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 Season 3 (NBC Daytime) (1957-58)
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############### Matinee Theater ##############
############## season 3 1957-58 ##############
############### (final season) ###############
  NBC Daytime (Daily) (Weekdays) (Monday - Friday)

3.01 [419] Matinee Theater: THE JEWEL BOX
John Emery
Steve Dunne
A ghost writer finds the courage to cast off his bonds.

3.02 [420] Matinee Theater: MOLLY MORGAN
Teleplay by Reginald Lawrence
Based on a story by John Steinbeck
Directed by Alan Hanson
Lois Smith
Dick Foran


3.03 [421] Matinee Theater: WOMAN ALONE


Written by Elizabeth Hart


Miriam Hopkins


3.04 [422] Matinee Theater: AMONG STRANGERS
Written by Carol Warner Gluck
A young salesman makes a play for the boss' secretary in an effort to better his position In the firm.

3.05 [423] Matinee Theater: THE BROOM AND THE GROOM
06Sep1957 (rerun 05Dec57)
Written by Robert Emmett
A young wife claims she is descended from a long line of witches.

3.06 [424] Matinee Theater: THE ADJUSTABLE MR. WILLING
Adapted by George Lowther
Story by Lucy Cores
Directed by Larry Schwab
Bob Sweeney
Vivi Janiss

A bachelor falls in love with the widowed mother of six children.


3.07 [425] Matinee Theater: FREEDOM COMES LATER



Kurt Kasznar

Warren Berlinger


3.08 [426] Matinee Theater: IN THE FOG
Teleplay by Robert Esson
Based on the Short Story by Richard Harding Davis
Directed by Walter Grauman
Arthur Hill
Narda Onyx


Four men relate details of a baffling mystery to detain a fifth man,

 so that he cannot make a speech in Parliament.


3.09 [427] Matinee Theater: SON OF THIRTY-SEVEN FATHERS
A Korean orphan is suspected of stealing an important map

from the American soldiers who have befriended him

3.10 [428] Matinee Theater: HAND-ME-DOWN
written by Helen Cotton
A 15-year-old boy's loyalty to his older brother is put to the test.

3.11 [429] Matinee Theater: EMMA
Teleplay by Helene Hanff
Based on Jane Austen's novel
Directed by Alan Cooke
Sarah Churchill
Tom Helmore


Emma turns everyone's life upside with her matchmaking disasters.


3.12 [430] Matinee Theater: THE PERSONAL EQUATION
Written by Irving Gaynor Neiman
An ambitious young husband flame in order re-woos an old to dissuade

 her tycoon grandfather from moving his factory to another town.

3.13 [431] Matinee Theater: NIGHT CRY
Teleplay by Robert E. Thompson
Based on the novel by William L. Stuart
An embittered detective kills a young murder suspect, lets suspicion

fall on the victim's girl friend, then falls in love with her.

3.14 [432] Matinee Theater: MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE
Written by George Lowther
An English professor and his aunt encounter two visitors from

another planet who have just landed in a space ship.

3.15 [433] Matinee Theater: THE IMPERSONAL TOUCH
Written by Theodore Apstein
Two women, one a stockholder and the other a secretary

vie for the affections of a young magazine publisher.

3.16 [434] Matinee Theater: THE STORY OF SARAH
Marian Seldes ....... Sarah
Tom Tryon ........... Abraham

A live colorcast of the "Story of Sarah," commemorate Rosh Hoshanah,

 the high Holy day and start of the new year among the world's Jewry.


3.17 [435] Matinee Theater: THE WAITING SWAN
An aging playboy chief of a film studio is repudiated by his son for foiling his dissolute ways.

3.18 [436] Matinee Theater: ONE MUMMY TOO MANY
Written by Alvin Sapinsley
A young American in Egypt gets involved in a murder when an Egyptian

 politician is killed and wrapped up like a mummy.

3.19 [437] Matinee Theater: HEARTHSTONES
Written by Betty Ulius
Four ancient sisters, hermit daughters of a Confederate deserter find

a young doughboy unconscious on the cobwebbed doorstep.

3.20 [438] Matinee Theater: THE RELUCTANT HEIRESS
Written by Harold Gast
A scheming backwoods woman tries to marry off her younger sister to

one of two bachelor brothers she thinks might soon come into an inheritance.

[--] Matinee Theater: THE OTHERS
30Sep1957 (rerun from 15Feb57)

[--] Matinee Theater: EYE OF THE STORM
01Oct1957 (rerun from 19Oct56)

[--] Matinee Theater: THE CASK OF AMONTILLADO
02Oct1957 (rerun from 16Jul57)

[--] Matinee Theater: THE DAUGHTER OF MATA HARI
03Oct1957 (rerun from 03Apr57)

[--] Matinee Theater: THE FORBIDDEN
04Oct1957 (rerun from 31Jul57)

[--] Matinee Theater: FRANKENSTEIN
07Oct1957 (rerun from 05Feb57)

[--] Matinee Theater: JANE EYRE
08Oct1957 (rerun from 16May57)

[--] Matinee Theater: THE CASK OF AMONTILLADO
09Oct1957 (rerun from 16Jul57)
A request repeat of "The Cask of Amontillado," adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe's story.

[--] Matinee Theater: LAUGH A LITTLE TEAR
10Oct1957 (rerun from 07Aug57)

[--] Matinee Theater: SECOND HAND LOVER
11Oct1957 (rerun from 22May57)

[--] Matinee Theater:
QUEEN ELIZABETH, Chan 6, 11 a.m. NBC will carry the Queen's address

 to Canada's parliament; they will preempt the Matinee Theater time.

3.21 [439] Matinee Theater: FATHER CAME HOME
Written by Warner Law
Cesar Romero
A lighthearted story of a suave father who return from the continent

to meet his 20-year-old daughter for the first time.

3.22 [440] Matinee Theater: VILLA OF THE ANGELS
Written by Robert Esson
At a lonely inn a writer falls for a woman who is convinced she has

been a kiss of death to everyone who has loved her.

3.23 [441] Matinee Theater: THE TONE OF TIME
Teleplay by Theodore Apstein
Based on Henry James' novel
Directed by Lamont Johnson
Sarah Churchill
Irene Hervey
Donald Murphy

A woman painter is commissioned by a woman of means to do the

 portrait of a man who has meant much to both of them.


3.24 [442] Matinee Theater: ALMOST ANY MAN WILL DO
Written by Ellen McCracken
To land the starring role in a big TV series a bachelor girl must land a husband in three weeks.

3.25 [443] Matinee Theater: SING FOR ME
Written by Jack Paritz
Ethel Waters
The story of a laundress who gains fame as a radio singer.


3.26 [444] Matinee Theater: RUN FOR THE MONEY
Written by Frank D. Gilroy
An eloping couple of modest means have their first argument when

they clash over what to do with $18,000 they win at a race track.

