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Starring: William Bendix (as Chester A. Riley)
with: Marjorie Reynolds (as Peg Riley). Tom D'Andrea (as Jim Gillis)

Season 3 (NBC) (1954-55)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by:
John King,  Tom Alger, Rina Fox
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############## The Life of Riley #############
############## season 3 1954-55 ##############
NBC Fridays 8:30pm  (41 episodes)

 3.01 [066] Life of Riley: JUNIOR'S SECRET
17Sept1954 orig. NBC airdate
Synopsis 1:
Riley gets involved in a family mix-up.
Synopsis 2:
"Junior's Secret" is a sailboat, not a girl. [Yonkers NY Herald Statesman]
Synopsis 3:
Riley has more of those family problems that result from incorrect assumptions. He and Gillis think that Junior and Egber
are marriage-minded. Actually, all the boys want is a sailboat. Standard fun for this series. [Long Island Star Journal]

3.02 [067] Life of Riley: RILEY IN THE WILD BLUE YONDER
24Sep1954 orig. NBC airdate
Riley and his friend Gillis decide to take flying lessons.

1Oct1954 orig. NBC airdate
There's a brand new suggestion box installed at the plant.

3.04 [069] Life of Riley: DESTINATION BROOKLYN
8Oct1954 orig. NBC airdate
Riley and his family return to Riley's old neighborhood in Brooklyn.

3.05 [070] Life of Riley: THE DOG WATCH
15Oct1954 orig. NBC airdate
Riley becomes temporary custodian of the boss's dog.

22Oct1954 orig. NBC airdate
Synopsis 1:
Babs and Junior convince Riley that their finances can be stretched through scientific buying.
Synopsis 2:
Riley lets kids take care of the family budgets. [09Sep1955 Long Island Star Journal]
Synopsis 3:
Scientific buying has the household upset. [09Sep1955 Yonkers NY Herald Statesman]

3.07 [072] Life of Riley: THE DUCK HUNTING TRIP
29Oc1954 orig. NBC airdate
Riley and Gillis go duck hunting at a nearby mountain lake.

3.08 [073] Life of Riley: JUNIOR, THE CHIEF MAGISTRATE
5Nov1954 orig. NBC airdate
It's boys day and the kids take over the town.

3.09 [074] Life of Riley: RILEY BUYS A STATUE
12Nov1954 orig. NBC airdate
Synopsis 1:
Riley buys a genuine Indian statue.
Synopsis 2:
Riley decides to prove he has artistic taste. He buys a monstrosity of a mechanical statue. It looks pretty bad when
his family refuses to have it in the house and he finds it impossible to unload. Riley emerges the winner for a
change in a show with quite a few laughs. Better than usual. [Brooklyn Daily Eagle]

3.10 [075] Life of Riley: RILEY VERSUS NUMEROLOGY
19Nov1954 orig. NBC airdate
Riley consults his pal Waldo, an expert on numerology, and
finds that he starts believing in it to.

3.11 [076] Life of Riley: RILEY, THE FRIENDLY NEIGHBOR
26Nov1954 orig. NBC airdate
Gillis starts filling his garage with various household appliances.

3.12 [077] Life of Riley: RILEY'S WILD OATS
3Dec1954 orig. NBC airdate
(06June1958 NBC repeat)
Synopsis 1:
Riley comes home from a bachelor party and tells Peg he wants to sow some wild oats.
Synopsis 2:
Riley and Gillis demand that Peg and Honeybee give them one free night
a week, but it turns out to be duller than a night at home.
Synopsis 3:
"Riley's Wild Oat." Riley and Gills ask for one night out a week, but the plan backfires when Riley lands in jail.
[06Jun1958 Mansfield Ohio News Journal]

3.13 [078] Life of Riley: PUPPY LOVE
10Dec1954 orig. NBC airdate
When Riley learns Junior has a girlfriend, he has a heart-to-
heart talk with him about the unhappiness of marriage.

3.14 [079] Life of Riley: THE CAR POOL
17Dec1954 orig. NBC airdate
Riley's latest money making scheme is car pooling.

3.15 [080] Life of Riley: JOB OPEN
24Dec1954 orig. NBC airdate
Riley and his pal Gillis are both interested in the same out-of-town job.

3.16 [081] Life of Riley: BROTHERLY LOVE
31Dec1954 orig. NBC airdate
The Riley's soon learn that a little brotherly love is better than a lot all at once.

