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Starring Wally Cox as Robinson J. Peepers
Season 4 (NBC) (1954-55)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by:
Tom Alger, Robert B. Huggins
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   ################# Mr. Peepers ################

############## season 4 1954-55 ##############
############### (final season) ###############
NBC Sundays 7:30pm Eastern
On the last season, "Mr. Peepers" was pre-empted every 4th week for a "color spectacular."
(including some  "Max Liebman Presents" specials). [TA]

4.01 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)(Season Premiere)
19Sep1954 NBC Sun 7:30pm
The first show of the new series has Peepers and Nancy returning from their honeymoon summer to Jefferson City where he
is the high school biology instructor. There is the problem of getting into the upper floor apartment they have rented
in the home of Mrs. Gurney. (Springfield Mass. Union) [TA]

4.02 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
26Sep1954 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Mr. Peepers plays host and detective, with Wally Cox, Jenny Egan, Herbert Anderson. (New York Times) [TA]

4.03 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
03Oct1954 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Mr. Peepers and wife have the budget blues. (New York Times)
Synopsis 2:
Robinson is confronted with the problem of whether to buy life insurance from his cousin or his father-in-law and still
have enough left over to pay for a dining room set. With typical feminine logic Nancy supplies the solution.
(TV Key column, Brooklyn Daily Eagle)

[--] 10Oct1954 - pre-empted for "Sunday in Town," a musical-comedy revue with Judy Holliday, Steve Allen, Dick Shawn.
(New York Times)

4.04 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
17Oct1954 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Mr. Peepers has a surprise coming and so do the surprisers. (New York Times)

4.05 [--] Mr. Peepers: (untitled episode)
24Oct54 NBC Sun 7:30 pm Eastern
Wally Cox (as Mr. Peepers)
Tony Randall, Pat Benoit, Georgann Johnson, Marion Lorne, Ernest Truex
Marge and Nancy are mighty proud the day that Wes and Robinson receive bids from the Grand Lodge of the Lancers of the
Southern Star. The Ancient and venerable Mister Remington is among the ancient and venerable lodge.
Synopsis 2:
Our hero is nominated for membership in the Lancers of the Southern Star. Mr. Weskit is wistful.
(TV Key column, Syracuse Herald Journal)

4.06 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
31Oct1954 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Our hero concocts a Halloween fantasy with Mrs. Gurney, admirably cast as an evil witch, and Weskit officiating as
the wicked Black Knight. Peepers to the rescue, fresh out of Knight school. (TV Key column, Brooklyn Daily Eagle) [TA]

[--] 07Nov1954 - pre-empted for "Fanfare" comedy and music, with Judy Holliday, Steve Allen, Dick Shawn, Frank Sinatra,
Jacques Tati (French comic). (New York Times)

4.07 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
14Nov1954 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Mr. Peepers and Christoper Columbus. (New York Times) [TA]

4.08 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
21Nov1954 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Mrs. Gurney leaves for California. (New York Times)

4.09 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
28Nov1954 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Synopsis 1:
The producers of Mr. Peepers will try again tonight to offer the episode scheduled for last Sunday. It concerns the
Peepers' first argument, resulting when he brings unexpected guests home for dinner. (Syracuse Herald Journal)
Synopsis 2:
Mr. Peepers and his wife have a marital spat. (New York Times)

[--] 05Dec1954 - pre-empted for "Spotlight" with Jack Buchanan and Jeannie Carson, with Pat Carroll, Jimmy Durante,
Sonja Henie and troupe. (New York Times)

4.10 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
12Dec1954 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Mrs. Gurney will attend a teachers' convention with a young and beautiful substitute replacing her. The comely newcomer
will set all heads turning, including Robinson Peepers and his colleague, Harvey Weskit, who, without realizing it,
begin to give the substitute special attention. When the gentlemen's wives, Nancy Peepers and Marge Weskit, become aware
of the undue interest, eyebrows will be lifted with telling results. (Dallas TX Morning News) [TA]

4.11 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown) (Christmas Episode)
19Dec1954 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Too many Santa Clauses and only one suit. (New York Times)

4.12 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
26Dec1954 NBC Sun 7:30pm
A skiing safari is in the air for Mr. Peepers and his friends, but it doesn't quite work out as planned.
(Long Beach Ind. Press-Telegram)

