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 Season 2 (CBS) (1951-52)
Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive
with contributions by:  Rina Fox, James Beer
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############## Lux Video Theatre #############
############## season 2 1951-52 ##############
  CBS Mondays 8:00-8:30pm Eastern (30 min)

2.01 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE PACING GOOSE

27-Aug-1951 CBS Mon

written by Elinor Lenz

directed by Richard Goode


Celeste Holm as Eliza

Thomas Coley as Jess

Parker Fennelly as Enoch

Gene Steiner as Josh

Roland Wood as Judge Pomeroy

Tom McElhaney as Abel Samp

Klock Ryder as Overby

Gage Clark as Steve Morgan


2.02 [--] Lux Video Theatre: FOREVER WALKING FREE

03-Sep-1951 CBS Mon

written by John Whedon

directed by Fielder Cook


Wendell Corey as Buster

Nancy Marchand as Joan

Murray Matheson as Old Waiter

J. Pat O'Malley as London Bobby

Sybil Baker as Girl at Blue Polly

Oswald Marshall as Man in Bathrobe

Richard Barclay

Joseph Colbert


2.03 [--] Lux Video Theatre: IT'S A PROMISE

10-Sep-1951 CBS Mon

written by Michelle Cousin

directed by Richard Goode


Laraine Day as Lynn

John Shelton as Tom

Janet Alexander as Elly Barret

Edward Gargan as Policeman


2.04 [--] Lux Video Theatre: A FAMILY AFFAIR

17-Sep-1951 CBS Mon

directed by Fielder Cook


Roland Young as Sumner

Isobel Elsom as Mrs. Scofield

Biff McGuire as Will

Francis Compton as Everett

Elizabeth Ross as Barbara

Margaret Ann Deighton as Abby

Paul Andor as Head Waiter

William E. Becker


2.05 [--] Lux Video Theatre: A MATTER OF LIFE

24-Sep-1951 CBS Mon

written by Mac Shoub

directed by Richard Goode


Edmond O'Brien as Mr. Protis

Elizabeth Johnson as Jeannie

Dick Moore as Tony

Lee Dimond as Milkman


2.06 [--] Lux Video Theatre: GRANDMA WAS AN ACTRESS

01-Oct-1951 CBS Mon

written by James Truex

directed by Fielder Cook


Josephine Hull as Grandma

Patty Smith as Hester

Lawrence Fletcher as Henry

Amy Douglass as Daphne

Gage Clarke as Mr. Westcott

Nancy Malone as Girl


2.07 [--] Lux Video Theatre: ROUTE 19

08-Oct-1951 CBS Mon

written by Joseph Ruscoll

directed by Richard Goode


Dennis O'Keefe as Second Man

Robert Stack as First Man

Vanessa Brown as Girl

Norma Winters as Woman


2.08 [--] Lux Video Theatre: CAFE AMI

15-Oct-1951 CBS Mon

written by George Bellak

directed by Fielder Cook


Robert Preston as Jed Kennedy

Maria Riva as Hilda

Rod Steiger as Victor Honegger

Walter Matthau as Craig

Frances Fuller as Aunt

Susan Wayne as Girl Singer

Andrew Duggan as Thug

Lawrence Breitman as Waiter


2.09 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE TWINKLE IN HER EYE

22-Oct-1951 CBS Mon

written by Bill Coleman and Imelda Coleman

directed by Richard Goode


Diana Lynn as Honor

Dick Foran as Matt

Leora Thatcher as Meg

Art Carney as Mike

Pat O'Malley as Griffin

Bob Gardette as Fireman

Peter Clune as Fireman

William MacDougall as Fireman


