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Christmas 1970

Christmas Eve 1970 - Thursday 24th December 1970 - BBC-1 Television
10am Shetland Pony. life story (b-w)
10:30am 4472 - Flying Scotsman
11:10am Tom and Jerry
11:15am On Top of the World: International Ice Champions entertain
12noon Movin' Along with Andy Williams
12:50pm A Spoonful of Sugar, from Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital in Oswestry
1:30pm Watch with Mother
1:45pm News
1:50pm Hansel and Gretel: puppet version
3pm Play School
3:15pm Jackanory
3:30pm Misty: with David Ladd, Arthur O'Connell
4:55pm Blue Peter
5:20pm Sooby-Doo
5:44pm The Magic Roundabout
5:50pm News
6pm London News Magazine
6:15pm Tomorrow's World
6:45pm Joy to the World. Music and Pictures from Christmas Time
7:30pm The Cliff Richard Show
8:20pm Gang Show Gala: with Peter Sellers, Dick Emery, Graham Stark, Cardew Robinson, Reg Dixon, David Lodge
9pm News
9:20pm Play of the Month: Margaret Lockwood and Paul Rogers in Five Finger Exercise
10:50pm Petula Clark
11:40pm Story: The Gift of the Magi
11:50-1:05am First Communion of Christmas from Worcester Cathedral

Christmas Eve 1970 - Thursday 24th December 1970 - BBC-2 Television
11:15-11:35am Play School
4:45pm Christmas on 2: preview
5pm The Edwin Hawkins Singers
5:50pm Heaven Knows Mr. Allison (film) starring Deborah Kerr, Robert Mitchum
7:30pm Newsroom
8pm Oison: hero of ancient Irish mythology
8:20pm Choir Practice: musical play by Elwyn Jones and John Lloyd
9:20pm Mantovani and his Concert Orchestra
10:05pm Sir John Betjeman: poetry and prose
11pm Under Capricorn (film) starring Ingrid Bergman, Joseph Cotten

Christmas Eve 1970 - Thursday 24th December 1970 - ITV - Thames Television (London)
9am Origami
9:55pm Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer
10:45pm It's a Dog's World
11:35pm Virginia City (film) starring Randolph Scott, Errol Flynn, Humphrey Bogart, Miriam Hopkins
1:45pm Timeslip
2:15pm Junior Showtime Party
3pm Crossroads
3:25pm Deborah Kerr, Robert Mitcham, Peter Ustinov
5:50pm News
6pm This Is Tom Jones
7pm Nearest and Dearest
7:30pm Invitation to a Gunfighter (film) starring Yul Bryner, George Segal, Janice Rule
9:10pm Carry on Long John: with Sidney James, Terry Scott, Charles Hawtrey, Kenneth Connor, Barbara Windsor, Bob Todd
10:10pm News
10:30pm Christmas Eve at The Golden Garter
11:25pm Take One Swann, with Donald Swann, Nadia Cattouse, Andreas Toumazis
11:55-12:45am Concelebrated Christmas Mass from St. Gregory the Great, Seacroft, Leeds


Christmas Day 1970 - Friday 25th December 1970 - BBC-1 Television
9am Carols: Wandsworth School Choir
9:30am Basil's Christmas Morning
10:00am Christmas Cracker: cartoons
10:25am News Summary
10:30pm Service for Christmas Day from Netherlee Parish Church, Glasgow
11:40am Appeal by Alvar Lidell for the Blind Fund
11:45am Rolf Harris with Children in Hospital
12:35pm The Story of the Silver Skates (film) starring Eleanor Parker, Richard Basehart, John Gregson, Cyril Richard
2:15pm To of the Pops 70 (part 1)
3:00pm The Queen speaks to the Commonwealth and introduces a special Christmas Day film
3:25pm Billy Smart's Circus Spectacular
4:30pm Disney Time
5:10pm Robinson Crusoe: pantomime with Ken Dodd
6:40pm News
6:45pm Christmas Night with the Stars introduced by Cilla Black
8:15pm Charade (film) starring Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn
11:00pm The Good Old Days, with Danny La Rue
11:50pm But Seriously ... Joyce Grenfell.
Cyril Fletcher and Ernie Wise on what the story of the nativity means to them