3.27 [445] Matinee Theater: CRUSADE FOR FREEDOM
The Hungarian Freedom Fighters story is told of a Hungarian worker who

 flees the country to elude the secret police only to learn that the police chief

has moved in with the worker's pregnant wife on the pretense of waiting for the rebel to return.

3.28 [446] Matinee Theater: THE GLASS HILL
A brooding widower succumbs to the mysterious attraction

of his only friend's supposedly insane niece.

3.29 [447] Matinee Theater: OUT OF THE FRYING PAN
From Francis Swann's play
Franklin Pangborn
Lyle Talbot
Gail Allan (daughter of Allen Jones)
Charles Chaplin Jr. (Charlie Chaplin's son)
Carol Lee Ladd (Alan Ladd's daughter)
Harold Lloyd Jr. (son of Harold Lloyd)
Melinda Markey (daughter of Joan Bennett)
Barry Truex (son of Ernest Truex)
Beverly Wills (daughter of Joan Davis)
Three young couples' campaign to convince their neighbor, a Broadway

producer, to cast them in the touring company of his current hit.


3.30 [448] Matinee Theater: THE LAST STOP
Teleplay by Anthony Spinner
Based on the story by William McLeod Raine
Directed by Lamont Johnson
Robert Gist
Michael Bradford
Lisa Montell


3.31 [449] Matinee Theater: THE WEAK AND THE STRONG
Shirley Knight (her tv debut)
Michael Landon
Story about unwed mothers.


3.32 [450] Matinee Theater: NINE-FINGER JACK
30Oct1957 (rerun 19May1958)

Teleplay by George Lowther

Story by Frank Price (Anthony Boucher)

Directed by Alan Cooke


Eva Gabor ....... Hester

Patrick MacNee ...... John Smith


John Smith has made money as a professional lady-killer. He has collected nine

insurance policies on as many wives, and is currently working on number 10, Hester.

But Hester proves to be a little more difficult to do away with. [RF]


3.33 [451] Matinee Theater: ELEMENTALS


Teleplay by Nicholas E. Baehr
Based on a story by Stephen Vincent Benet first published in Cosmopolitan magazine in 1922.
Directed by Walter Grauman


Tom Tryon

Conrad Nagel

Mala Powers

A professor taunts his aide in order to win a bet.


 3.34 [452] Matinee Theater: A PLUMMER IN PARADISE
Keefe Brasselle
A former Spanish boy, now the plumbing king of the U.S. must choose

 between the girl he went home to claim and the English girl he meets

aboard ship on the way back to his native land.

3.35 [453] Matinee Theater: SOMETHING ABOUT A DOLLAR
A story about a theft in a boys camp.

[--] Matinee Theater: THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER
05Nov1957 (rerun from 06Aug56)

[--] Matinee Theater: THE IVY CURTAIN
06Nov1957 (rerun from 06Sep56)

3.36 [454] Matinee Theater: RETURN IN WINTER
Written by S.S. Schweitzer
A story about a doctor's devotion to his patients in the slums.

A Frenchman's conniving to collect his inheritance as greed overcomes him.

3.38 [456] Matinee Theater: AESOP AND RHODOPE
11Nov1957 Mon
Written by Helene Hanff
Directed by Dennis Patrick
Sarah Churchill .... Rhodope
Lamont Johnson ............ Aesop

Conrad Nagel
Lee Patrick


3.39 [457] Matinee Theater: ALL OVER THE WORLD
12Nov1957 Tues
Margaret O'Brien
British war brides try to get along with in-laws.

3.40 [458] Matinee Theater: THE RANSOM OF SIGMUND FREUD


Written by Harold Callen
Directed by Livia Granito


Ludwig Donath

Kurt Kasznar

Harold Dyrenforth
Margo Lorenz
John Lupton
Eva Soreny
Luis Van Rooten

The story tells about the difficulties Freud had, when he tried to

 leave Austria after the Nazis took over. After President Roosevelt

intercedes Freud leaves for England.


3.41 [459] Matinee Theater: IRIS
14Nov1957 Thurs
Writer Arnold Rabin
Margaret Truman
Ray Montgomery
A marriage-hungry spinster feels that this is her last chance at matrimony.
Synopsis 2:
Iris, is the story of an eligible spinster, aged 31, who refused

 to rush things with her undependable steady. [RF]

Quote from TIME magazine: "Like a cake in the oven," she tells him,

"you open the door too soon, you ruin it." In the end, though, Iris bravely

chucked the cad when she realized he was not returning her love, only her kisses,

and, with what the script called "a fine, quiet steadiness," was called upon to

sigh courageously: "I am born again." Though Iris was the kind of frothy pink lady

that TV shakes up every day, Margaret gave it the sort of warm,

simple-blonde-and-blue-eyed glow that the headier highballs of TV drama often lack.


3.42 [460] Matinee Theater: REMEMBER ME KINDLY
Written by Sonya Roberts
Positive that her daughter's next visit means the end of her stay at the

home for aged, Alicia packs her bags. Alicia's peevishness contrasts with

Bert and Meg's adjustment to the companionship found in the home. When Alicia's

daughter and her husband do arrive, they avoid her questions about leaving. [RF]


3.43 [461] Matinee Theater: EMBASSY HOUSE
18Nov1957 Mon
A young secretary in Washington, D.C., falls in love with a man who passes

himself off as a rising young diplomat. Only a cynical treasury agent has doubts

about the young man's truthfulness. [RF]

3.44 [462] Matinee Theater: WITNESS TO MURDER
19Nov1957 Tue
The prime suspect in a robbery-murder is an accountant who handled the

murdered man's finances. In a race against time, the accountant tries to locate

the real murderer before the police pick him up. [RF]

3.45 [463] Matinee Theater: THE JOHNSON HOUSE
20Nov1957 Wed

Written by Donald Symington
A small college town divides against itself over the romance of a

college girl and a handsome student from Iraq. Prejudice threatens

 to put a blight on the couple's plans of marriage. [RF]

3.46 [464] Matinee Theater: OUT OF MY DARKNESS
21Nov1957 Thu (rerun 03Dec57)
Written by Frank Hursley & Doris Hursley
Jan Merlin
The true story of a man blind since the age of eight. As a young man he marries

a woman he has never seen and becomes the father of a boy. Then he learns

 that a delicate operation may enable him to see again. [RF]

3.47 [465] Matinee Theater: THE TENDER LEAVES
22Nov1957 Fri
Written by Robert J. Shaw
A motion-picture executive learns that he is seriously ill just as he is about to begin

 production on a movie he has wanted to film all his life. [RF]