2.10 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE DOCTOR'S WIFE

29-Oct-1951 CBS Mon

written by Manya Starr

directed by Fielder Cook


June Lockhart as Julie

George Hill as Dan

Grace Valentine as Betty

Joseph Buloff as Mr. Pulaski

Luba Kadison as Mrs. Pulaski

Jean Sincere as Miss Sherman

Philippa Bevans as Mrs. Evans

Alexander Clark as Dr. Edwards


2.11 [--] Lux Video Theatre: CONFESSION

05-Nov-1951 CBS Mon

written by Mac Shoub

directed by Richard Goode


Thomas Mitchell as Baldwin

Russell Collins as Marlett

Dorothy Blackburn as Martha

Biff Elliot as John

Ellen-Cobb Hill as Evie


2.12 [--] Lux Video Theatre: NO WILL OF HIS OWN

12-Nov-1951 CBS Mon

written by Jack Campbell

directed by Fielder Cook


Gene Lockhart as Leslie

Binnie Barnes as Beatrice

Rosalind Ivan as Mrs. Chamberlain

Melville Cooper as Watts

Halliwell Hobbes as Fitz James

John Stephen as Darlington

Guy Spaull as Granet

Anthony Kemble-Cooper as Foxhall


2.13 [--] Lux Video Theatre: STOLEN YEARS

19-Nov-1951 CBS Mon

written by Mac Shoub

directed by Richard Goode


Richard Greene as Hartford

Francis L. Sullivan as Yates

Lola Albright as Miriam

Jerome Cowan as Wright

Hurd Hatfield as Dobbins

Nils Asther as Norstad

Frederick Worlock as Reverand Stowell

Harold Yee as Chang


2.14 [--] Lux Video Theatre: DAMES ARE POISON

26-Nov-1951 CBS Mon

written by John Whedon

directed by Fielder Cook


Nina Foch as Jessica

William Eythe as Peter

Alice Pearce as Nina

Henry Jones as Sanford

Peggy Cass as Betty

Kip McArdle as Cooper

Klock Ryder as Blake

Sy Travers as Policeman


2.15 [--] Lux Video Theatre: TIN BADGE

03-Dec-1951 CBS Mon

written by Mac Shoub

directed by Richard Goode


Pat O'Brien as Joe Crandall

Bobby Driscoll as Billy Crandall

Muriel Kirkland as Ellen Crandall

Harold Stone as Mike Gannon

Anthony Rivers as Gangster

Jimmy Sheridan as Young Cop

Ernest Roncoli as Extra


2.16 [--] Lux Video Theatre: SECOND SIGHT

10-Dec-1951 CBS Mon

written by Melinda Palmer

directed by Fielder Cook


Celeste Holm as Margaret Best

Patric Knowles as Corey Hill

Neva Patterson as Claire Whitcomb

Don Shelton as Doctor

Ann Meachan as Nurse

Jerry MacKady as Extra

Mary Cahoon as Extra

John Weaver as Extra


2.17 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE BLUES STREET

17-Dec-1951 CBS Mon

written by Anne Howard Bailey

directed by Richard Goode


Veronica Lake as Lou

Roddy McDowall as Pete

Walter Woolf King as Cornelius

Harry Bellaver as Victor

Jack Warden as Man

Anne Dere as Landlady

David Kerman as Counterman

John Kullens as Waiter


2.18 [--] Lux Video Theatre: A CHILD IS BORN

24-Dec-1951 CBS Mon

Adapted by Wendell Mayes
From a story by Stephen Vincent Benet
Directed by Fielder Cook


Fay Bainter  ....... Innkeeper's Wife
Thomas Mitchell ... Innkeeper
Rita Gam .......... Leah
Elizabeth Ross .... Sarah
Robert Morgan ..... Dismas
Lloyd Bochner ..... Soldier
Ernest Graves ..... Joseph
Lawrence Ryle ..... Prefect


