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Starring Joan Davis and Jim Backus
Season 1 (NBC) (1952-53)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by:
Jim Brent, Tom Alger, Wayne Miller , John King, Rina Fox,  Revel Partington

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############## I Married Joan ################
############# season 1 1952-53 ###############
NBC Wednesdays 8:00pm Eastern
39 new episodes  (October 15, 1952-April 1, 1953)

I Married Joan - The Reelection (1/3) (2/3)  -  (3/3)

1.01 I Married Joan. [Pilot] (UCLA)
15Oct52 NBC (original network airdate)
Show no. 1
Produced by Dick Mack
Written by Arthur Stander, Phil Sharp.
Directed by Philip Rapp
Editor, Robert Angus
photography, Philip Tannura
music, Lyn Murray.
Joan Davis (Joan Stevens); Jim Backus (Judge Bradley Stevens);
Hope Emerson, Shirley Mitchell, Hal March, Sheppard Menken,
Marjorie Riordan, George Neise.
Synopsis: (features two stories about a fur coat)
A young couple's quarrel over a fur coat ends up in Brad's court and brings back memories of another fur coat that
caused a crisis in the Stevens marriage. Joan remembers when she was an airline hostess and buys a fur coat. [JB/TA]
(NBC 15Nov56 afternoon repeat, Thursday 4:00pm Central)

1.02 [--] I Married Joan: CAREER (UCLA title)
Show no. 2 (UCLA)
22Oct52 NBC (original network airdate)  (Network repeat 29Jul53)  

I MARRIED JOAN-CAREER-Pt.1/3 - Pt.2/3  -  Pt.3/3  
Synopsis #1
Tired of housework, Joan sets out to land a new career as an actress, only to find she's being typecast. [JB]   
Synopsis #2:
Judge Stevens invites a prospective campaign contributor to dinner, only to find that his wife, trying to be helpful, has invited
another sponsor. [JB]

1.03 [--] I Married Joan: BALLET
29Oct52 NBC (orginal network airdate)
Synopsis #1:
The Judge advises his wife Joan to get more exercise as an antidote to fatigue from housework and Joan turns to ballet. [JB]
Synopsis #2:
Brad enrolls Joan in ballet school to take her mind off the housework. [JB]

1.04 [04] I Married Joan: JITTERBUG
Prods. no. 4 (UCLA)
05Nov52 NBC (original network airdate)       
Synopsis #1:
Joan winds up in traffic court presided over on this particular
day by Brad.
Synopsis #2:
Judge Brad Stevens learns the hard way never to fine a wife. [WM]
Synopsis #3:
Joan finds an ingenious way to retaliate after Brad fines her for speeding, she takes up jitterbugging after trying babysitting and
selling "all you can eat" to phone men. [JB]

1.05 [--] I Married Joan: CRIME PANEL (UCLA title)
Prod. no. 5 (UCLA)
12Nov52 NBC (original network airdate) 

I Married Joan "Crime Panel" 1/3 2/3 3/3
Synopsis #1:
Joan is scheduled to appear on a crime prevention forum. To prepare herself she spends the day visiting poolrooms. [JB]
Synopsis #2:
Joan invades gangland to obtain information for appearance on a TV show. [JB]
Synopsis #3:
After a sleepless night of trying to figure out the ending of a radio mystery they just heard part of, Joan and Brad have to
appear on a public affair panel. [JB]

1.06 [--] I Married Joan: BRAD'S CLASS REUNION (UCLA title)
19Nov52 NBC (original network airdate)
Synopsis #1:
Joan becomes involved in an embarrassing situation with one of Brad's old classmates. [WM]
Synopis #2:
Joan tries every trick in the book to prevent Brad from attending a reunion. [JB]
Synopsis #3:
Joan struggles to change herself into "The Perfect Woman" to fit a description written by her husband. [JB]