[--] 02Jan1955 - pre-empted for the Special Max Liebman Presents: "Good Times," with Judy Holliday, Steve Allen, Dick Shawn,
Bambi Linn, and Rod Alexander. (New York Times)

4.13 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
09Jan1955 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Our hero Wally Cox seems on the verge of high adventure when a city slicker lawyer informs him that he may be heir to
an English estate. Good as ever, and future developments for this gambit are promising.
(TV Key column, Syracuse Herald Journal) [TA]

4.14 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
16Jan1955 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Our gentle hero embarks for England to collect his inheritance, and encounters a seedy but aristocratic gentleman who,
we suspect, will figure prominently in future proceedings. The addition of Cyril Ritchard to the roster is delightful,
and so is the show. (TV Key column, Syracuse Herald Journal) [TA]

4.15 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
23Jan1955 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Mr. Peepers and his newly-found friend, Peter Rhodes-Downing, hit it off fine as their ship sails for England where
Mr. Peepers is due to pick up an inheritance. (Long Beach Independent Press-Telegram)

[--] 30Jan1955 - pre-empted for  the Special Max Liebman Presents:  "Variety," a jazz version of "Pinafore," with Killy Kallen,
Perry Como, Herb Shriner, Bill Hayes, Jack Russell, Eileen Barton, and Buddy Hackett. (New York Times)

4.16 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
06Feb1955 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Robinson lands in London and has trouble breaking the language barrier especially at a boys' prep school where the
students think he's a gangster. (TV Key column, Syracuse Herald Journal)

4.17 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
13Feb1955 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Peepers sits down with the relative to learn about his inheritance. This English trip has brightened the show up and
tonight is no exception. (TV Key column, Syracuse Herald Journal)

4.18 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
20Feb1955 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Upon his return to these shores Mr Peepers is met by Nancy and the Weskits. A financial crisis arises as they live it
up at a fancy restaurant. Weskit finds himself short of money. Peepers' cash is all in a money belt underneath his clothes.
(The Pittsburgh Press) [TA]

[--] 27Feb1955 - pre-empted for  the Special  Max Liebman Presents: "Big Time" with Milton Berle, Martha Raye, Ray Bolger, Bambi Lynn.
Although "Mr. Peepers" was pre-empted, Wally Cox appeared on TV earlier that day. On NBC Opera Theater, 2:30pm Sunday,
Cox played the title character in "The Would-Be Gentleman." [TA]

4.19 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
06Mar1955 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Synopsis 1:
Mrs. Peepers will announce to her husband Robinson that she is expecting a blessed event. It figured of course, particularly
since Pat Benoit, who plays the part, announced a couple of months ago that she was anticipating.
(Cleveland Ohio Plain Dealer)
Synopsis 2:
Parenthood for the Robinson J. Peepers on the "Mr. Peepers" show was inevitable, but the word of a few weeks ago was that
it wouldn't be until the program opened its new series in the fall. The producers must have decided to rush things up,
as this episode will announce the forthcoming Peepers' heir with Mr. Peepers and Nancy so excited that they forget all
about the birthday party Peepers' pal, Harvey Weskit (Tony Randall) has planned for him. (Dallas TX Morning News) [TA]

4.20 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
13Mar1955 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Robinson Peepers' in-laws, Ma and Pa Remington, return from an out-of-town trip to learn that they are to be grandparents.
The Remingtons, played by Ernest Truex and Sylvia Field, are overjoyed at the prospect of becoming grandparents for the
first time. (Cleveland Ohio Plain Dealer)

4.21 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
20Mar1955 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Synopsis 1:
Mr. Peepers will be visited by his favorite aunt. (Dallas TX Morning News) [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Aunt Lil leaves for Jefferson City to congratulate her nephew. (Cleveland Ohio Plain Dealer)

[--] 27Mar1955 - pre-empted for "Entertainment 1955" a color special with Fred Allen, Bob Hope, Dinah Shore, Jimmy Durante,
Helen Hayes, Ralph Edwards, and Judy Holliday.

