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Starring Andy Griffith, Ron Howard, Don Knotts
Season 4 (CBS) (1963-64) (b-w)
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########### The Andy Griffith Show ##########
############## season 4 1963-64 ##############
############## (black-and-white) #############
CBS Mondays 9:30 PM Eastern
 4.1 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: OPIE THE BIRDMAN
30 September 1963
After Opie kills a mother bird with his new slingshot, he takes on the job of raising her babies himself. He grows
very attached to them, but then has to set them free when they get big.

4.2 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: THE HAUNTED HOUSE
7 October 1963
Barney and Gomer try to retrieve a baseball from a supposedly haunted house and find some strange goings on inside.

4.3 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: ERNEST T. BASS JOINS THE ARMY
14 October 1963
Ernest T. Bass causes a ruckus when he decides to join the army. When Andy and Barney find out why, the are able
to solve his problem - with a little help from Barney.

4.4 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: THE SERMON FOR TODAY
21 October 1963
A visiting preacher tells the town to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. He inspires everyone to have
an old-time band concert. With all the stress of rebuilding the broken-down bandstand and getting ragged uniforms
ready, they wear themselves out.

4.5 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: BRISCOE DECLARES FOR AUNT BEE
28 October 1963
After being treated to Aunt Bee's hospitality and home cooking, Briscoe Darling decides he is going to marry her.
He even resorts to kidnapping her. Andy comes up with a clever solution to the whole mess.

4.6 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: GOMER THE HOUSE GUEST
4 November 1963
After Gomer gets fired from the filling station (losing his room there), he moves in with Andy. When people come
by the house at all hours of the night to get their cars looked at, Andy knows he has to do something.

4.7 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: A BLACK DAY FOR MAYBERRY
11 November 1963
Andy and Barney have to protect a shipment of gold which will be going through Mayberry on the way to Fort Knox.
It's critical that they keep it a secret, but Barney spills the beans immediately and within minutes all of
Mayberry knows. A carnival-like atmosphere soon takes hold. The plot thickens when Barney discovers there's no
gold in the truck.

4.8 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: OPIE'S ILL-GOTTEN GAIN
18 November 1963
A mistake by Opie's teacher causes him to get all A's on his report card. He finds out the truth, but everyone
is so proud of him (he even receives a new bike) he can't figure out how to break the news without disappointing
them all.

4.9 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: A DATE FOR GOMER
25 November 1963
Barney has to play matchmaker for Thelma Lou's homely, visiting cousin Mary Grace, and sets her up with Gomer Pyle.

4.10 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: UP IN BARNEY'S ROOM
2 December 1963
Barney's landlady evicts him and he has to move into the back room of the courthouse. When she withdraws all her
money and decides to marry someone she just met, Barney suspects she is the victim of a con man.

4.11 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: CITIZEN'S ARREST
16 December 1963
Gomer makes a citizen's arrest of Barney for committing the same traffic violation that Barney just ticketed him for.
This causes Barney to overreact, resigning as deputy and demanding a jail sentence in lieu of paying the fine.
When Gomer finds out how far it has gone, he tries to come up with a solution.

4.12 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: OPIE AND HIS MERRY MEN
30 December 1963
After watching a movie about Robin Hood, Opie and his pals befriend a hobo who encourages them to steal from those
who have and give to him.

4.13 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: BARNEY AND THE CAVE RESCUE
6 January 1964
The Andy Griffith Show - Rescue - 1/4
The Andy Griffith Show - Rescue - 2/4
The Andy Griffith Show - Rescue - 3/4
The Andy Griffith Show - Rescue - 4/4
After Andy and Helen go exploring in a cave, it collapses behind them. They find another way out, but hear on the
radio that Barney has mobilized the town to rescue them. They go back into the cave to save Barney from becoming
a laughingstock.

4.14 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: ANDY AND OPIE'S PAL
13 January 1964
Opie's new friend Trey is liked by everyone, but Opie becomes jealous when he thinks Andy likes Trey more than him.