1.07 [--] I Married Joan: HUNTING
26Nov52 (original network airdate) (Network Repeat 15Jul53)
Synopsis #1
Joan insists upon joining Brad on a camping trip.
Synopsis #2:
When Judge Stevens plans to join the boys on a camping expedition, his wife decides to mingle with horsey set. [JB]
Synopsis #3:
The success of Brad's hunting trip with some of his pals is threatened when Joan decides to get into the act. [JB]
Synopsis #4:
Joan insists that she is an experienced camper. Unconvinced, Brad decides to test her aptitude for the great outdoors. [JB]   

1.08 [--] I Married Joan: JOAN'S CURIOSITY
03Dec52 NBC (Network repeat 5May54)
Synopsis #1:
Joan gets a whopping surprise when she opens Brad's mail.
Synopsis #2:
Joan's husband forbids her to open the mail. [JB]
Synopsis #3:
Joan is in for a surprise when she opens an interesting-looking package that arrived for Brad. [JB]
Synopsis #4
Joan lets curiosity get the best of her and opens a package addressed to Brad. [JB]

1.09 [--] I Married Joan: BIRTHDAY (video/UCLA title)
Prod. no. 9 (UCLA)
10Dec52 NBC (original network airdate)       
Synopsis (Brad's Birthday):
Joan buys some dresses, puts them on her charge account, then sells
them to friends for cash. The reason is she needs money to buy Brad
a birthday present. [JB]
Synopsis (Joan's Birthday): (this is a from a different episode) Brad makes the mistake of promising Joan a diamond necklace for her birthday.[WM]
[*Some sources have airdates for "Birthday" and "Bazaar Pie" reversed]

1.10 [--] I Married Joan: BAZAAR PIE (video/UCLA title)
17Dec52 NBC(original network airdate)
Synopsis #1:
Joan wants to arrange a romance, by introducing her new neighbor, a handsome Latin, to her visiting aunt. [JB]
Synopsis #2
As a marriage broker Joan almost breaks her husband. Joan bakes a $5000 ring in an apple pie for the bazaar. [JB]
1.12 [--] I Married Joan: DREAMS
24Dec52 NBC (original network airdate) (Network Repeat 29Jul53)
Synopsis #1:
Joan takes to daydreaming when she realizes that her unmarried girl friends are great successes. [TA]
Synopsis #2
Joan has a reunion with three high school chums which leads her into a world of foolish fantasy. [JB]
Synopsis #3
The successes of three of her friends cause Joan to daydream about what she might have been. [JB]
Synopsis #4
After meeting three former schoolmates who are now successful career woman, Joan decides that she is happier just being a housewife. [JB]
[*Some sources have airdates for "Acrobats" and "Dreams" reversed)

1.11 [--] I Married Joan: ACROBATS (UCLA title)
31Dec52 NBC (original network airdate) (Network Repeat 22Jul53)

I MARRIED JOAN-ACROBATS-Pt. 1/3 Arguably the best episode Pt. 2/3 Pt. 3/3
Synopsis #1:
Joan decides that if she can learn acrobatics, she will become "the perfect woman". [WM]
Synopsis #2:
Joan tries to mask her identity when she learns who Brad's dinner guests are. [TA]
Synopsis #3:
When Brad announces that he is bringing home important guests for dinner, Joan feels it necessary to buy a new wardrobe
for the occasion. While shopping for a hat she winds up in a fight with a woman who turns out to be one of Brad's dinner
guests. At dinner Joan tries to disguise herself by joining the nightclub's entertainers, acrobats. [JB]
Synopsis #4:
Joan goes shopping for a hat and winds up as an all time rival to the mad hatter. [JB]

1.13 [--] I Married Joan: BAD BOY (UCLA title)
7Jan53 NBC (original network airdate) (Network Repeat 5Aug53)
Synopsis #1:
Joan tries to reform a juvenile delinquent and nearly winds up in jail herself. [JB]
Synopsis #2:
Joan and Brad attempt to reform the son of a convicted criminal.

