Patricia Ann Marker (Sara)
Barnaby is hired by wealthy Mr Enright to find his daughter Julie who ran away with family jewels.
Her boyfriend Steve makes Julie believe she killed a man. She tries to seek peace at the
"Garden of Elyseum", but the people want the jewels and a ransom for her.

############### Barnaby Jones ################
############## end of season 5 ###############

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