Christmas Day 1970 - Friday 25th December 1970 - BBC-2 Television
10:30-11am Play School
1:30pm Sammy Going South (film) starring Edward G. Robinson
3:25pm The Royal Ballet in Cinderella
5:10pm The Great Inimitable Mr. Dickens: biography based on scenes from his novels
6:40pm It's a Terrible Wate of an Egg: an Edwardian entertainment
7:10pm Julian Bream plays Bach. Diabelli and Villa-Lobos
7:20pm The Queen speaks to the Commonwealth and introduces a special Christmas Day film
7:44pm News Summary
7:45pm Whom God Hath Joined by Arnold Bennett
9;15pm Bird's Eye View: From Bishop Rock to Muckle Flugga
10:05pm Thirty-Minute Theatre: Waugh on Crime: part 4
10:35pm News
10:40pm The Pentangle: songs from a country church
11:00pm Kiss Me Kate (film) starring Kathryn Grayson, Howard Keel

Christmas Day 1970 - Friday 25th December 1970 - ITV - Thames Television (London)
8:15pm Sing a Song of Christmas
9:00am Anita in Jumbleland
9:15am Parish Communion from St. Alaban's Cathedral
10:15am Cinema Special
11:00am A Merry Morning
11:30am Laurel and Hardy Cartoon
11:35am Tarzan's Peril (film) starring Lex Barker
1:00pm Kelvin Hall Circus
2:00pm A Gift from Gracie
3:00pm The Queen speaks to the Commonwealth and introduces a special Christmas Day film
3:20pm The Incredible Mr. Limpet (film) starring Don Knotts, Carole Cook, Jack Weston
4:45pm Cinderella, with Dickie Henderson, Vince Hill, Jack Douglas, Lionel Blair, Susan George
5:50pm News
6:00pm All-Star Comedy Carnival

Christmas Day 1970 - Friday 25th December 1970 - ITV - London Weekend Television (LWT)
7:00pm All-Star Comedy Carnival (continued)
8:30pm On The Buses: Christmas Duty
9:00pm The Val Doonican Show
10:00pm News
10:20pm Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte (film) starring Bette Davis, Joseph Cotten, Olivia de Havilland (b-w)
12:40pm Church and Fashion


Boxing Day 1970 - Saturday 26th December 1970 - BBC-1 Television
9:45am Ken Dodd
9:55am News
10:00am Banana Splits
10:40pm The Son of Robin Hood (film) starring Al Hedison, June Laverick, David Farrar, Marius Goring
12noon-2:25pm Boxing Day Grandstand:
- Rugby League, Horse Racing from Kempton Park, Motor Racing from Lydden
2:25pm It's a Knockout: for the BBC Boxing Day Challenge Trophy: Great Britain v. Holland, from Leiden, Holland
3:15pm Donald Duck & Tom and Jerry
3:30pm Top of the Pops 70 (part 2)
4:15pm The Virginian: With Help from Ulysses
5:30pm News. Sports Results
5:45pm The Black and White Minstrel Christmas Show
6:30pm Dixon of Dock Green: The Lags' Brigade
7:15pm The Rolf Harris Show
8:05pm North West Frontier (film) Kenneth More, Lauren Bacall, Herbert Lom
10:10pm News
10:20pm Sinatra Sings at the Festival Hall
11:10pm Match of the Day
12midnight Weatherman

Boxing Day 1970 - Saturday 26th December 1970 - BBC-2 Television
1:30pm Cucumber Castle: medieval musical with The Bee Gees
2:25pm Siberia to Severnside. Wild Swans and Polar Bears
3:15pm The Constant Husband (film) starring Rex Harrison, Margaret Leighton, Kay Kendall, Cecil Parker
4:40pm It's Nice to Remember, with Nana Mouskouri and The Athenians
5:30pm The Rubbish Olympics or How to Keep Pretoria Clean
5:55pm Take it or Leave it
6:25pm News
6:30pm Wilton's, an evening Wilton's Music-Hall, Wellclose Square, London 1860
7:15pm To Build a Fire: the Klondike in 1898
8:05pm Tales of Hoffman, by J. Offenbach
10:20pm The Roads to Freedom
11:05pm News
11:10pm Bad Day at Black Rock (film) starring Spencer Tray, Robert Ryan, Ernest Borgnine, Lee Marvin

Boxing Day 1970 - Saturday 26th December 1970 - ITV - London Weekend Television (LWT)
9:05am RAC Road Report
9:10am The Wind in the Willows
9:20am A Christmas Carol (b-w)
10:10am Stewpot
10:55am Tarzan and the Amazons (film) starring Johnny Weissmuller
12:15pm Shari's Show
12:45pm News
12:50-5:10pm World of Sport
5:10pm News
5:15pm The Beverly Hillbillies
5:45pm Pippa: film of Joy Adamson's cheetah
6:45pm Holiday Startime
8:00pm Petula: Petula Clark
9:00pm It's Tarbuck
9:30pm News
9:45pm The Hound of the Baskervilles (film) starring Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee
11:15pm Aquarius
12:00pm Church and Fashion

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