2.19 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE JEST OF HAHALABA

31-Dec-1951 CBS Mon

written by David Shaw

directed by Richard Goode


Boris Karloff as Sir Arthur

Arnold Moss as Yannu

Sybil Baker as Miss Kerry

Robin Craven as Snaggs

Michael McAloney as Doorman

Diane de Brett as Yannu's Assistant

Evelyn Wall as Woman In Theatre #1

Carrie Bridewell as Woman In Theatre #2


2.20 [--] Lux Video Theatre: MR. FINCHLEY VERSUS THE BOMB

07-Jan-1952 CBS Mon

written Rod Serling

directed by Fielder Cook


Henry Hull as Jason W. Finchley

Arlene Francis as Eddie Sloan

Harry Townes as  Hannify

Roland Winters as General Millet

Robert F. Simon as Peterson

Gage Clarke as Hoffman


2.21 [--] Lux Video Theatre: CEYLON TREASURE

14-Jan-1952 CBS Mon

written by Irwin Lewis

directed by Seymour Kulik


Edmond O'Brien as Rorsford

Maria Riva as Alma

Stefan Schnabel as Kroner

Alexander Scourby as Hagen

Ronald Long as Dodsley

Al Thaler as Wilson

Audrey Meadows as The Singer

William Caldwell as Extra


2.22 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE SOUND OF WAVES BREAKING

21-Jan-1952 CBS Mon

written by Ann Loring and Meade Roberts

directed by Richard Cooke


Teresa Wright as Emily Lawrence

Kent Smith as David Barlow

Natalie Schafer as Blanche

John Mylong as Brack

Hugh Griffith as Man with Cello

Patrick O'Neal as Sailor


2.23 [--] Lux Video Theatre: FOR GOODNESS SAKE

28-Jan-1952 CBS Mon

written by Elinor Lenz

directed by Fielder Cook


Jack Carson as John Mulligan

June Lockhart as Carrie Williams

Edgar Stehli as Pa Williams

Fredd Wayne as Bert Oliver

Victor Thorley as Bartender

Walter Matthau as Extra

Charles Gordon as Extra

Robert Ludlam as Extra


2.24 [--] Lux Video Theatre: KELLY

04-Feb-1952 CBS Mon

written by Eric Hatch

directed by Richard Goode


Robert Preston as Kelly

Geraldine Brooks as Odette

Horace McMahon as Captain Hodges

Marcel Hillaire as Frenchman

Jack Warden as Sergeant Stivers

Michael McAloney as Extra

Grady Fraser as Extra


2.25 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE GAME OF CHESS

11-Feb-1952 CBS Mon

written by Kenneth Sawyer Goodman

directed by Fielder Cook


Vincent Price as Christoff

Will Kuluva as Joseph

Hugh Griffith as Constantine

Marden Bate as Footman


2.26 [--] Lux Video Theatre: LIFE, LIBERTY AND ORRIN DUDLEY

18-Feb-1952 CBS Mon

written by John Whedon

directed by Richard Goode


Jackie Cooper as Orrin Dudley

Grace Kelly as Beth

Roy Fant as Pa

Edith Meiser as Ma

Maurice Manson as Mayor

Evelyn Wall as Mrs. Jeffers

Tom Glazer as Guitarist

Chet Stratton as Extra


2.27 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE BARGAIN

25-Feb-1952 CBS Mon

written by James Truex

directed by Fielder Cook


Celeste Holm as Katherine Case

Robert Coote as Stephen

James Daly as Brigida

Diane de Brett as Felicia

John Moore as Borland

Miriam Goldina as Extra

Emil Belasco as Extra

Douglas MacLean as Extra


2.28 [--] Lux Video Theatre: NIGHT, BE QUIET

03-Mar-1952 CBS Mon

written by S. Lee Pogostin

directed by Richard Goode


Sylvia Sidney as Joyce

Lloyd Gough as Ben

Alfred Neal as Neal


2.29 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE PROMOTION

10-Apr-1952 CBS Mon

written by Andrew Duggan

directed by Fielder Cook


Thomas Mitchell as Ralph Burgess

Anne Jackson as Sara

Richard Carlyle as Steve

Clifford Sales as Johnny


2.30 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE FOGGY, FOGGY DEW


written by Albert Hirsch

directed by Richard Goode


James Barton as The Stranger

Muriel Kirkland as Mother

Richard Bishop as Father

James Dean as The Boy

James Ginelli as Guitarist (off camera)