3.17 [082] Life of Riley: UNWELCOME GUESTS
7Jan1955 orig. NBC airdate
Synopsis 1:
Riley agrees to take care of the Gillis home while the family is away on vacation.
Synopsis 2:
While Gillis is away, Riley rents his home to a circus family.
Synopsis 3:
Riley (William Bendix) befriends a family of seals.

3.18 [083] Life of Riley: COME BACK, LITTLE JUNIOR
14Jan1955 orig. NBC airdate
Riley wants Junior to go out and get a job.

3.19 [084] Life of Riley: RILEY BUYS A WRESTLER
21Jan1955 orig. NBC airdate
Synopsis 1:
Riley must find a professional wrestler to fight the plant champ for an annual charity event.
Synopsis 2:
Riley gets conned into buying a contract of a slob of a wrestler. The family doesn't take to this and think even
less of the idea of boarding him. The best part of the show is the wrestling match, but it's much too short.
[Brooklyn Daily Eagle]

3.20 [085] Life of Riley: LIGHT-FINGERED BABS
28Jan1955 orig. NBC airdate
Riley thinks Babs has become a kleptomaniac when she starts wearing a whole new wardrobe.

3.21 [086] Life of Riley: FAMILY ACTIVITIES PLANNED
(no reg no.)
4Feb1955 orig. NBC airdate
Riley goes all out to bring his family closer together. Bemoaning the fact that he is losing contact with his family,
he organizes group activities such as parlor games and popping corn. [Elyria Ohio Chronicle Telegram]

3.22 [087] Life of Riley: THE AUCTION
11Feb1955 orig. NBC airdate
Riley buys a suitcase at an auction.

3.23 [088] Life of Riley: A BRIDE FOR OTTO
18Feb1955 orig. NBC airdate
Riley and Gillis decide to get a mail order bride for their friend Otto.

3.24 [089] Life of Riley: SISTER CISSY RETURNS
25Feb1955 orig. NBC airdate
Riley is told Peg has broken her heel. He is convinced it's her foot, but actually it is the heel of her shoe.

3.25 [090] Life of Riley: NIGHT SHIFT
4Mar1955 orig. NBC airdate
Synopsis 1:
Riley and Gillis have another argument.
Synopsis 2:
A deals a deal, insists Riley, in battle over youngsters. [Long Island City NY Star Journal]
Synopsis 3:
Riley is put on night shift to prevent him and Gillis from bickering.

3.26 [091] Life of Riley: CHICKEN RANCH
11Mar1955 orig. NBC airdate
Synopsis 1:
Riley is determined to prolong his parent's visit.
Synopsis 2:
Riley's on the tag end of a visit from his parents and are they ever anxious to go home. Confidentially we don't blame them.
[Long Island City NY Star Journal]
Synopsis 3:
Riley buys his parents a chicken ranch.

3.27 [092] Life of Riley: UP TO THE JURY
18Mar1955 orig. NBC airdate
Riley is proud that Peg has been chosen for jury duty.

3.28 [093] Life of Riley: THE GYMNASIUM
25Mar1955 orig. NBC airdate
Synopsis 1:
When a friend of his is fired at the plant, Riley helps him start a gymnasium.
Synopsis 2:
Riley tries new tricks with an old gym. [Yonkers NY Herald Statesman]

3.29 [094] Life of Riley: SINGING COWBOY
(copyright reg LP26700)
01Apr55 NBC Fri (orig. airdate)
Riley breaks up a romance between daughter Babs and Tex, a singing cowboy. Shortly thereafter, he is asked by his boss
to get a cowboy singer for an upcoming office party. Frantically Riley tries to reunite Babs and Tex, in order to corral
the singer for the party and his boss' favor. [RF]

3.30 [095] Life of Riley: LOOK PEG, I'M DANCING
8Apr1955 orig. NBC airdate
Synopsis 1:
A reluctant Riley and Gillis are enrolled by their wives in a dancing class.
Synopsis 2:
Papa loves mambo - too much. [Yonkers NY Herald Statesman]

3.31 [096] Life of Riley: MEET THE NEIGHBOR
15Apr1955 orig. NBC airdate
Synopsis 1:
Riley can't resist boasting to his new neighbor.
Synopsis 2:
Riley cements the instruction sheet into the do-it-yourself barbeque. [Yonkers NY Herald Statesman]

3.32 [097] Life of Riley: BABS GETS ENGAGED
22Apr1955 orig. NBC airdate
Riley is upset over his daughter's romantic escapades.