4.22 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
03Apr1955 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Synopsis 1:
Mr. Peepers mounts his motorcycle to hunt for a lost canary. (Springfield Mass. Union) [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Mr. Peepers take out on his motorcycle in search of a flighty canary and breaks up a sedate woman's club meeting.
(Long Beach Independent-Press-Telegram)

4.23 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
10Apr1955 NBC Sun 7:30pm
A little philosophy from Robinson J. -- "To a Peepers a kept promise is another dollar in the bank of character."
Then comes a very funny session in the great outdoors as the gang goes fishing. Some of the real anglers in the
audience may think Peepers is acting strangely but this is fun throughout. (TV Key column, Syracuse Herald Journal)

4.24 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
17Apr1955 NBC Sun 7:30pm
A surprise party is arranged for Nancy Peepers who is leaving Jefferson City Junior high school to await the arrival
of the stork.
Patricia Benolt, who plays the part of Mrs. Peepers, is really expecting. (Long Beach Independent-Press-Telegram)

[--] 24Apr1955 - pre-empted for  the Special "Kaleidoscope," a color spectacular with Judy Holliday, Frank Sinatra, Dick Shawn.

4.25 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
01May1955 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Harvey Weskit tries to buy a membership in the town's exclusive Golf Club. (Springfield Mass. Union) [TA]

4.26 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
08May1955 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Synopsis 1:
Mr. Peepers prepares for yachting adventure. (Yonkers, NY, Herald Statesman)
Synopsis 2:
Harvey borrows a cabin cruiser from a friend. (Springfield Mass. Union)

4.27 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
15May1955 NBC Sun 7:30pm
When Mr Peepers sets out to get a movie star's autograph, he finds himself her partner in a song-and-dance act.
Elaine Stritch, singer-comedienne of the Broadway show "Bus Stop," plays the actress. (Kokomo Indiana Tribune) [TA]

[--] 22May1955 - pre-empted for the Special Max Liebman Presents: "Promenade"

4.28 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown)
29May1955 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Valerie Bettis, one of the foremost exponents of the modern dance, will be the guest star. Miss Bettis who gained fame
on the Broadway stage and in movies as dancer, choreographer and actress, will be integrated into the Jefferson City
circle Sunday as a young woman engaged to teach dancing at the high school where R.J. Peepers is an instructor.
The Tempest in this TV pot will come to a boil when a grapevine rumor is circulated that the newest member of the high
school faculty is allegedly engaged in extra curricular activities by dancing in a roadside cabaret and Peepers is
sent to investigate. Unaccustomed as he is to the tinsel world of a night club, the scientific Mr. P will find
the lady engaged in performing dances not exactly balletic, and sets out to discover why the new school ma'am leads a
double terpsichorean life. (Dallas TX Morning News) [TA]

4.29 [--] Mr. Peepers: THE WALLY COX STORY
05Jun1955 NBC Sun 7:30pm
Life story of Wally Cox will be presented. (Yonkers, NY, Herald Statesman)
Synopsis 2:
Mr. Peepers steps into the background to let the spotlight focus on "The Wally Cox Story." In episodic format, the show
follows his career as a night club entertainer before the creation of Mr. Peepers. (Kokomo Indiana Tribune) [TA]

4.30 [--] Mr. Peepers: (episode title unknown) ( final episode)
12Jun1955 NBC Sun 7:30pm
The timorous Mr. Peepers summons the courage to ask for a critically needed salary increase. Before he gets the whole
thing settled, he will almost leave his beloved Jefferson City Junior High School to accept a more lucrative position
at Angola Military Academy. (Dallas TX Morning News) [TA]
Synopsis 2:
Mr. Peepers winds up his season with a commencement address at his junior high school.
Synopsis 3:
Mr. Peepers faces a crisis. Last show of the season. (New York Times)
Newspaper item:
"Mr. Peepers," going off the air shortly, and with no sponsor in sight for fall, could return to NBC this fall if there
were enough of a mail demand and a willing sponsor. It happened once before and could happen again.
(16Jun1955 Dallas TX Morning News) [TA]

[--] 19Jun1955 - pre-empted for the special "Remember 1938" hosted and narrated by Groucho Marx.

[--] 26Jun1955 - replaced by "Do-It-Yourself," a hobby show hosted by Dave Willock and Cliff Arquette. As with
"Mr. Peepers," "Do-It-Yourself"
was sponsored by The Reynolds Metals Company. [TA]

################# Mr. Peepers ################
################### the end ##################

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