3.48 [466] Matinee Theater: CADENZA
Story by Will Schneider & Herman Goldberg
A well-known Hungarian violinist, newly arrived in the U.S., is planning a concert

as a benefit for the Hungarian rebels. A young girl, who is acting as the musician's

press agent, is disturbed by two strange men who turn up everywhere the musician appears. [RF]

3.49 [467] Matinee Theater: THE GREEN SHORES
Teleplay by Michael Dyne
Based on a story by C.P. Breen
Directed by Lamont Johnson
Bradford Dillman
Dick Foran
Jeanette Nolan
Sally Pearce
A student doctor leaves America to visit his aunt in Ireland. [RF]

3.50 [468] Matinee Theater: A QUESTION OF BALANCE
27Nov1957 (rerun 18Jun58)

Written by Wood Fitchette
Based on a story by Stuart Dunham
Paul Langton ..... Paul McLean
Helen Westcott ..... Kay
Willis Bouchey ....... Robertson
Synopsis 1:
A respectably married assistant district attorney is assigned to a murder investigation. [RF]
Synopsis 2:
A married assistant district attorney is assigned to a murder investigation which

he knows will uncover his own involvement with another woman. [RF]

Synopsis 3:
A happily married assistant attorney is assigned a murder investigation

 which he knows will uncover his involvement with another woman. [RF]

Synopsis 4:
Assistant DA McLean is assigned a murder case that

he knows will expose his adulterous affair. [RF]

*NOTE: Syndication airing 21Feb60 on Cameo Theater.


[--] Matinee Theater:
pre-empted for Thanksgiving Day Parade and Football game.

3.51 [469] Matinee Theater: DANIEL WEBSTER AND THE SEA SERPENT
Teleplay by George Lowther
Based on the story by Stephen Vincent Benet
Directed by Alan Cooke
John McGiver
John Carradine
Frederic Worlock
Presidential candidate Daniel Webster seeks respite from

 the duties of state by going deep-sea fishing. To his amazement,

 he hooks but loses an oversized sea serpent. [RF]


3.52 [470] Matinee Theater: THE CONVERSATION TABLE
A penniless countess is offered a job at a boarding school.

[--] Matinee Theater: OUT OF MY DARKNESS
03Dec1957 (rerun from 21Nov57)

Teleplay by Dale Wasserman
Based on the novel by Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)
Directed by Walter Grauman
Will Rogers, Jr.
Carolyn Kearney
Jack Albertson

A passing stranger vows revenge by the "incorruptible" townspeople of Hadleyburg.


[--] Matinee Theater: THE BROOM AND THE GROOM
05Dec1957 (rerun from 06Sep57)

3.54 [472] Matinee Theater: A CLOUD FOR JENI
Produced by Albert McCleery
Written by Mort Thaw
Directed by Lamont Johnson
Charlie Ruggles
Betty Lou Keim
Morey Amsterdam
Paul Picerni

The lonely life of a show business daughter is brightened when she falls in love.

3.55 [473] Matinee Theater: THE CONSUL
Written by Richard Harding Davis
Set during the administration of President Lincoln and tells the story of a highly

principled but lowly stationed American diplomat who finds he can win a

coveted promotion if he will compromise his integrity.

3.56 [474] Matinee Theater: THE OLD FRIEND
Teleplay by Will Schneider & Herman Goldberg
A humdrum book reviewer yearning for the life he reads about.

3.57 [475] Matinee Theater: GIVE ME A WAND
Written by Robert E. Thompson


A prep school boy is snubbed and set up for a crime he didn't commit.


 3.58 [476] Matinee Theater: BLACK SHEEP SON
A black sheep son convinces the members of his family that,

they should bet their life savings on a race horse.

3.59 [477] Matinee Theater: DARK OF THE MOON
Written by Howard Richardson & William Berney
Directed by Albert McCleery
Tom Tryon ......... John
Gloria Talbott .... Barbara Allen
James Parnell ..... Uncle Smelique
James Westerfield . Judge Haggler
Peg Hillias ....... Mrs. Allen
Mike Bradford ..... Marvin Hudgens
Robert Williams ... Mr. Allen
Yvette Vickers .... Dark Witch
Virginia Lee ...... Fair Witch
Georgia Simmons ... Conjur Woman
A supernatural story set in the hills of the Smoky Mountains. A witch-boy begs

 to become human after having his way with a mortal. There is one thing

that the irrepressible Barbara must do and that it is to be faithful to him for a full year.

3.60 [478] Matinee Theater: THE GIFT AND THE GIVER


Written by Harold Gast


After several years of marriage, Walter Boone leaves his possessive wife, taking

his little daughter along. His wife doesn't object; she is glad to be left with their son,

whom she loves. Then Walter publishes a book in which he thinly

disguises the family relationships. [RF]


3.61 [479] Matinee Theater: NO TIME FOR COMEDY


Written by S.N. Behrman

Directed by Alan Cooke


Sarah Churchill

Katharine Bard

Dennis Patrick


Linda realizes she is in danger of losing her husband. [RF]


3.62 [4802] Matinee Theater: A GENTLEMAN OF FORTUNE


Story by Stephen Vincent Benet


At a country fair, a retired con man sizes up a young couple who,

 he discovers, have just eloped. [RF]


3.63 [481] Matinee Theater: THE GENTLEMAN CALLER


Written by George Lowther


Miss Emmy Rice, a lonely old woman, is befriended by a young man she meets in the park.

Grateful for his attentions, she finds an old magazine picture resembling her

new friend and hangs it in her room. [RF]


[--] Matinee Theater: THE TENDER LEAVES
20Dec1957 (rerun from 22Nov57)


3.64 [482] Matinee Theater: IN TWENTY-FIVE WORDS OR LESS
Written by Ellen McCracken
A housewife wins her dream prize when she enters a contest.

3.65 [483] Matinee Theater: SARA CREWE
Teleplay by Elizabeth Hart
Story by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Directed by Livia Granito
Brenda Forbes
Reba Waters


3.66 [484] Matinee Theater: AMAHL AND THE NIGHT VISITORS
Based on Menotti's opera
Kirk Jordan
Rosemary Kuhlmann
Andrew McKinley
David Aiken
Leon Kershner
The Three Wise Men and their journey to Bethlehem to visit the newborn King.
Kirk Jordan will sing Amahl and Rosemary Kuhlmann, his mother.
A new staging.
*NOTE: Presented in color at noon Christmas Day on Matinee Theater' over KMJ-TV.


3.67 [485] Matinee Theater: THE LITTLE MINISTER
Adapted by Helene Hanff
Based on a story by J.M. Barrie
Directed by Livia Granito
Margaret O'Brien
Ben Cooper
Henry Daniell


[---] Matinee Theater: FIGHT THE WHOLE WORLD
27Dec1957 (rerun from 07Jun56)

[--] Matinee Theater: THE INVISIBLE MAN
30Dec1957 (rerun from 08Aug57)

3.68 [486] Matinee Theater: DAUGHTER OF KINGS
Teleplay by Elaine Ryan
Based on Lesley Conger story.
A small town girl believes she is descended from royalty.

