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Christmas 1977 

Christmas Eve 1977 - Saturday 24th December 1977 - BBC-1 Television
8:55am Bagpuss
9:10am Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (b-w)
9:30am Noel Edmonds presents Swap of the Pops
11:00am GI Blues (film) starring Elvis Presley
12:40pm Soviet Gymnastics Spectacular
1:30pm White Christmas (film) starring Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, Vera-Ellen
3:25pm Jubilee 77 highlights
5:25pm News
5:35pm Emu's Broadcasting Company
6:00pm Superpets
6:30pm Third Man on the Mountain (film) starring Michael Rennie, James MacArthur, Janet Munro
8:15pm The Duchess of Duke Street
9:05pm The Dick Emery Christmas Show
9:50pm Starsky and Hutch
10:40pm News
10:50pm Andre Previn's Christmas Music Night
11:55pm Midnight Mass from Buckfast Abbey, Devon
1:15am Weather

Christmas Eve 1977 - Saturday 24th December 1977 - BBC-2 Television
1:50pm Arlecchine (Servant of Two Masters) comedy by Carlo Goldoni
3:45pm Double Crossbones (film) starring Donald O'Connor, Helena Carter
5:00pm Thrice Welcome Christmas, with Brian Cant, Toni Arthur from Play Away
6:30pm A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, with Michael Hordern
7:30pm News
7:35pm Network, from BBC North-East: Keelmen
8:05pm The Lively Arts: Karen Kain ballerina, a profile
9:00pm Star Over Bethlehem, Christmas music
10:00pm The Old Grey Whistle Test: The Kinks Christmas Concert
11:00-12:55am M*A*S*H (film) starring Donald Sutherland, Elliott Gould

Christmas Eve 1977 - Saturday 24th December 1977 - ITV - London Weekend Television (LWT)
9:00am Our Bumper Christmas Show
11:00am The Flying Deuces (1939 film) starring Laurel and Hardy (b-w)
12:25pm News
12:30pm World of Sport: World Cup Skiing, Snooker, Darts, Wrestling
3:00pm The Macahans: How the West Was Won: starring James Arness
5:05pm News
5:15pm Celebrity Mr and Mrs
5:45pm New Faces
6:45pm Man From Atlantis
7:45pm The Rag Trade
8:15pm McCloud: Twas the Fight before Christmas
9:40pm Bing Crosby's Merrie Olde Christmas, with Stanley Baxter, Twiggy, Ron Moody, Trinity Boys' Choir, David Bowie
10:40pm News
10:55pm Are You Stone Cold, Santa Claus?
11:25-12:20am Midnight Service from St. Martin-in-the-Fields


Christmas Day 1977 - Sunday 25th December 1977 - BBC-1 Television
8:55am Star Over Bethlehem, Christmas music
9:55am Playboard
10:10am Appeal, Wells Cathedral
10:15am Christmas Worship from All Saints Parish Church, Kingston-upon-Thames
11:15am The Bear who Slept through Christmas (cartoon film)
11:40am National Velvet (film) starring Elizabeth Taylor, Mickey Rooney
1:40pm Are You Being Served?
2:10pm Top of the Pops '77 (part 1)
3:00pm The Queen speaks to the Commonwealth
3:05pm Billy Smart's Christmas Circus
4:05pm The Wizard of Oz (film) starring Judy Garland
5:45pm Basil Through the Looking Glass, with Basil Brush and Howard Williams
6:15pm News
6:25pm Family Carols from the Albert Hall
7:15pm Bruce Forsyth and the Generation Game
8:20pm The Mike Yarwood Christmas Show
8:55pm The Morecambe and Wise Christmas Show
10:00pm News
10:05pm Funny Girl (film) starring Barbra Streisand, Omar Sharif
12:30pm Weather

Christmas Day 1977 - Sunday 25th December 1977 - BBC-2 Television
12:45pm Sing All Ye Faithful: Carols from St Mary's College, Strawberry Hill
1:30pm News Review presents a continental holiday with deaf children
2:15pm The World About Us: The Predators (wildlife film)
3:00pm Alpha Omega (cartoon)
3:10pm The Lively Arts-in Performance: Coppelia, ballet, music by Delibes
4:40pm In Deepest Britain: Plants and animals by the sea
5:10pm Celebration: Portrait of the Queen's summer Jubilee tour
5:40pm The Queen speaks to the Commonwealth
5:50pm Storm Boy (film) starring Greg Rowe, Peter Cummins, David Gulpilil
7:15pm Thanks for the Memory: The viewer's view of television
9:35pm Christmas Past, introduced by James Cameron
10:05pm Country Holiday: Music with Crystal Gayle, Larry Gatlin, George Hamilton IV, Pete Sayers
10:50pm News
10:55-12:45am The Big Sleep (film) starring Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall (b-w)