14Jan53 NBC (original network airdate) (Network Repeat 16Jun54)
Synopsis #1:
Joan attempts to prove that it is not always right to judge someone on circumstantial evidence.
Synopsis #2:
Joan takes an interest in her husband's work and tries to prove that a man he is about to sentence was convicted on circumstantial
evidence. [JB]
Synopsis #3:
Joan has faith in a criminal's wife, therefore she tells Brad, the criminal must be innocent. [JB]
Synopsis #4:
Joan falls into a stew of pleas and carats because of a criminal's wife.[JB]

1.15 [--] I Married Joan: UNCLE EDGAR (UCLA title)
21Jan53 NBC (original network airdate)
Synopsis :
Uncle Edgar visits Joan and her husband and they have a difficult time trying to keep him out of trouble. [JB/TA]
(Local delayed broadcast, 24Jan53, channel 6, city unknown, Saturday at 4:30pm)

1.16 [--] I Married Joan: MOOSEHEAD (UCLA title)
28Jan53 NBC (original network airdate)
Synopsis 1:
Joan attempts to buy a gift for Brad’s friend at an auction.
Synopsis 2:
Joan tries to kill two problems with the same fifty-dollar bill and winds up deeply wounded by a dead moose at an auction. [JB]
Synopsis 3:
A moosehead which Joan picks up at an auction causes unexpected problems. [JB]

1.17 [--] I Married Joan: FIREMAN
4Feb53 NBC (original network airdate) (Network Repeat 12Aug53)
Synopsis #1: Joan becomes involved with the fire department as an
unwilling volunteer. [JB]
Synopsis #2: Helpful Joan finds things hectic when she becomes involved with the fire department.
Synopsis #3:
Keeping the homefires burning makes Joan a pyromaniac. [JB]
Synopsis #4
Joan tries to patch up the quarrels of her newlywed-neighbors and succeeds in creating some for herself. [JB]

1.18 [--] I Married Joan: MEMORY
11Feb53 NBC (original network airdate) (Network Rerun 19Aug53)
Synopsis 1
Joan has a lapse of memory that nearly breaks up her marriage by overloading her husband with three separate spaghetti dinners
in one night. [WM/JB]

1.19 [--] I Married Joan: DRAFTBOARD (UCLA title)
18Feb53 (original network airdate)
Joan blows up a storm when the judge receives a letter from the local draft board.
"Draftboard." She then rents the house thinking that Brad has been drafted. [JB]

1.20 [--] I Married Joan: OPERA
25Feb53 NBC (original network airdate) (Network Repeat 26Aug53)
Prod. no. 21 (copyright)
Directed by Marc Daniels.
Cameo Guest Appearance by Bing Crosby
Synopsis #1:
An unfortunate circumstance with Joan as opera singer turns against all singers 'til a surprise guest (Bing Crosby) appears
at her door. [JB]
Synopsis #2:
In order to save her club's benefit show, Joan takes a whirl at the opera.
Synopsis #3:
The women’s club decides to present an opera in an effort to raise money for charity.

1.21 [--] I Married Joan: SHOPPING (copyright/UCLA title)
4Mar53 (original network airdate)
Prod. no. 22 (copyright)
Directed by Marc Daniels
Synopsis #1:
Joan buys a new hat in an effort to impress one of Brad’s clients.
Synopsis #2:
Sparks fly when Brad finds a criminal brought before him is wearing the same suit Joan made him wear to a party. [JB]

1.22 [--] I Married Joan: THE STAMP (copyright/UCLA title)
11Mar53(original network airdate) (Network Repeat 2Sep53)
Show no. 23 (UCLA)/ Prod. no. 23 (copyright)

I MARRIED JOAN-Pt.1/3-"THE STAMP" Pt.2/3 - Pt.3/3
Directed by Marc Daniels.
Joan accidentally uses one of the most valuable stamps in her husband's collection to mail a letter. The stamp is a Mozambique purple stamp. [JB]

1.23 [--] I Married Joan: LITTLE GIRL (copyright title)
Show no. 23 (UCLA)/ Prod. no. 24 (copyright)
18Mar53 NBC (original network airdate) (Network Repeat 9Sep53)
Directed by Marc Daniels.
Synopsis #1:
A 16-year old girl visits the Stevens home for a week and Joan determines to arrange a date for her with a neighbor's son. [JB]
Synopsis #2:
Joan plays a female Cyrano and sets the art of romance back a hundred years.