[---] Matinee Theater:
preempted by Football's Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl

3.69 [487] Matinee Theater: SURVIVAL KIT
Written by S.S. Schweitzer
Based on true story of a U.S. airman scheduled to fly a mission to test a

new survival kit. For the first time, the flier's wife expresses fear for her husband's safety.


3.70 [488] Matinee Theater: A HOUSE WITH GOLDEN STREETS
Written by Bob Duncan & Wanda Duncan
The wife of an oil worker wants to settle down.


3.71 [489] Matinee Theater: THE EUROPEANS


Adapted by Theodore Apstein
Based on Henry James' novel
Directed by Lamont Johnson
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Peter Cookson
Nico Minardos


3.72 [490] Matinee Theater: THE COLLECTED LETTERS OF MR. SAGE
A business tycoon tries to top competitors.


3.73 [491] Matinee Theater: TWO-PICTURE DEAL

Written by George Bellak


3.74 [492] Matinee Theater: THE GREAT OBSTACLE COURTSHIP
Written by Greer Johnson
A gambling man tries to win the hand of the town beauty and

the consent of her thrift-conscious banker father.

3.75 [493] Matinee Theater: A CHANCE TO DIE
Written by Robert Wallsten
Nita Talbot
Dean Harens
Peg Hillias
A woman convicted of murder makes a deal with the doctor.


3.76 [494] Matinee Theater: HOME ON THE RANGE
Adapted by George Lowther
From a story by Robert Carson
A veterinarian longs to forsake his fashionable Hollywood canine clinic

and go back to his first love - cattle ranching. He learns about a lucrative

position on a cattle ranch, but the applicant must be married to a woman who

can act as a secretary. The bachelor veterinarian sets about interviewing

stenographers in a frantic attempt to find himself a wife within five days. [RF]


3.77 [495] Matinee Theater: THE MAKROPOULOS SECRET
Adapted by Michael Dyne
From the play by Karl Capek
Sarah Churchill ...... Emilia Marty
In Hungary, Berti Gregor eagerly anticipates winning his lawsuit against

Baron Prus over possession of the valuable Lukhov estate. When Prus wins, Berti

enlists the aid of the beautiful singer Emilia Marty in an attempt to acquire some letters

 from Prus which Berti believes contain evidence in his favor. But Emilia has another

motive for wanting the letters herself. [RF]

3.78 [496] Matinee Theater: MORE THAN A MAN
Written by Arthur W. Rabin
An ex-prizefighter is angry when he learns that his son plans to

 forsake his law studies to take up boxing. [RF]

3.79 [497] Matinee Theater: SOMETHING STOLEN, SOMETHING BLUE
Written by William Mourne
Dolores Hart
Frances Farmer
When her bridegroom-to-be doesn't show up for the wedding, Corinne March's

 family is certain she has been jilted. But Corinne is certain Johnny has been

a victim of foul play and decides to investigate. [RF]

3.80 [498] Matinee Theater: THE THUNDERBOLT
Based on the famous 19th century English dramatist Arthur Wing Pinero.
In 1905 the Mortimore family gathers at Linchpool, England, following the death

of a wealthy but long-estranged brother. Though no will has yet been found,

 the covetous relatives learn that their brother has a daughter living in Paris. [RF]


3.81 [499] Matinee Theater: DAISY MAYME
A play by George Kelly, uncle of Princess Grace.
It tells of a man and woman, workhorses for their respective families,

who meet and discover romance midway through their lives of servitude.

3.82 [500] Matinee Theater: THE MAN WHO WANTED TO HATE
Father and son run risk of identifying hoodlums.


3.83 [501] Matinee Theater: THE GOLDEN FLEECING
Story of a greedy sister-in-law's scheme to prove a supposedly wealthy,

widow mentally incompetent verges on paying off when the latter takes

her inheritance to the Las Vegas gambling tables.

3.84 [502] Matinee Theater: FOREVER AND EVER
Written by Kathleen and Robert Howard Lindsay
Johnny Crawford


3.85 [503] Matinee Theater: DECISION
A father and son, both chance witnesses of a holdup killing, must

each decide whether to run the risk of identifying the guilty hoodlums.

3.86 [504] Matinee Theater: SOLDIER'S BOY

Prod. no. 557


Adapted by Abby Mann
Based on a story by James Warner Bellah
Directed by Richard Goode

Everett Sloane ....... Gen. Stanton Brisk
Adrienne Marden ... Edith Brisk

General Stanton Brisk, on the day of his retirement from the Army, visits his wife

Edith in a sanitarium. Ever since the day their son Edward was killed in the war she

has blocked off her mind to 24 years of married life and returned to the time

when Edward was 12 and her husband was just a captain. [RF]


28Jan1958 (rerun from 17Jun57)

[--] Matinee Theater: THE CASK OF AMONTILLADO
29Jan1958 (rerun from 16Jul57)


 3.87 [505] Matinee Theater: THE 10TH MUSE


Written by Sam Hall


Writer Linda Stone is thrilled and somewhat awed at the opportunity to write the

biography of her idol, poetess Mathilda Morrell, reputed to be the greatest poet ever

produced by America. But Linda is disturbed by dark hints dropped by

Miss Morrell's nephew about his aunt's writing. [RF]


3.88 [506] Matinee Theater: LOVE OUT OF TOWN

31Jan1958 (rerun 02Jun58)

Written & adapted by William McCleery

Directed by Alan Hanson
Sarah Churchill ...... Peggy
Richard Anderson ..... Alec
Dennis Patrick ....... Ward
Jean Carson .......... Agnes
Joel Marston ......... Morton
William Keene ........ Frederic
Ralph Gamble ......... David

The out-of-town play headed for Broadway runs into some difficulties. A local critic

berates the performers as inadequate. The leading lady is in love with the director.