Christmas Day 1977 - Sunday 25th December 1977 - ITV - London Weekend Television (LWT)
8:45am Carol Concert, from Wells Cathedral
9:45am Cartoons
10:00am Parish Mass, from Our Lady of St Oswin's Tynemouth
11:00am A Merry Morning, with Jimmy Tarbuck, Guy Kent, The Wurzels, Roger Stevenson
11:45am Cartoons
12noon Robinson Crusoe and the Tiger (film) starring Hugo Stiglitz
2:00pm Just William
3:00pm The Queen speaks to the Commonwealth
3:10pm To See Such Fun: Four decades of film fun
4:40pm Emu's Christmas Adventure
5:40pm News
5:45pm The Muppet Show: with Julie Andrews
6:15pm Sale of the Century
6:40pm Stars on Christmas Sunday: Bing Crosby, Gracie Fields, Mary O'Hara, Harry Secombe
7:15pm Young Winston (1972 film) starring Robert Shaw, Anne Bancroft, Simon Ward
10:05pm News
10:05pm Stanley Baxter's Greatest Hits (repeat)
11:30pm Celebration: The Joys of Christmas in Words and Music
12:30am Christmas Message from the Archbishop of Cantebury


Boxing Day 1977 - Monday 26th December 1977 - BBC-1 Television
9:30am Chigley
9:45am Flash Gordon (b-w)
10:00am Jailhouse Rock (film) starring Elvis Presley
11:35am David Soul and Friends
12:15-2:35pm Boxing Day Grandstand:
- Horse Racing from Wincanton, Rugby League: Leeds v. Wakefield Trinity
2:35pm Holiday on Ice
3:25pm Top of the Pops '77 (part 2)
4:15pm Christmas Knockout
5:05pm News
5:15pm Today's Sport
5:25pm Jim'll Fix It
6:05pm Support Your Local Sheriff (film) starring James Garner
7:35pm The Good Life
8:05pm The Two Ronnies
8:50pm The News
9:00pm The Dirty Dozen (film)
11:25pm Parkinson, and the Comedians
12:35am Weather

Boxing Day 1977 - Monday 26th December 1977 - BBC-2 Television
11:00-11:25am Play School
1:45pm Orion, rock musical, by Ken Howard, Alan Blaikley, Melvyn Bragg
2:40pm War and Peace (parts 1 & 2) with Ludmilla Savelyeva, Sergei Bondarchuk
6:35pm The Master Thief (film) based on the Brothers Grimm story
7:35pm News
7:40pm Opera (cartoon)
7:50pm Moscow State Circus
8:50pm Who Pays the Ferryman?
9:40pm Doug Henning's World of Magic
10:30pm Cricket 1977, review by John Arlott
11:30pm News
11:35-1:20am A Day at the Races (film) starring The Marx Brothers (b-w)

Boxing Day 1977 - Monday 26th December 1977 - ITV - Thames Television (London)
9:00am A Heavenly Peace (repeat)
9:40am Chorlton and the Wheelies
10:10am Rainbow
10:25am Clapperboard
10:55am Pufnstuf (film) starring Jack Wild, Billie Hayes, Martha Raye, Mama Cass
12:30pm News
12:35pm Star Spangled Soccer (repeat)
1:20pm This Is Your Life - Earl Mountbatten of Burma (repeat)
2:30pm The Guns of Navarone (film) starring Gregory Peck, David Niven
5:25pm News
5:45pm The Ghosts of Motley Hall
6:45pm Opportunity Knocks
7:30pm Coronation Street
8:00pm George and Mildred
8:30pm The Best of Benny Hill
9:30pm Vera Lynn Sings
10:15pm News
10:30pm Gumshoe (film) starring Albert Finney, Billie Whitelaw
12:05am Night Gallery (repeat)
12:25am Epilogue

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