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Starring Jack Benny
Season 15 (NBC) (1964-65)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
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########## The Jack Benny Program ############
############# season 15 1964-65 ##############
(final season) ###############
NBC Fridays 9:30 pm Eastern (weekly) 28 episodes
(change of network - moves from CBS to NBC)
(change of day - moves from Tuesdays to Fridays)

 (filmed at Revue/Universal City Studios)

(title card 1964-65)

Season 15, Episode 1: NBC Premiere
Original Air Dateó25 September 1964

15.2: [230] The Jack Benny Program: THE LUCILLE BALL SHOW
[verified -SJ]
2- Oct-1964 NBC Friday  / pc: 24613
Directed by Norman Abbott
Guest Star: Lucille Ball

Jack is wearing a tux with tails in honor of Lucille Ball but she comes out dressed wild and acts goofy. Jack tries
to tell a joke that the sound man told him but gets it wrong. The sound man, Arte Johnson, takes the stage and tells
the joke himself. They end up doing a skit about Paul Revere with Don Wilson appearing as George Washington.
Mrs. Revere (Lucille Ball) suspects Paul (Jack) of carrying on with other women and because of that, she ends up knocking
Paul out and Mrs. Revere ends up going on the ride to warn that the British are coming, when she can't wake him up. [SJ]

15.3 [231] The Jack Benny Program: THE ANDY WILLIAMS SHOW
b: 09-Oct-1964 prod. no. 24602
Written by Sam Perrin & George Balzer & Al Gordon
Directed by Hal Goldman, Norman Abbott
Guest Star:
Andy Williams
Jesslyn Fax, Madge Blake, Benny Rubin, Henry Beckman, Norma Micheals, Caryl Rowe, Jeanette Eymann, Lee Meriwether
Jack's guest is laid-back singer Andy Williams, which prompts a visit from Jack's Pasadena Fan Club President
(Madge Blake, Aunt Harriett on "Batman"), who can't believe Really Old Blue Eyes would book another blue-eyed guest.
Jack lectures Andy to work harder to promote his career, so Andy changes from a sweater to a tux to join Jack at
a premiere - which turns out to be a meat market gala grand opening. When a customer (Lee Meriwether, Catwoman in
the Batman (1966) movie) gushes over Andy's crooning, he's too embarrassed to admit who he is.
Andy sings "On the street where you live."

15.4 [232] The Jack Benny Program: THE INCOME TAX SHOW [verified -SJ]
16-Oct-1964 NBC Friday
Written by Sam Perrin & George Balzer & Hal Goldman & Al Gordon; Directed by Norman Abbott
Guest Stars: Jimmy Stewart & Gloria Stewart (as themselves)
With: Harold Gould (1st IRS man) Bill Quinn (2nd IRS man) Joan Marshall (Marsha), Scott Elliott (The Waiter)
Jeanette Eymann (The Woman)

This show has two Internal Revenue Service agents trying to figure out how Jack earned $375,00 last year but only spent
$19 for entertainment expenses. $3.90 of that was declared by Jack when he had dinner with his girlfriend and Jimmy &
Gloria Stewart. Gloria gets some good one-liners in about Jack during the show. The IRS agents remind Jack that they
are there to help him, several times. [SJ]

15.5 [--] The Jack Benny Program: JACK MAKES A COMEDY RECORD
23-Oct-1964 NBC Friday
Written by Sam Perrin & George Balzer & Al Gordon & Hal Goldman
Directed by Norman Abbott
Guest Star: Bob Hope (as Himself)
Mel Blanc ......... 1st Writer
Maudie Prickett .... Secretary
Peter Leeds ........ Producer
Robert Ball ........ 2nd Writer
Lois Corbet ........ Lois
Jacque Shelton ..... Engineer
Scott Elliott ...... Butler
Jack proposes recording a lucrative comedy album with Bob Hope, upon finding out how worthless his investments are:
as chief stockholder of a harpoon company, Jack gets dubbed Schnook of the South. Fretting that he won't be able to
counter Hope's hilarious ad libs, Jack orders his writers to give him all the laughs, but Old Ski Nose is too slick to fall for that.
When Bob Hope drops by, Jack comes up with what he's convinced is a great idea: The two should team up to cut
a comedy record album.

15.6 [234] The Jack Benny Program: HILLBILLY SKETCH
[verified -SJ]
30-Oct-1964 NBC Fri  /  pc: 24601
Written by Sam Perrin, George Balzer, Hal Goldman, Al Gordon
Directed by Norman Abbott
Guest Star: Connie Francis (Herself)
Dale White (Harlow), Sammy Weiss (The Drummer), Herbie Faye (The Man)

Jack affronts guest Connie Francis by claiming comedy is hard, but singing is easy, then sets his apprentice announcer
Harlow Wilson, a devoted fan of pop singer Connie, on her. The cast lampoons "The Beverly Hillbillies" in a musical
sketch with Connie as Jack's wife, and Harlow in the Jethro role.
In his monologue, Jack reveals that his producer has been using raffle tickets to get the audience to stay in their
seats until the end of the program. He introduces Connie Francis, and they argue about whether it is harder to sing
or to get laughs. She sings "I was born too late," and an Al Jolson medley ("Swanee," "Mammy," and "April showers").
Don does the Alka-Seltzer commercial as an endorsement by a safe-cracker. In the sketch, Benny, Stevens, Dale White
and Don Wilson play members of the Skinner family of the Ozarks. They all sing a parody of "Sit right down and write
yourself letter."