And the director wants to change the play from drama to comedy. [RF]

Synopsis 2:
During its out-of-town run, a play headed for Broadway encounters some

 problems. A local critic pans the performers, the leading lady is in love with the director,

and the director wants to change the play from straight drama to comedy. [RF]


3.89 [507] Matinee Theater: CAVE-IN

Producers Ethel Frank & Darrell Ross
Directed by Boris Sagal
Written by Jack Oleck
Director of photography Roger Shearman
Music by Alex Compinsky
Paul Langton ....... Matt
Catherine McLeod ....... Helen
Jeanne Cooper ....... Ruth

Stacy Harris ......... Phil
Paul Maxwell
Mark Evans
Harry Hickox
Butch Bernard
Robert A. Paquin
Joe Quinn
During all the years of their married life, Helen has been bullied by her husband Phil

- about the neglected house, her ill health and the care of their son. Lately Phil has

been seeing much of Ruth, their next-door neighbor, whose husband Matt, according

to Phil, is an unambitious cop. A terrible accident reveals Phil as he really is. [RF]

Synopsis 2:
Two children accidentally expose an affair between one's mother and the other's dad. [RF]

(Syndication airing on Cameo Theater 30Jul61)

3.90 [508] Matinee Theater: THE ICEMAN
04Feb1958 (rerun 15May58)

Written by Anthony Spinner

Directed by Albert McCleery

Andrew Duggan ....... Clyde

Peggy McCay .......... Louise

Johnny Crawford ........ Leo
Jackie Coogan

Born and bred in the slums, Clyde "The Iceman" Grannick is fired by his brother-in-law

because his cold and sullen manner has been losing clients in the public-relations firm.

As a result, Clyde tells Louise that they can't keep Leo, a little orphan boy. [RF]

Synopsis 2:
Clyde is sore over being fired by his brother-in-law, takes his anger

out on his wife---by not allowing her to adopt a child. [RF]

(Syndication airing on Cameo Theater 07May61)

3.91 [509] Matinee Theater: THE LONG, LONG LAUGH
Written by Bernard Slade
June Lockhart ....... Connie
Russell Arms ....... Ernie Barton
Though Ernie Barton is a good, sensitive person, his attempts to please everyone

he works with are futile. The result is that he has become the office clown. Only Connie,

the secretary, shows him any respect. [RF]

Synopsis 2:
A secretary tries to aid Ernie Barton, whose efforts to please everyone he

works with have resulted in his becoming the office clown. [RF]
*Syndication airing on Cameo Theater 23Jul61.


[--] Matinee Theater: THE MAN WITHOUT A COUNTRY
06Feb1958 (rerun from 20Jun57)

[--] Matinee Theater: THE ODD ONES
07Feb1958 (rerun from 14Jun57)


3.92 [510] Matinee Theater: CHARCOAL PINK
A soldier and a girl conspire to peddle dead GI's novel as their own.

3.93 [511] Matinee Theater: MONSIEUR BEAUCAIRE
Teleplay by S.S. Schweitzer
Based on a story by Booth Tarkington
Directed by Alan Cooke
Peter Hansen
Patricia Cutts
Patrick Macnee


3.94 [512] Matinee Theater: LIFE UPON A WICKED STAGE
Based on a story by Jerome Kern

Hosted by John Conte

A young man and a woman profess affection for an employer.

3.95 [513] Matinee Theater: WITHOUT FEAR OR FAVOR


written by H.R. Hays

Host John Conte


In the New York of 1870, politician Boss Tweed runs the city and its officials to suit himself.

He at first refuses to heed the threats of one of his henchman, who claims he will give

out the story of Tweed's corruption to the New York Times unless Tweed comes

across with the money due him. [RF]


 3.96 [514] Matinee Theater: THE THIRD PERSON
Teleplay by Warner Law
Based on Henry James' novel
Directed by Robert Ellis Miller

Hosted by John Conte

Judith Evelyn ...... Miss Susan
Muriel Kirkland .... Miss Amy
Harry Ellerbe ...... Mr. Patten
Miss Susan encounters an unnatural sight in her room, she and Amy realize

that there is a connection between a box they found and the spirit.

3.97 [515] Matinee Theater: EDEN END


Teleplay by Greer Johnson

From the play by J.B. Priestley

Hosted by John Conte


With the return of young Wilfred Kirby from his job in British West Africa, the Kirby

family is still not completely reunited. Stella, who left nine years ago for a

career in the theater, still remains out of the family fold. [RF]


[---] Matinee Theater: THE 10TH MUSE

18Feb1958 (rerun from 30Jan1958)


[--] Matinee Theater: LAUGH A LITTLE TEAR
19Feb1958 (rerun from 07Aug57)


3.98 [516] Matinee Theater: GOODBYE ON THURSDAY



Pop Yeager, lino-typer by trade lives on a boat with his pretty daughter Vinnie

and his young son Paul. After six months working for Skip Anderson, local newspaper

editor, Pop feels it's time he up-anchored and left for another port. [RF]


[--] Matinee Theater: THE HEART'S DESIRE
21Feb1958 (rerun from 19Jun57)


3.99 [517] Matinee Theater: MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE
Written by Robert E. Thompson
Two young people are among a group trekking across the Oregon territory in 1865.

They are drawn to each other when the girl's father dies and when, later,

she saves the young man's life. [RF]


3.100 [518] Matinee Theater: THE SUICIDE CLUB


Teleplay by Robert Esson

Based on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson

Directed by Walter Grauman


John Abbott

Kerwin Matthews

Eduardo Ciannelli

Prince Florizel and his friend Col. Geraldine travel about London incognito.

In a bar they meet a young man whom the prince invites to dinner. When their

guest tells them he is planning to join a secret organization called the Suicide Club,

 the prince begs to be taken along. [RF]


3.101 [519] Matinee Theater: THE 65th FLOOR
26Feb1958 (rerun 09Jun58)

Teleplay by Nicholas E. Baehr
From a play by Newt Arnold
Hugh Marlowe ......... Gene Collier
Patricia Barry ....... Sally Collier
Alix Talton .......... Christine Hughes
Synopsis 1:
After receiving a promotion, a young man accepts an offer by a female

co-worker to help him learn his new duties. He is unaware that the woman

is trying to break up his marriage. [RF]

Synopsis 2:
Recently promoted, a young man is offered help in learning his new duties.

The offer comes from a young-lady colleague,

whose real motive is to break up his marriage. [RF]

3.102 [520] Matinee Theater: THE HICKORY HEART
Written by Greer Johnson
When Liza Crabtree's oldest son Jim decides to marry a local girl, Liza decides

she must step in and break up the romance. But then Jim starts courting the new schoolteacher,

and Liza thinks maybe she acted too hastily about Jim and his sweetheart. [RF]

3.103 [521] Matinee Theater: THE DEVIL'S VIOLIN
Written by Will Schneider & Herman Goldberg
Patricia McCormack.... Lucy Smith
Lucy Smith has gone into East Germany in search of a violin. Her army father

 is anxiously hunting for her in West Germany, and the authorities in East Germany

 are searching for her because they believe she has secret information. [RF]


3.104 [522] Matinee Theater: THE PROPHET HOSEA
03Mar1958 (rerun 23Jun58)
Biblical drama by Marjorie Duhan Adler
Joseph Wiseman ....... Hosea
Roberta Haynes ....... Gomer
Gomer, a beautiful young girl, is blamed by townspeople for the suicide

of one of their men. They are about to kill her when Hosea saves her life.

The young prophet falls in love with Gomer, grateful to Hosea, promises to become his wife.