2.31 [--] Lux Video Theatre: JULIE

24-Mar-1952 CBS Mon

written by William Kozlenko

directed by Buzz Kulik


Miriam Hopkins as Julie Arden

Jerome Cowan as Rollo

Gene Blakely as Jack

Loretta Day as Dorothy

Joy Nilson as Extra

Carl Swope as Extra

Arthur Rowe as Extra

John Dorman as Extra


2.32 [--] Lux Video Theatre: TASTE

31-Mar-1952 CBS Mon

written by Elinor Lenz

directed by Richard Goode


Peter Lorre as Richard Pratt

Frederic Torzere as Father

Renee Gadd as Mother

Peter Forster as The Boy

Margaret Grindell as The Girl

Ronald Long as Extra

Robert Oswald Marshall as Extra


2.33 [--] Lux Video Theatre: MAN AT BAY

07-Apr-1952 CBS Mon

written by Dewitt Copp

directed by Fielder Cook

Music, Wladimir Selinsky


Broderick Crawford as David

Anthony Ross as Pete

Carmen Matthews as Milly

George Roy Hill as Mark

Gloria McGhee as Sheila

Jack Weston as Bill

Leo Bayard as Harry

Walter Matthau as Extra


A man convicted of murder breaks out of jail to expose the real killer. [RF]