1.24 [--] I Married Joan: DIET (UCLA title)
Show no. 24 (UCLA)
25Mar53 NBC (original network airdate)   (Network Repeat 16Sep53)     
In order to endorse a salad dressing on a TV show, Joan is compelled to lose weight. She goes on a diet and almost dies of starvation. [JB]

1.25 [--] I Married Joan: MODEL (UCLA title )
01Apr53 NBC (original network airdate)

Synopsis #1:
Joan attempts to gain financial and household independence by getting a job, and on the first day of her experiment she loses three jobs. [JB]
Synopsis #2:
Joan gets a job as a stock girl in a swank dress shop, but deludes Brad into thinking that she is a model. [JB]
Synopsis #3:
Joan tells her friend she's a model, then is forced to prove she really is. [JB]

1.26 [--] I Married Joan: LATENESS
08Apr53 NBC (original network airdate) (Network Repeat 23Sep53)
Show no. 26 (UCLA)
Synopsis #1:
Joan's constant lateness for appointments taxes her husband's patience and almost wrecks her marriage. [JB]
Synopsis #2:
Joan knows very well that she and Brad have a dinner date - but who’s it with? She can't remember!
When Joan oversleeps, she sets back the clocks because she didn't make an important phone call. [JB]

1.27 [--] I Married Joan: THE EVICTION SHOW
15Apr53 NBC (original network airdate)       
Prod. no. 28 (copyright)
Written by Arthur Standes, Sherwood Schwartz
Directed by Marc Daniels
director of photography: Clyde DeVinna
film editor: Marsh Hendry
Judge Stevens evicts Joan's Woman's Welfare League from their clubhouse. [JB]   

1.28 [--] I Married Joan: THE RECIPE
22Apr53 NBC (original network airdate) (Newtork Repeat 14Jul54)
Show no. 29 (UCLA)       
Synopsis #1:
Joan wins first prize with her secret ox-tail soup recipe even though she almost becomes the main ingredient. [JB]
Synopsis #2:
Joan takes a job in a restaurant kitchen in order to get the recipe of Brad’s favorite soup.

1.29 [--] I Married Joan: REPAIRS
29Apr53 NBC (original network airdate)       
Joan makes a gigantic hole out of a small crack in the ceiling-and winds up in a mess of plaster. Joan gets stuck in a harp.[JB]

1.30 [--] I Married Joan: SECRETS
6May53 NBC (original network airdate) (Network Repeat 30Sep53)
Keeping a secret proves too much for Joan-which almost costs her  husband an important appointment. [JB]

1.31 [--] I Married Joan: THE ARTIST SHOW
13May53 NBC (original network airdate)  (Network Repeat 21Jul54)
Prod. no. 32 (copyright)
Written by Sherwood Schwartz, Jesse Goldstein, Phil Sharp
Directed by John Rich
director of photography: Hal Mohr; film editor: Robert Stafford
Joan enrolls in an art school in order to impress the wife of the
man who determines whether or not Brad will become a Federal judge.
Joan accidentally removes the senator's toupee and nearly ruins Brad's chances. [JB]
(Local repeat 12Mar58 on WCSH-6, Portland, Maine, Wednesday at 5:00pm)

1.32 [--] I Married Joan: THE THREAT
20May53 NBC (original network airdate)  (Network Repeat 7Oct53) 
Synopsis 1:
Joan gets the jitters upon hearing that a criminal sent to prison by her husband is released and she begins to fear for her husband's
safety. [JB]
Synopsis 2:
Joan becomes obsessed with crime movies when she sees a gangster kill a judge in a movie. [JB]

1.33 [--] I Married Joan: COUNTRY CLUB
27May53 NBC Wed (original network airdate)
Produced by P.J. Wolfson [RF]
Written by Arthur Stander & Sherwood Schwartz [RF]
Directed by Marc Daniels [RF]
Guest Cast: [RF]
Sheldon Leonard ...... Golf Pro
Synopsis #1:
The Stevenses apply for membership in the local country club in an effort to advance Bradís career. Joanís enthusiastic
participation brings unexpected results.
Synopsis #2:
Joan takes up golf and instead of driving the ball manages to drive her instructor crazy. [JB]