3.105 [523] Matinee Theater: THE VIGILANTE
Teleplay by Anthony Spinner
Based on a story by Thomas Thompson
Directed by Walter Grauman
Leif Erickson
Darryl Hickman
Marie Windsor


3.106 [524] Matinee Theater: WEDNESDAY'S CHILD
Jan Clayton
A boy's divorced parents have both remarried and he is went to

a military school where he receives advice about his situation in life.

[--] Matinee Theater: JOURNEY INTO DARKNESS
06Mar1958 (rerun from 26Mar57)

3.107 [525] Matinee Theater: MRS. MOONLIGHT
Play by Benn W. Levy
A young woman wishes to remain young forever and feels cursed when she cannot grow old.

3.108 [526] Matinee Theater: THE MASK OF VENUS
Teleplay by Theodore Apstein
Story by Nelia Gardner White
Story of a great beauty whose face is disfigured in a crash.

3.109 [527] Matinee Theater: WITH LOVE WE LIVE
Written by Will Schneider & Herman Goldberg
Based on the true story of Marian and Harold Stone.

3.110 [528] Matinee Theater: YOU AND I
From the Broadway play by Philip Barry
A business man gives up his career to paint.

3.111 [529] Matinee Theater: CAREER ANGEL


Teleplay by Gerard Murray
Story by Frank Price

Nita Talbot

Cecil Kellaway


3.112 [530] Matinee Theater: THE CONTINGENT FEE
Written by S.S. Schweitzer
A condemned murderer hires a blind lawyer to try to save him. They make

a strange pact, the prisoner will leave his eyes for the blind man if he loses case.

The verdict leads to a startling revelation regarding the contingent fee.

[--] Matinee Theater: ONE FOR ALL
17Mar1958 (rerun from 25Jul57)

3.113 [531] Matinee Theater: ANXIOUS NIGHT
Teleplay by David Lamson
Based on a story by George Lowther
Because of the memories of her own difficult and poverty-stricken childhood, Mindy

had tried to give her teenage son Johnny everything he desires. One night Mindy

receives a phone call from the man she once loved telling her that Johnny is in serious trouble. [RF]

3.114 [532] Matinee Theater: ON APPROVAL
Teleplay by Guy de Vry
Based on a story by Frederick Lonsdale
Wealthy English widow Marie Wislack confesses to her good friend Helen that she

has an excellent husband-testing idea that she plans to use if she ever marries again. [RF]


3.115 [533] Matinee Theater: DANDY DICK
Teleplay by Alan Cooke
Based on a story by Sir Arthur Pinero
A staid English clergyman feels he has enough trouble trying to raise two lively

daughters and keep out of debt. But when his sister arrives with a race horse,

 Jedd's troubles really begin. [RF]


3.116 [534] Matinee Theater: HUSH, MAHALA, HUSH
Written by Mac Shoub
Ever since the death of her married daughter, Mahala has been in a dazed state.

Mahala's husband decides that seeing their granddaughter Karen might help.

Instead, Mahala transfers all her affection to the little girl and insists that Karen

is really her dead daughter. [RF]


[--] Matinee Theater: END OF THE ROPE
24Mar1958 (rerun from 01Apr1957)

3.117 [535] Matinee Theater: O'ROURKE'S HOUSE

Leif Erickson
Johnny Crawford
Because of his stern disciplinary methods, Frank O'Rourke has created an

atmosphere of hatred in his own home. His wife, who is critically ill, tries to show

her husband how wrong he has been in his harsh treatment of his two sons. [RF]

3.118 [536] Matinee Theater: THE ALLEYWAY
written by Robert Esson
A handsome young man becomes involved with an older woman. Her husband,

an extremely jealous man, is now in prison because of a fight over his wife. [RF]

3.119 [537] Matinee Theater: THE VAGABOND
Teleplay by Betty Ulius
from the story by Colette
Eva Gabor ....... Renee Nero
Jacques Bergerac ....... Max
Renee Nero, a writer turned dancer meets a wealthy admirer, Max, and agrees

 to see him occasionally. When Max confesses his love for her and proposes,

Renee is dismayed. She believes that she loves him, but can't imagine

adjusting to his routine way of life. [RF]

3.120 [538] Matinee Theater: THE SILVER SPIDER

written by Robert Wallsten
Lola Fay, a glamorous though middle-aged actress, marries her fourth husband,

a man half her age. During rehearsals for Lola's TV debut, an attractive younger

 woman is brought in to do some rewriting. But she seems more interested

in Lola's new husband than the play. [RF]


[---] Matinee Theater: RAIN IN THE MORNING

31Mar58 (rerun from 05Jun57)


3.121 [539] Matinee Theater: DESIGN FOR GLORY


written by Harold Gast


Jeanne Peterson wants to become a singer. Her scheme for success begins

when she poses as the daughter of the great singer Viviandi. [RF]


3.122 [540] Matinee Theater: THE INSPECTOR GENERAL


Teleplay by Warner Law

Story by Nikolai Gogol

Directed by Sherman Marks
Wally Cox
Akim Tamiroff


The officials of a Russian town are upset by news that a government inspector

will come to town incognito to investigate their work. When young Khlestakov,

a poor copying clerk, registers at the local inn, he is mistaken for the important dignitary. [RF]


3.123 [541] Matinee Theater: THE TWO MRS. CARROLLS


Teleplay by Alan Cooke

Based on a play by Martin Vale


Zsa Zsa Gabor ...... Sally Carroll


Pretty Sally Carroll is still very much in love with her middle-aged painter husband,

who divorced his first wife in order to marry her two years ago. The he begins to spend

a lot of time with a beautiful young widow, painting her portrait, as he once painted Sally's. [RF]


3.124 [542] Matinee Theater: THE VELVET GLOVE


Teleplay by Helen Taini

Based on a novel by Rosemary Casey

Directed by Alan Hanson
Cathleen Nesbitt
John Hoyt
Mona Washbourne
Mary LaRouche


When beloved Mother Hildebrand returns from a tour of her many convents,

she is upset to learn that the bishop intends to dismiss young Professor Pearson

from the college staff. She reluctantly agrees to the bishop's order,

but in her heart she has other plans. [RF]


3.125 [543] Matinee Theater: THE LOST SURVIVORS
Story of two survivors of a plane crash.

3.126 [544] Matinee Theater: DEATH TAKES A HOLIDAY
Based on a play by Alberto Casella
The aging Italian marquis Duke Lambert is nearing the end of his life,

he recognizes Death disguising himself as Prince Sirki. Death becomes

fascinated with the beautiful Grazia who is the only person who has no fear of him.

Around the world people begin to notice there is no death - wars rage on,

but there are no casualties, pain and suffering continue but no death.

The Duke begs Death to resume his duties, but he is torn for his love of Grazia.