Season 15, Episode 7: Jungle Sketch
Original Air Dateó6 November 1964

Season 15, Episode 8: Jack Loses a Raffle
Original Air Dateó13 November 1964

15.9 [237] The Jack Benny Program: THE CAT BURGLAR
prod. no. 24610 / 20-Nov-1964
Written by Sam Perrin & George Balzer & Hal Goldman & Al Gordon
Directed by Norman Abbott
Guest Cast:
Milton Parsons (Professor) Joey Bishop (Himself) Sammy Weiss (Himself)
Wayne Songer (Himself) John Zaremba (Policeman) Dick Wessel (Man)
Jack and his card-playing cronies Dennis Day, Don Wilson, Frank Remley and Sammy Weiss are concerned about
the cat burglar whoís been plaguing Beverly Hills. Joey Bishop puts in a brief appearance as himself. [JB]

Season 15, Episode 10: Jack Hires a Cook
Original Air Dateó27 November 1964

Season 15, Episode 11: Wayne Newton Show
Original Air Dateó4 December 1964

15.12 [240] The Jack Benny Program: JACK HAS A SICK ALLIGATOR
prod. no. 24606 / 11-Dec-1964 NBC Friday
(Rerun 23Jul65 NBC Fri)
Written by Sam Perrin & George Balzer & Al Gordon & Hal Goldman
Directed by Norman Abbott
Guest Cast:
Paul Lynde (Veterinarian), Jane Dulo (Miss Dooley) Burt Mustin (Ed)
When Jack's alligator becomes ill, Benny persuades a veterinarian to make a house call. [JB

Season 15, Episode 13: Amateur Night
Original Air Dateó18 December 1964

Season 15, Episode 14: One Man Show
Original Air Dateó25 December 1964

15.15 [243] The Jack Benny Program: THE JACK JONES SHOW
b: 08-Jan-1965 prod. no. 24618
Written by Sam Perrin & George Balzer & Al Gordon & Hal Goldman
Directed by Norman Abbott
Guest Star:
Jack Jones
Lee Meriwether (Secretary) Bill Dungan (Policeman) Victoria Carroll (Miss Collins)
In a sketch, Jack plays the principal of Benedict Arnold High School and Jones is a moonlighting teacher. [JB]
Musical Highlights:
Jack Jones sings 'Bewitched, bothered and bewildered,' and 'I need a girl.'

Season 15, Episode 16: Jack Adopts Son
Original Air Dateó22 January 1965

15.17 [245] The Jack Benny Program: THE KINGSTON TRIO SHOW
prod. no. 24620 / 29-Jan-1965 NBC Fri
Written by Sam Perrin & George Balzer & Al Gordon & Hal Goldman
Directed by Norman Abbott
Guest Stars:
The Kingston Trio (Bob Shane, Nick Reynolds, Dave Guard)
Mel Blanc .... Prisoner
Vito Scotti .... Mexican Captain
Don Keefer .... Social Worker
Don Wilson, Benny Rubin .... Mexican Policemen
In a sketch, The Kingston Trio join prisoner Benny in the Tijuana Jail. [JB]
Musical Highlights:
The Kingston Trio sing 'Tijuana Jail' and 'I'm going home.'

Season 15, Episode 18: Jack Goes to the Monkey's House
Original Air Dateó5 February 1965

Season 15, Episode 19: The Stradivarius Story
Original Air Dateó12 February 1965

Season 15, Episode 20: Jack Joins Acrobats
Original Air Dateó19 February 1965

Season 15, Episode 21: Rainy Day in Palm Springs
Original Air Dateó26 February 1965

Season 15, Episode 22: Jack Brings Ed Up from the Vault
Original Air Dateó5 March 1965

15.23 [251] The Jack Benny Program: JACK FINDS A DOUBLE
prod. no. 24621 / 12-Mar-1965 NBC Fri
Written by Sam Perrin & George Balzer & Hal Goldman & Al Gordon
Directed by Norman Abbott
Guest Cast:
Eddie Anderson .... Rochester
Harold Gould .... Director
Ned Miller .... Janitor
Philip Ober (1st Executive),Irwin Charone (2nd Executive), Hoke Howell (Assistant Director) Phil Arnold (Slate Man)
After numerous retakes on a scene heís filming with Dennis Day and Don Wilson, His TV bosses have found
a double to work in his place. [JB]

Season 15, Episode 24: Jack's Navy Buddy Returns
Original Air Dateó19 March 1965

Season 15, Episode 25: Dennis Opens a Bank Account
Original Air Dateó26 March 1965

