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Starring Ozzie Nelson, Harriet Nelson, Dave Nelson & Ricky Nelson
Season 11 (ABC) (1962-63)
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#### The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet #####
############# season 11 1962-63 ##############
ABC Thursdays 7:30-8:00 pm

11.01 [333] Ozzie & Harriet: RICK AND THE MAID OF HONOR
Prod. no. 27-334 [delayed from 10th Season] /  27Sep62 /  (Repeated 25Apr63)
(Clip 1) Ozzie & Harriet "Rick & The Maid of Honor" ...
(Clip 2) Ozzie & Harriet "Rick & The Maid of Honor" ...
(Clip 3) Ozzie & Harriet "Rick & The Maid of Honor" ...
Guest Cast:
Roberta Shore (as Roberta)
Jimmy Hawkins (as Jimmy)
Rick is best man at the wedding of his pal Jimmy - and a flirting maid of
honor gives Rick the impression that she'd like them to follow Jimmy's
example - and soon.
Rick sings "I Will Follow You."

11.02 [334] Ozzie & Harriet: MRS. BRADFORD'S RECIPE (a.k.a. "Miss Bradford's Recipe")
Prod. no. 27-337 /  04Oct62
Guest Cast:
Enid Markley (as Mrs. Bradford)
Joe Flynn (as Mr. Kelley)
Mrs. Bradford, a long-time client of Dave's boss, Mr. Kelley, wants to
sue a local bakery. She claims they stole her favorite cake recipe.

11.03 [335] Ozzie & Harriet: THE APARTMENT
 Prod. no. 27-338  / 11Oct62
Guest Cast:
Nina Shipman (as Paula)
Jack Wagner (as Jack)
Charlene Salerno (as Ginger)
Dave and June are gone for the weekend - which gives Ozzie an idea. Why
not tell their wives they are leaving town on a short vacation, and then
spend a nice secluded weekend in Dave's apartment?

11.04 [336] Ozzie & Harriet: RICK AND THE SCULPTRESS
Guest cast:
Lory Patrick (as Lory)
Rick sees a very attractive item at an art exhibit - but it's the artist
Lory West and not her handiwork.

11.05 [337] Ozzie & Harriet: THE TRIP TO MEXICO
Prod. no. 27-329 [delayed from 10th Season]  25Oct62
Ozzie and Harriet's trip to Mexico is becoming a bigger project than
they intended. First, the couple discovers that there's more to going there
than just driving across the border. Then, their friends the Randolphs
announce that they're coming along.

11.06 [338] Ozzie & Harriet: THE TIGERS GO TO A DANCE
Prod. no. 27-339 /  01Nov62 /  (Repeated 9May63)
Barry Livingston (as Barry)
Harriet has gladly accepted chairmanship of her club's annual children's
dance. But she has forgotten one basic fact - eight-year-old boys don't like
to dance.

11.07 [339] Ozzie & Harriet: THE WOMEN'S CLUB PLAY
Prod. no. 27-345  /  08Nov62 (repeated 2May63)
Guest cast:
Barbara Stuart (as Mary)
Janet Waldo (as Janet)
Ozzie agrees to help Harriet's club by producing their annual children's
play. But it doesn't take long for the members to step in and start making
Rick sings "My One Desire"

11.08 [340] Ozzie & Harriet: RICK SENDS A PICTURE
Prod. no. 27-344  /  15Nov62 / (repeated 16May63)
Grandmother Nelson asks Rick to send her a recent photograph, and he
obliges, adding a loving inscription to the portrait. But before he can send
it, one of the girls on campus gets a look at the inscription - and thinks
it's meant for her.

11.09 [341] Ozzie & Harriet: RICK, THE HOST
Prod. no. 27-342  /  22Nov62 / (repeated 23May63)
Guest cast:
Vicki Trickett (as Gloria)
Rick has been dating Gloria, a new girl on campus. Problem is, every time
they go on a date Rick's fraternity brothers manage to fraternally come along.

11.10 [342] Ozzie & Harriet: LOSING MISS EDWARDS
Prod. no. 27-343  /  29Nov62 / (repeated 30May63)
Guest cast:
Connie Harper (as Miss Edwards)
Dave's boss instructs him to gently reprimand their secretary Miss
Edwards. But before Dave can speak, Miss Edwards says - and, not too gently - "I Quit."