3.127 [545] Matinee Theater: MAN OF THE HOUSE
Written by Rosemary Foster
A man keeps house while his wife works.

3.128 [546] Matinee Theater: A CASE OF FEAR
Written by Will Schneider & Herman Goldberg
A social worker tries to expose a quack doctor.

3.129 [547] Matinee Theater: WALK THE SKY
Written by George Lowther
An adventurous tale of a flyer in India.

14Apr1958 (rerun from 04Apr56)

3.130 [548] Matinee Theater: THE CANTERVILLE GHOST
Teleplay by George Lowther
Based on a novel by Oscar Wilde
Directed by Robert Ellis Miller
Ernest Truex
Thayer David
Sue Randall
Sylvia Field


[---] Matinee Theater: THE IVY CURTAIN
16Apr1958 (rerun from 06Sep56)

3.131 [549] Matinee Theater: FOUND MONEY

Written by Leonard Stadd
A drunk comes into a large amount of money, giving him more reason to celebrate.

3.132 [550] Matinee Theater: WASHINGTON WHISPERS MURDER

Written by S.S. Schweitzer
The murder of a congressman.


[---] Matinee Theater: THE LAST VOYAGE
21Apr1958 (rerun from 04Jul57)

3.133 [551] Matinee Theater: A BOY GROWS UP
Teleplay by Harold Gast
Based on a play by Dorothy R. Stewart
Leo Castillo
Jane Darwell
It is the year 1840, and 14 year old John Langer is en route to Oregon with

 his family to stake out a government claim. During the hart trip, both John's

parents die and he is left to care for his sisters and baby brother. [RF]

3.134 [552] Matinee Theater: THE PHONY VENUS
Teleplay by Robert Wallsten
from a story by George Bradshaw
John Marshall, young archeologist and art expert finds being head of a museum

in France is more like a vacation than work. While he is busy enjoying himself

and falling in love with Jeanne Bonnet, Jeanne and her family are busy planning

to palm off some forged art work on John's museum. [RF]

3.135 [553] Matinee Theater: SOME BLESSED PEOPLE
Teleplay by Greer Johnson
from a short story by Jean Leslie
Debby Lowell, who has just moved into the old Meredith home with her husband,

becomes very curious about Miss Meredith, last member of the once prominent family.

Miss Meredith lives in the family's old coach house in absolute seclusion,

so Debby decides to investigate. [RF]

3.136 [554] Matinee Theater: THE QUIET STREET
Teleplay by Theodore Apstein
from a novel by Selda Popkin
It has been three years since young Dinah Hirsch left her home and family

in Israel to go to the Negev, where she works as a farmer by day and fights as a

soldier by night. Dinah's mother grows ill worrying about her daughter as her visits

home grow more and more infrequent. [RF]


[--] Matinee Theater: FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER
28Apr1958 (rerun from 06Aug56)

3.137 [555] Matinee Theater: GREAT BIG GUY
Written by Biff McGuire
A father brings up his son to be a football star.

3.138 [556] Matinee Theater: IT CAME FROM OUT OF TOWN
Written by Robert James
A man from another planet who, just like earthlings, gets involved romantically

and wants to remain with us. But scientists have other plans for him.

3.139 [557] Matinee Theater: PROSPER'S OLD MOTHER
Teleplay by S.S. Schweitzer
Based on the short story by Bret Harte
A Whaling Captain's widow makes her way to the mining community

 at the request of Prosper who tells her the men yearn for a motherly influence.

3.140 [558] Matinee Theater: END OF A SENTENCE
Written by Theodore Apstein
The son of an ex-convict becomes involve in a college fraternity robbery.

[--] Matinee Theater: ELEMENTALS
05May1958 (rerun from 31Oct57)

3.141 [559] Matinee Theater: TOP PLATTER
Written by Warner Law
A father turns to singing because of his daughter.

3.142 [560] Matinee Theater: THE GUEST OF QUESNAY
Teleplay by Robert Esson
Based on a story by Booth Tarkington
Directed by Allan Buckhantz
Joanne Linville
George Macready
Robert Brown
Dayton Lummis


3.143 [561] Matinee Theater: GOOD HOUSEKEEPING
Written by Walter McCleery
A restless wife grows weary of her quiet home life.

3.144 [562] Matinee Theater: ANGEL STREET


Written by Patrick Hamilton
Directed by Walter Grauman


Vincent Price

Judith Evelyn
Leo G. Carroll

A London man tries to get rid of his wife by driving her insane.

*NOTE: These three actors recreated their Broadway roles in this episode.


3.145 [563] Matinee Theater: THE CAUSE


Written by Rod Serling

Directed by Albert McCleery


Kent Smith

Richard Crenna

Sidney Blackmer

Lois Smith


[--] Matinee Theater: FIGHT THE WHOLE WORLD
13May1958 (rerun from 07Jun56)

[--] Matinee Theater: THE LONG, LONG LAUGH
14May1958 (rerun from 05Feb58)

[--] Matinee Theater: THE ICEMAN
15May1958 (rerun from 04Feb58)

[--] Matinee Theater: CAVE-IN
16May1958 (rerun from 07Feb58)

[---] Matinee Theater: NINE-FINGER JACK

19May1958 (rerun from 30Oct1957)


3.146 [564] Matinee Theater: MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING (Part I)


Teleplay by Alan Cooke
Based on the play by William Shakespeare
Directed by Alan Cooke


Robert Horton ....... Benedict

Nina Foch ....... Beatrice

Patrick MacNee ........ Don Pedro

Stephen Joyce ....... Claudio

Norma Moore ....... Hero

Pernell Roberts ....... Don John

Herschel Bernardi ........ Borachio

Philip Bourneuf


Not only have Beatrice and Benedict vowed never to marry, but they go to great lengths

 to express their dislike for one another. Their friends, however, conspire to link the

 strong-willed couple romantically. This is Part I of a two-part adaptation by Alan Cooke. [RF]


3.147 [565] Matinee Theater: MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING (Part II)


Teleplay by Alan Cooke
Based on the play by William Shakespeare
Directed by Alan Cooke


Robert Horton ........ Benedict

Nina Foch ......... Beatrice

Patrick MacNee ........ Don Pedro

Stephen Joyce ........ Claudio

Norma Moore ......... Hero

Pernell Roberts ......... Don John

Herschel Bernardi ........ Borachio

Philip Bourneuf


Claudio renounces Hero on their wedding day. And the plot to bring the

sharp-tongued Beatrice and Benedict to the altar also hits a snag. [RF]


3.148 [566] Matinee Theater: DAY OF DISCOVERIES


Written by Sheldon Stark


Rita Loria is very concerned about the influence her domineering father exerts

over her husband, Paul. Like his father-in-law, Paul has become so obsessed with

 ideas of being a great success, that he has little concern for his wife and child. [RF]


3.149 [567] Matinee Theater: THE YOUNG AND THE FAIR


Written by N. Richard Nash


Fran and Patty Morritt, orphan sisters, arrive at Brook Valley Junior College,

where Fran intends to teach while Patty attends school. Miss Cantry, the head-mistress,

believes that neither of the girls will fit into the school. [RF]


[--] Matinee Theater: THE BROOM AND THE GROOM
26May58 (rerun from 06Sep1957)

3.150 [568] Matinee Theater: THE RIDDLE OF MARY MURRAY
Written by Helene Hanff
Directed by Livia Granito
Katharine Bard
Tom Helmore
John Hoyt


3.151 [569] Matinee Theater: THE GARDENIA BUSH
Written by Bob Duncan and Wanda Duncan
Martha Scott
Dick Foran

A spinster school teacher's opportunity to marry is blocked by her selfish mother.