15.26 [254] The Jack Benny Program: JACK APPEARS ON A PANEL SH0W
prod. no. 24624 / 02-Apr-1965 CBS Fri
Written by Sam Perrin & George Balzer & Hal Goldman & Abner Biberman
Directed by Norman Abbott
Guest Cast:
John Willis (Moderator) Herb Vigran (Steve) Benny Rubin (Photographer)
Vincent Price (Himself) Angie Dickinson (Herself) Dr. Joyce Brothers (Herself)
Jack is going to be a guest on an impromptu talk show with Vincent Price, actress Angie Dickinson,
and pyschologist Dr. Joyce Brothers. [JB]

Season 15, Episode 27: Jack Has Dog Trouble
Original Air Dateó9 April 1965

Season 15, Episode 28: Smothers Brothers Show
(final episode)
Original Air Dateó16 April 1965
The Smother Brothers confound every attempt by Jack to force them into his straitjacket comedy formula while
performing his theme song, but even scarier to Jack is when he's pinned under an unexploded bomb in a World War II
London air raid. The UXB squad turns out to be the Smothers. Tom can't remember which wire to pull, while Dick uses
the opportunity of Jack being immobilized to lock in an appearance on Jack's final program.

Summer 1965 Reruns on NBC

[--] 23Jul65 NBC Fri - Reun of #15.12 "Jack has a Sick Alligator" (from 11Dec64) [JB]

1964-65 Reruns on CBS

While Jack Benny was on NBC for his 15th and final season, CBS aired repeats of his series

"The Jack Benny Daytime Show" (5 days a week Mon-Fri)(Oct 1964 - Sept 1965)(CBS Repeats)
"Sunday With Jack Benny" (Sept 1964 -March 1965)(CBS Repeats)

[--] 7Mar65 CBS Sun  - Rerun  of #11.17 "The Death Row Sketch" (first aired 12Feb61 CBS Sun)
Mamie Van Doren
Dennis Day...Son
Gerald Mohr...Harry
Frank Nelson...Warden
In the sketch, Jack is a convicted murderer whose wife (Mamie) does him wrong.[JB]

[--] 8Mar65 CBS Mon - Rerun of  #12.20 "The Alexander Hamilton Story" (first aired 11Mar62 CBS Sun)
Jack dreams he's Alexander Hamilton.[JB]

[--] 9Mar65 CBS Tues - Rerun  of #9.6 "Jack Goes to the Doctor" (first aired 30Nov58)
Oscar Levant persuades Jack to see a psychiatrist. Director Don Weis appears as himself.[JB]

[--] 10Mar65 CBS Wed -  Rerun of #13.6 "The Story of Our Gang Comedy" (first aired 30Oct62 CBS Tue)
Darla Hood of the old "Our Gang" comedies helps Jack, Dennis Day, Don Wilson, and Eddie "Rochester" Anderson
recreate the good old days of of movie comedy.[JB]

[--] 11Mar65  CBS Thurs - Rerun of #14.9 "Jack Takes a Boat to Hawaii" (first aired 26Nov63 CBS Tue)
Jack takes a boat from Hawaii with guest Jayne Mansfield---and dreams he's a movie idol.[JB]

[--] 28Mar 65 CBS Sun - Rerun  of #14.5 "The Johnny Carson Show" (first aired 22Oct63 CBS Tue)
"Tonight Show" host Johnny Carson proves his versatility by performing card tricks, a drum solo, and a song-and-dance
to "Ballin' the Jack."[JB]

CBS daytime the week of July 5-9, 1965 under "The Jack Benny Daytime Show" title.

[--] 5Jul65 CBS Mon WUHF-18 (Ind.) Milwaukee, WI 5 p.m. CDT - Rerun of #11.8 "Jack Goes To Concert"
Jack and his girlfriend Mildred meet James Stewart and his wife at a concert. [JB]

[--] 6Jul65 CBS Tues WUHF-18 (Ind.) Milwaukee, WI 5 p.m. CDT - Rerun of #7.9 "Jack Benny in Rome"
During a visit to Rome, Jack decides to sign an Italian opera star to an exclusive contract. [JB]

[--] 7Jul65 CBS Wed WUHF-18 (Ind.) Milwaukee, WI 5 p.m. CDT - Rerun of #14.25 "The Lettermen Show"
In a sketch, Jack portrays a college freshman whose only concern is the study of how to make money.
The Lettermen who play Jack's roommates, sing "Love Is a Many Splendored Thing". [JB]

[--] 8Jul65 CBS Thurs WUHF-18 (Ind.) Milwaukee, WI 5 p.m. CDT - Rerun of 13.24 "Jack Fires Don"
Ross Elliott ... Director
Robert Jellison, Norman Leavitt, Tol Avery ... Announcers
Jack fires announcer Don Wilson in a fit of anger. [JB]

[--] 9Jul65 CBS Fri WUHF-18 (Ind.) Milwaukee, WI 5 p.m. CDT - Rerun of #14.23 "Jack is Boxing Manager"
Don Wilson ... Trainer
Joan Huntington ... Blonde
Glenn Turnbull ... Stage Manager
Eddie Anderson ... Rochester
Jack dreams he's a fight manager----and Dennis Day is his battling protege. [JB]

The Beach Boys On Jack Benny

########### The Jack Benny Program ###########
################# the end ##################

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