06Dec62 - RERUN

11.11 [343] Ozzie & Harriet: AN OLD FRIEND OF JUNE'S
Prod. no. 27-348 /  13Dec62 /  (Repeated Aug63)
Guest cast:
Joan Stanley (as Joan)
Dick Sargent (as George)
Dave invites June's old boyfriend to dinner then gets stuck at the office
with his beautiful new secretary.

20Dec62 - RERUN ("Rick, the Milkman")

11.12 [344] Ozzie & Harriet: GAME INVENTORS
The Nelsons are so impressed by Wally's idea for a children's game that
they begin thinking of starting of a company to promote it.
Skip Young (as Wally)

11.13 [345] Ozzie & Harriet: RICK AND THE BOAT MODEL
Prod. no. 27-350 /  03Jan63  /  (Repeated 20Jun63)
Guest cast:
Stephanie Hill (as Stephanie)
James Stacy (as Fred)
Charlene Salerno (as Ginger)
Barry Livingston (as Barry)
In an attempt to impress his new girl Stephanie, Rick buys her little
brother a boat model and winds up helping the boy while Steph steps out with  someone else.

11.14 [346] Ozzie & Harriet: JUNE AND THE GREAT OUTDOORS 
 Prod. no. 27-349  /  10Jan63  /  (Repeated 27Jun63)
Dave wants to go out camping to test a camper truck he'd like to buy, so
he asks Ozzie to convince June (a non-nature-lover) that the great outdoors
is really great.

11.15 [347] Ozzie & Harriet: THE GIRL AT THE SKI LODGE
Prod. no. 27-351 /  17Jan63 / (Repeated 13Jun63)
Guest cast:
Nina Shipman (as Peggy)
James Stacy (as Fred)
Charlene Salerno (as Ginger)
Jack Wagner (as Jack)
Tom Dalton (as Tom)
During a fraternity ski trip Rick and his pals play a prank on Wally. They
tell Wally that a pretty skier named Peggy expects him to take her to the
fraternity dance.

24Jan63 - RERUN of "Ricky's Blind Date" (first aired 18Mar55)
New introduction plus Song.

11.16 [348] Ozzie & Harriet:  ROADSIDE COURTSEY
Prod. no. 27-347  /  31Jan63 (repeated 25Jul63)
When Clara's car runs out of gas, Harriet and Clara are late for dinner - a
situation which Ozzie and Joe decide to develop into a practical joke.
Mary Jane Croft (as Clara)
Lyle Talbot (as Joe)
Ben Bennett (as Ben)
Jack Wagner (as Jack)

11.17 [349] Ozzie & Harriet: DAVE AND THE TEENAGER
Prod. no. 27-352  /  07Feb63 (repeated 1Aug63)
Guest cast:
Bernadette Withers (as Betty)
Connie Harper (as Miss Edwards)
Barbara Eiler (as Mrs. Harris)
Jack Wagner (as Jack)
Charley Britt (as Charley)
Kent McWherter (as Kent)
Jim Halferty (as pledge)
A pretty teen-ager named Betty moves into a new apartment building and soon
becomes infatuated with one of the married tenants - David Nelson.

11.18 [350] Ozzie & Harriet: THE ADVENTERERS
Prod. no. 27-353  /  14Feb63  / (repeated 11Jul63)
To prove that they're real sports, Ozzie and Joe have decided to do a
parachute jump for their club's annual sports show.

21Feb63 - RERUN ("David Has a Date with Miss Universe")

11.19 [351] Ozzie & Harriet: THE GOAT
Prod. no. 27-346  /  28Feb63  /  (Repeated 15Aug63)
Guest Cast:
Nina Shipman (as Peggy)
Charlene Salerno (as Ginger)
Claude Stroud (as farmer)
Charley Britt (as Charley)
Kim Tyler (as little boy)
At a rural picnic, a farmer gives Rick and his girl friend a cute baby goat
-- and they unload it on Ozzie and Harriet.

11.20 [352] Ozzie & Harriet: ANY DATE IN A STORM
Prod. no. 27-355 /  07Mar63  / (Repeated 4Jul63)
Skip Young (as Wally)
Guest cast:
Charlene Salerno (as Ginger)
Pamela Austin (as Peggy)
Mikki Jamison (as Joan)
Sharyn Hillyer (as Sally Taft)
A heavy rainstorm prevents Rick and Wally from meeting their dates at a
mountain resort. The fun begins when they decide to ask two other girls.
Rick sings "You Don't Love Me Any More."