3.33 [098] Life of Riley: BABS'S GRADUATION FROM COLLEGE
[no reg no.]
29Apr1955 orig. NBC airdate
Synopsis 1:
Babs's graduation from college and her pending engagement bring
out the protective father in Chester.
Synopsis 2:
Chester saddened by Bab's college graduation. [Yonkers NY Herald Statesman]
Synopsis 3:
Riley conjures up a problem. He thinks Babs and her boy friend are getting married and he's determined to put a stop to it.
Riley's as wrong as usual and if the situation seems familiar you must be a real Riley fan. Standard for series.
[Long Island Star Journal]

3.34 [099] Life of Riley: BROTHERHOOD OF B.P.L.A.
6May1955 orig. NBC airdate
Synopsis 1:
Learning that his father is going back to Brooklyn, Riley tries
to interest him in other activities.
Synopsis 2:
Riley tries getting his father to join his lodge.
Synopsis 3:
Riley quits as prexy of Brooklyn booster club.

3.35 [100] Life of Riley: THE BLOCKADE
13May1955 orig. NBC airdate
Synopsis 1:
A tree is blown across Riley's driveway.
Synopsis 2:
The Rileys' vacation plans are uprooted when a tree is blown across their driveway.

3.36 [101] Life of Riley: THE DIET
20May1955 orig. NBC airdate
Riley and Gillis diet in an effort to fit into last year's bowling jackets.

3.37 [102] Life of Riley: OUT TO PASTURE
27May1955 orig. NBC airdate
(13Jun1958 NBC repeat)
Synopsis 1:
Riley is told to show a new man the ropes of his trade.
Synopsis 2:
Riley's got a problem (What, another?) He has to teach a newcomer the ropes, and Gillis convinces him that the new boy
is being groomed as his replacement. Riley decides to beat the axe by resigning, but when he learns his calculations have
been haywire, it's almost too late. Maybe it's the the heat, hut tonight's show strikes us as a vast improvement over
most of the series. [Long Island City NY Star Journal]
Synopsis 3:
When Jack Clifford (Brett Halsey) is put in Riley's (William Bendix) charge as an apprentice, Riley is led to believe that
the young man will usurp his job. Frantic about his future, Riley decides to resign before being fired - a move which
provokes the usual noisy shenanigans. [13Jun1958 Oakland CA Tribune]

3.38 [103] Life of Riley: TOP SECRET
03Jun1955 orig. NBC airdate
Synopsis 1:
Riley and Gillis are assigned to work on a top secret project.
Synopsis 2:
Riley and Gillis find they have to work at night on a top secret military project on the very evening they've promised to
take their wives out. When the little women get suspicious, the boys are hard-pressed to come up with a reasonable explanation.
So, of course, they don't. Standard for the series. [Long Island Star Journal]

3.39 [104] Life of Riley: RILEY UNITES THE FAMILY
10Jun1955 orig. NBC airdate
Riley has come to the conclusion that his family has lost interest in him.

3.40 [105] Life of Riley: SCHOOL BOARD CRITIC
17Jun1955 orig. NBC airdate
Synopsis 1:
Riley schemes to get an all-expense paid trip to Chicago.
Synopsis 2:
To win a trip, Riley must support his foreman's wife for PTA head.
--same episode?
Chester runs into teen-ager's surprise party. [Long Island Star Journal]

3.41 [106] Life of Riley: THE STUPID CUPIDS
24Jun1955 orig. NBC airdate
Synopsis 1:
Riley and Gillis try patching up Otto's broken romance.
--same episode?
Chester tries to climb out of his rut. [Long Island Star Journal]

Spring/Summer Repeats:

01Jul1955 - repeat of 2.12 "Riley's Separation" (from 04Dec1953)
08Jul1955 - repeat of 2.16 "Riley Balances the Budget" (from 08Jan1954)
15Jul1955 - repeat of 2.19 "Riley's Uranium Mine" (from 29Jan1954)
22Jul1955 - repeat of 2.21 "Bab's Used Car" (from 12Feb1954)
29Jul1955 - repeat of 2.23 "Riley and the Cop" (from 26Feb1954)
05Aug1955 - repeat of 2.11 "Riley's Haunted House" (from 27Nov1953)
12Aug1955 - repeat of 2.30 "Riley's Good Deed" (from 16Apr1954)
19Aug1955 - repeat of 2.31 "Riley, the Heir" (from 23Apr1954)
26Aug1955 - repeat, possibly of 2.17 "Riley's Love Letters" (from 15Jan54)
02Sep1955 - repeat of 3.01 "Junior's Secret" (from 17Sep1954)
09Sep1955 - repeat of 3.06 "Babs and Junior Try Home Economics" (from 22Oct1954

############## The Life of Riley #############
############### end of season 3 ##############

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