1.34 [--] I Married Joan: THEATRICAL CAN-CAN
3Jun53 NBC (original network airdate)

Joan asks her husband to let her Ladies' Welfare League present
their play for the judges civic leaders, but he says they'd
rather see chorus girls. [JB]

1.35 [--] I Married Joan: NEIGHBORS
10Jun53 NBC (original network airdate)       
Joan thinks she has insured peace and quiet by getting rid of her noisy  neighbors. The new neighbors have show dogs that bark all night. [JB]

1.36 [--] I Married Joan: TALENT SCOUT
17Jun53 NBC (original network airdate)  (Network Repeat 12May54)    
Show no. 36 (UCLA)

I Married Joan - Talent Scout 1/5 (1953)  2/5 3/5 4/5 5/5
Synopsis #1:
Joan gets mixed up with a phony talent scout and a chimpanzee. The con-artist leads Joan to think she has a career in movies. [JB]
Synopsis #2:
Eager-beaver Joan is talked into an acting job by a talent scout. Two slight drawbacks:
(1) A chimpanzee is one of the performers.  (2) Her Hubby, the judge, is at work on a talent-scout racket.

1.37 [--] I Married Joan: HONEYMOON (UCLA title)
(NOT to be confused with "Memory" which aired 11Feb53)
24Jun53 NBC (original network airdate)
This episode features TWO stories
Synopsis: Story 1
Brad remembers their honeymoon when Joan accidentally locked him in a burglar proff closet while they are on their "delayed" honeymoon.
Synopsis: Story 2:
Joan's husband promises her a diamond bracelet if she keeps the house in tip-top shape for six months. He forgets, but she doesn't. [JB]

1.38 [--] I Married Joan: BUSINESS EXECUTIVE
1Jul53 NBC (original network airdate) 

I Married Joan "Business Executive"- Part 1 of 4 Part 2 of 4 Part 3 of 4 Part 4 of 4
Synopsis #1:
Brad contemplates switching to the chicken noodle business so that he can earn more money to buy Joan a mink coat.
Synopsis #2:
Joan is disturbed when Brad decides to trade his judicial seat for a more lucrative business post.

1.39 [--] I Married Joan: BRAD'S BROKEN TOE (season 1 finale)
8Jul53 NBC (original network airdate)
Show no. 39 (ULCA)
Synopsis #1:
Brad is hospitalized as a result of slipping on a banana peel whilst calmly strolling through the local park zoo
Synopsis #2:
Joan thinks her husband leads a safe, protected life, until a quiet stroll causes her to change her mind.
Synopsis #3:
Joan congratulates herself too soon on her husband’s easy-going ways. (Final New Episode of Season 1)

NBC Network Summer Re-Runs (15Jul53-7Oct53)
[--] 15Jul53 rerun of "Hunting" (original air date 26Nov52)
[--] 22Jul53 rerun of "Acrobats" (original air date 31Dec52)
[--] 29Jul53 rerun of "Dreams" (original air date 24Dec52)
[--] 05Aug53 rerun of "Bad Boy" (original air date 07Jan53)
[--] 12Aug53 rerun of "Fireman" (original air date 04Feb53)   
[--] 19Aug53 rerun of "Memory" (original air date 11Feb53)
[--] 26Aug53 rerun of "Opera" (original air date 25Feb53)
[--] 02Sep53 rerun of "The Stamp" (original air date 11Mar53)
[--] 09Sep53 rerun of "Little Girl" (original air date 18Mar53)
[--] 16Sep53 rerun of    "Diet" (original air date 25Mar53)
[--] 23Sep53 rerun of "Lateness" (original air date 08Apr53)
[--] 30Sep53 rerun of "Secrets" (original air date 06May53)
[--] 07Oct53 rerun of "The Threat" (original air date 20May53)

############## I Married Joan ################
############# end of season 1 ################

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