2.34 [--] Lux Video Theatre: DECISION

14-Apr-1952 CBS Mon

written by Robert Esson

directed by Richard Goode


Burgess Meredith as David

Peggy Conklin as Mary

Addison Richards as Michaels

Constance Coleman as Secretary

Lewis Grady Fraser as Extra


2.35 [--] Lux Video Theatre: OPERATION WEEKEND

21-Apr-1952 CBS Mon

written by Mac Shoub

directed by Fielder Cook


Angela Lansbury as Lucy Landor

Richard Kiley as Dan

Ian Keith as Dr. Landor

Marcel Hillaire as Pierre

Lloyd Knight as Jim


2.36 [--] Lux Video Theatre: SALAD DAYS

28-Apr-1952 CBS Mon

written by Henry Denker

directed by Richard Goode


Peggy Ann Garner as Judy

Roddy McDowall as Bellamy Partridge

Enid Markey as Mother

Parker Fennelly as Judge

Iggie Wolfington as Ward

Gage Clarke as Justice of the Peace

Leta Bonynge as Maid


2.37 [--] Lux Video Theatre: MASQUERADE

05-May-1952 CBS Mon

written by Mac Shoub

directed by Fielder Cook


Basil Rathbone as Sir Paul Maxim

Margaret Phillips as Jeanne Allison

Robin Craven as General Travers

George Roy Hill as George

Fred Warriner as Johnson


2.38 [--] Lux Video Theatre: MARRIAGE IN THE BEGINNING

12-May-1952 CBS Mon

written by Jacqueline James

directed by Richard Goode


Diana Lynn as Louise Franklin

Donald Curtis as Walter

Roger Price as Rex

Blanche Yurka as Mother-in-Law

Rosamond Vance as Gossiping Woman

Sidney Fields as Extra

Joan Morgan as Extra

Virginia Girvin as Extra


2.39 [--] Lux Video Theatre: FERRY CRISIS AT FRIDAY POINT

19-May-1952 CBS Mon

written by John Gay

directed by Fielder Cook


Fredric March as Captain Matt

Florence Eldridge as Emma

Henry Jones as Jim

Katharine Bard as Ellen

Roland Winters as Greenleaf

Robert F. Simon as Jeff

Dan Morgan as Clyde

G. Albert Smith as Blake


2.40 [--] Lux Video Theatre: PATTERN FOR GLORY

26-May-1952 CBS Mon

written by Abby Mann and Bernard Drew

directed by Richard Goode


Kene Holliday as Farley

Sylvia Sidney as Laura Barrie

Svea Grunfield as Anne

Sanford Bickart as Producer

Robert Dale Martin as First Actor

Addison Powell as Second Actor

Glen Gordon as Extra

Leonard Bell as Extra


2.41 [--] Lux Video Theatre: GARNEAU '83

02-Jun-1952 CBS Mon

written by Bruce Jewell

directed by Fielder Cook


Janet Beecher as Kate Walburn

Reinhold Schunzel as Robert Owens

Lili Darvas as Marie

Geoffrey Lamb as Perry


2.42 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE LESSON

09-Jun-1952 CBS Mon

written by George Kelly

directed by Richard Goode


Gene Raymond as John Aldrid

Nancy Coleman as Mrs. Aldrid

Geraldine Page as Neighbor


2.43 [--] Lux Video Theatre: GILIA

16-Jun-1952 CBS Mon

written by Hamilton Benz

directed by Fielder Cook


Leueen MacGrath as Gilia

Ernest Graves as David

Ed Binns as Silas

Isobel Elsom as Watkins


2.44 [--] Lux Video Theatre: WELCOME HOME, LEFTY

23-Jun-1952 CBS Mon

written by Rod Serling

directed by Dick McDonagh


Chester Morris as Lefty

Jan Sherwood as Helen

Richard McMurray as Barney

Donald Murray as Jimmy

Robert F. Simon as Joey

Jack Diamond as Bartender


2.45 [--] Lux Video Theatre: I CAN'T REMEMBER

30-Jun-1952 CBS Mon

written by Marcus Ellis

directed by Richard Dinkas


Robert Alda as Rusty Miller

Julia Meade as Esther

Steven Gethers as Suber

Ralph Dunn as Mitch

Thomas Walsh as Tolen

Pan Bourke as Mrs. Malone

William Greaves as Extra


2.46 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE LADY FROM WASHINGTON

07-Jul-1952 CBS Mon


Constance Cummings


2.47 [--] Lux Video Theatre: SON WANTED

14-Jul-1952 CBS Mon

written by Elinor Lenz

directed by Richard Goode


Aina Niemela as Garbo Jones

Joe Maross as Young Man

Jean Adair as Miss Lizzie

Helen Donaldson as Nurse

James Little as Policeman


2.48 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE BRIGADIER

21-Jul-1952 CBS Mon

written by Elizabeth Meehan

directed by Richard Goode


Henry Hull as Brigadier General  William Elred

Skip Homeier as the Spy

Philip Coolidge as Lieutenant Colonel Finley

Addison Richards as Colonel Bessette

Ralph Clanton as Major Morey

Jack Warden as Captain Giluley

Lauris Lambert as Miss Rainer

Martin Newman as Orderly Jackson


2.49 [--] Lux Video Theatre: TWO PALE HORSEMEN

28-Jul-1952 CBS Mon

written by Carey Wilbur

directed by Fielder Cook


Marian Winters as Jean Nelson

Anthony Ross as Rusty

Martin Newman as Johnny

Victor Thorley as Eppikuk

Ralph Allen as Radio Man

Matteo Vitucci as Witch Doctor

Anne Mary Tallon as Extra

Pamela Fitzmaurice as Extra


2.50 [--] Lux Video Theatre: TWO MAKE FOUR

04-Aug-1952 CBS Mon

written by Elenor Tarshis

directed by Richard Dunlap


Nana Bryant as Mrs. Carter

Lewis Scholle as Robbie

Johnny Coleman as Dickie

Curtis Cooksey as Mr. Wainwright

Isabel Price


2.51 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE ORCHARD

11-Aug-1952 CBS Mon

written by Carey Wilbur

directed by Fielder Cook


Geraldine Brooks as Doraleen Perkins

Skip Homeier as Les Prince

Anne Seymour as Hannah

John Shellie as Moses

Henry Jones as Dan

Peggy Ann Garner as Girl


2.52 [--] Lux Video Theatre: YOU BE THE BAD GUY

18-Aug-1952 CBS Mon

written by Rod Serling

directed by Dick McDonagh


MacDonald Carey as Dan Shelvin

Biff Elliot as Jamie

William Harrigan as Captain Vansky

Joe De Santis as Wylie

Joe Verdi as Abernathy

Rudy Bond as Detective

Robert Dale Martin as First Policeman

Andrew Sibilia as Second Policeman


2.53 [--] Lux Video Theatre: THE MAGNOLIA TOUCH

25-Aug-1952 CBS Mon

written by Jo Schilling

directed by Fielder Cook


Nina Foch as Terry

Donald Cook as Roger

June Dayton as Lucy Lee

Jamie Smith as Mark

Jack Weston as Elevator Man

Lilija Austrin as Extra

Diana Rogers as Extra

############## Lux Video Theatre #############
############### end of season 2 ##############

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