3.152 [570] Matinee Theater: BUTTON BUTTON
Teleplay by Harold Gast
Story by Nelson Bond
Directed by Allan Buckhantz
Ray Danton
Richard Long
Susan Oliver

A fantasy set several decades in the future It is the story of a wheelman

 in a space ship which patrols the earth as a policeman The wheelman

presses a button to set off a bomb on Latin America and only swift

action prevents tragedy. However it turns out that all of this had

been planned to lure him into pressing the button.


3.153 [571] Matinee Theater: HANDS
Written by Robert Esson
Two men go mountain climbing but only one comes back.


[---] Matinee Theater: LOVE OUT OF TOWN
02Jun58 (rerun from 31Jan58)

3.154 [572] Matinee Theater: THE END OF THE SEASON
Teleplay by S.S. Schweitzer
Based on a play by Bernard Schubert
Hosted by John Conte
Michael Lawrence, once a well-known concert pianist, was blinded 10 years

ago in an accident. Since the accident he has lived quietly with his wife and

two children. His life suddenly takes on new meaning when his sister-in-law,

 who was with him at the time of the accident, brings an eye surgeon to see him.

The surgeon tells Michael that his sight might be restored. [RF]

3.155 [573] Matinee Theater: LOOK OUT FOR JOHN TUCKER
Teleplay by George Lowther
From a short story by John and Ward Hawkins
Hosted by John Conte
Tommy Kirk ........... John Tucker
Teenager John Tucker is wanted by the law for some petty robberies he committed

in an attempt to help his crippled father. John decides that escape is the only thing that

will save him, so he hops a freight train in an attempt to outrun the law. [RF]


3.156 [574] Matinee Theater: THE ROAD TO RECOVERY


Teleplay by Nicholas E. Baehr
From a story by Budd Schulberg

Directed by Allan Buckhantz


Joe Maross

Edward Binns

Scotty Morrow ....... Teddy

Al Manheim, a writer, is visiting a dude ranch, where he meets Pat O'Shell, a doctor.

Pat is trying to recover from tuberculosis, but he tells Manheim that he needs money

so badly that he may have to leave the ranch before he is completely well.

Al becomes interested in the young doctor. [RF]


3.157 [575] Matinee Theater: THE NIGHTBIRD CRYING
Written by Jack Paritz
Hosted by John Conte
Cassie Richwood's husband is executed for murder. The young widow, soon to have

a child, goes to live with her mother-in-law, who blames her for her husband's lawlessness.

 The mother-in-law agrees to let Cassie stay in her home until the birth of the child.

Afterwards, she insists that Cassie give up the child and leave, never to return. [RF]

[---] Matinee Theater: THE 65TH FLOOR
09Jun1958 (rerun from 26Feb58)


3.158 [576] Matinee Theater: THE STORY OF MARCIA GORDON


Written by Marjorie Duhan Adler

Directed by Dennis Patrick
Irene Hervey
Jean Muir
Nancy Rennick
Michael Bradford


Marcia Miller has inherited her successful mother's talent for fashion designing. But Marcia

has decided she doesn't want to follow in her mother's footsteps because she wants to fulfill

her role as a wife and mother, something she feels that her own mother never did. [RF]


3.159 [577] Matinee Theater: TOWN IN TURMOIL


(aka Town in a Turmoil)

Teleplay by George Lowther

From a short story by Burnham Carter

Directed by Livia Granito
Edward Everett Horton
Marcia Henderson
Richard Shannon
Russell Collins


Pretty Martha Radway is vigorously campaigning with members of the League of Women

Voters for a new school in their town. But Martha runs into violent opposition from older

citizens who feel the new school would be much too expensive. [RF]


3.160 [578] Matinee Theater: WASHINGTON SQUARE


Teleplay by Michael Dyne

From the novel by Henry James

Directed by Alan Cooke


Roddy McDowall

John Abbott

Peggy McCay

Lurene Tuttle


Dr. Austin Sloper had always hoped that his daughter Catherine would grow into as charming

and brilliant a woman as her mother had been. But Catherine grew up to be a very

ordinary woman. Therefore it is with a suspicious eye that Dr. Sloper watches handsome,

dashing Morris Townsend court his plain, but very wealthy daughter. [RF]


3.161 [579] Matinee Theater: COURSE FOR COLLISION


Written by Arthur Hailey

Kent Smith
Lyle Talbot

The year is 1962, and it is known that Russia is planning a full-scale nuclear attack

against the U.S. and Canada. In a desperate last-minute effort to avert war, the President

makes plans to fly to Russia to meet directly with the Russian Leaders. [RF]


*NOTE: This drama was originally set for Studio One, until the sponsor

decided it was too controversial about an American president of

the future who is faced with a nuclear attack.


**NOTE: This was the final new episode of the show,

reruns aired for the final two weeks of the series' run.


[---] Matinee Theater: THE ODD ONES
16Jun58 (rerun from 07Feb58)

[---] Matinee Theater: THE MAN WITH THE POINTED TOES
17Jun58 (rerun 17Jun57)

[---] Matinee Theater: A QUESTION OF BALANCE
18Jun58 (rerun from 27Nov57)

[---] Matinee Theater: THE HEART'S DESIRE
19Jun58 (rerun from 21Feb58)

[---] Matinee Theater: THE MAN WITHOUT A COUNTRY
20Jun58 (rerun from 06Feb58)

[---] Matinee Theater: THE PROPHET HOSEA

23Jun58 (rerun from 03Mar58)


[---] Matinee Theater: JOURNEY INTO DARKNESS

24Jun58 (rerun from 26Mar57)



25Jun58 (rerun from 04Apr56)


[---] Matinee Theater: RAIN IN THE MORNING

26Jun58 (rerun from 05Jun57)


[---] Matinee Theater: END OF THE ROPE (This is the final show of the series)

27Jun58 (rerun from 24Mar58)

############### Matinee Theater ##############
################### the end ##################

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