14Mar63 - RERUN

11.21 [353] Ozzie & Harriet: DECORATING DAVE'S OFFICE
Prod. no. 27-354 /  21Mar63
Guest cast:
Sally Kellerman (as Miss Winters)
Coleen Gray (as Mrs. Kelley)
Connie Harper (as Miss Edwards)
Del Graham (as painter)
Kenner Kemp (as painter)
June wants to decorate Dave's office but Dave can't picture a law office done
with the "feminine touch."

11.22 [354] Ozzie & Harriet: PUBLICITY FOR THE FRATERNITY
Prod. no. 27-340 /  28Mar63 /  (Repeated 29Aug63)
Guest cast:
James Stacy (as Fred)
Hayden Rorke (as professor)
Jack Wagner (as Jack)
Lynn Ready (as George)
Charley Britt (as Charley)
Kent McWhirter (as Kent)
Norman Hudson (as Eddie)
Tom Dalton (as Tommy)
Rick and his friends dream up a few stunts to create "Publicity for the
Fraternity." The publicity turns out to be more successful than they expected.

11.23 [355] Ozzie & Harriet: WOMEN'S CLUB BAZAAR
Prod. no. 27-356 /  04Apr63  / (Repeated 8Aug63)
Harriet and Clara draft their husbands to help put on "The Woman's Club
Bazaar." The results are bizarre indeed.

11.24 [356] Ozzie & Harriet: DAVE'S LAW OFFICE
11Apr63 / (repeated 18Jul63)
When Dave thinks he might be fired, the rest of the Nelsons rally round
the flag - and nearly rip it down.
Guest cast:
Joe Flynn (as Mr. Kelley)
Connie Harper (as Miss Edwards)
William McLean (as superintendent)
Doodles Weaver (as janitor)

11.25 [357] Ozzie & Harriet: DAVE AND THE FRATERNITY LEASE
Prod. no. 27-361 /  18Apr63
Guest cast:
Sarah Selby (as Mrs. Mac)
Connie Harper (as Miss Edwards)
-- When the landlady at Rick's frat house wants to lease the building to a
campus sorority, the boys seek Dave's legal advice.

25Apr63 re-run of "Rick and the Maid of Honor" (first aired 27Sep62)
02May63 re-run of "The Woman's Club Play"(first aired 8Nov62)
09May63 re-run of "The Tigers Go to a Dance" (first aired 1Nov62)
16May63 re-run of "Rick Sends A Picture" (first aired 15Nov62)
23May63 re-run of "Rick, the Host"(first aired 22Nov62)
30May63 re-run of "Losing Miss Edwards"(first aired 29Nov62)

11.26 [358] Ozzie & Harriet: JUNE MUSIC FESTIVAL
Prod. no. 27-358 /  06Jun63 /  (Repeated 3Jun64)
Rick hosts a program within a program, the "June Music Festival." Rick,
who is backed by his own rock 'n' roll combo, is joined by folksingers Bud
and Travis, the Brothers Four, Jennie Smith, and the Garrett Square Dancers.
Dave interviews the guests backstage.
Musical Highlights:
Rick Nelson - "Gypsy Woman," "I Will Follow You," "I Got a Woman" and
"That's All"
Brothers Four - "Greenfields" and "Rock Island Line"
Garrett Dancers - "Black Mountain Rag"
Bud and Travis - "La Bamba"
Jennie Smith - "Moon River" and "Nice and Easy" (or "Easy Does It")

(Start of Summer repeats :-
[--] 13Jun63 re-run of "The Girl at the Ski Lodge" (first aired 17Jan63)
[--] 20Jun63 re-run of "Rick and the Boat Model" (first aired 3Jan63)
[--] 27Jun63 re-run of "June and the Great Outdoors" (first aired 10Jan63)
[--] 04Jul63 re-run of "Any Date in a Storm" (first aired 7Mar63)
[--] 11Jul63 re-run of "The Adventurers" (first aired 14Feb63)
[--] 18Jul63 re-run of "David's Law Office" (first aired 11Apr63)
[--] 25Jul63 re-run of "Roadside Courtesy" (first aired 31Jan63)
[--] 01Aug63 re-run of "David and the Teen-ager" (first aired 7Feb63)
[--] 08Aug63 re-run of "Women's Club Bazaar" (first aired 4Apr63)
[--] 15Aug63 re-run of "The Goat" (first aired 28Feb63)
[--] 22Aug63 - no details
[--] 29Aug63 re-run of "Publicity for the Fraternity" (first aired 28Mar63)
[--] 04Sep63 - no details
[--] 11Sep63 - no details

#### The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet #####
############## end of season 11 ###############

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