4.15 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: AUNT BEE THE CRUSADER
20 January 1964
Aunt Bee organizes a crusade to keep a local man from being evicted because of a highway project. She doesn't
realize he has something to hide.

4.16 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: BARNEY'S SIDECAR
27 January 1964
Barney buys an old surplus army motorcycle and sidecar to use on patrol, then becomes a menace to the whole town.

4.17 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: MY FAIR ERNEST T. BASS
3 February 1964
In order to help Ernest T. Bass find a girl, Andy and Barney attempt to teach him some manners and get him dressed up.
Then they try to pass him off at a party as Andy's cousin from Raleigh.

4.18 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: PRISONER OF LOVE
10 February 1964
A beautiful young prisoner manages to charm both Barney and Andy.

4.19 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: HOT ROD OTIS
17 February 1964
Otis has Andy and Barney worried when he buys a car.

4.20 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: THE SONG FESTERS
24 February 1964
Barney is the only tenor in the choir. When a tenor solo part is required and the choir director is desperate to
find someone else to sing the part. Gomer becomes the replacement.

4.21 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: THE SHOPLIFTERS
2 March 1964
Ben Weaver complains to the Mayberry sheriff's office that merchandise has been disappearing from his department
store. While Andy investigates, Barney decides to go undercover to catch the crook(s).

4.22 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: ANDY'S VACATION
9 March 1964
Andy takes a much-needed vacation, leaving Barney and Gomer in charge. Unfortunately, nobody will let him get any rest.

4.23 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: ANDY SAVES GOMER
16 March 1964
After Andy wakes up Gomer to put out a small fire at the filling station, Gomer dedicates himself to repaying Andy
in return for saving his life.

4.24 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: BARGAIN DAY
23 March 1964
To save money, Aunt Bee buys a side of beef from a discount butcher shop. When she gets it home, the freezer doesn't
work right but she won't pay 'the man' from Mount Pilot to come and fix it.

4.25 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: DIVORCE, MOUNTAIN STYLE
30 March 1964
Charlene Darling uses a mountain ritual to divorce Dud Wash and marry Andy.

4.26 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: A DEAL IS A DEAL
6 April 1964
Opie and his friends get involved in a scheme selling a worthless product called 'Miracle Salve'.

4.27 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: FUN GIRLS
13 April 1964
Two fun-loving girls from Mt. Pilot interrupt Andy and Barney's late night office work. When Helen and Thelma Lou
see them together, they get upset and cancel their dates to the big dance. Barney decides he and Andy will take the
fun girls instead.

4.28 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: THE RETURN OF MALCOLM MERRIWEATHER
20 April 1964
When Malcolm Merriweather returns to Mayberry, Andy hires him to help Aunt Bee with the housework so she can be a
'lady of leisure'. She goes from being overworked to feeling unneeded.

4.29 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: THE RUMOR
27 April 1964
Barney sees Andy and Helen in the jewelry store sneaking a kiss and tells everyone they are engaged. Aunt Bee
redecorates Andy's room for a bride and throws a big surprise party for them.

4.30 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: BARNEY AND THELMA LOU, PHFFTT
4 May 1964
After Gomer mentions to Thelma Lou that Barney said he 'has her in his hip pocket', she gets angry and starts dating Gomer.

4.31 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: BACK TO NATURE
11 May 1964
Andy, Barney, and Gomer take Opie and his friends camping. Barney, who said he was a great woodsman, manages to
get lost in the woods with Gomer.

4.32 [--] The Andy Griffith Show: GOMER PYLE, U.S.M.C.
18 May 1964
Gomer joins the Marines to test himself as a man. Andy drives him to the base and stays around for a while to see
how it works out. When he finds out the Sergeant plans to get Gomer sent home, he tries to find a way to get the
Sergeant on Gomer's side.

########### The Andy Griffith Show ###########
############### end of season 4 ##############

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