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UK TV Listings 1997
Saturday 06 September 1997
The Coverage of the Funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales.

 BBC 1 (Northern Ireland)
06:00 The People Gather
A preview of the day's events, with scenes from the streets of London as millions of people begin assembling along
the procession route to pay their respects to the People's Princess. Including News, Newsline,Weather
08:30 Diana, the nation's farewell
David Dimbleby sets the scene as people take to the streets of central London to line the funeral procession route
from Kensington Palace to Westminster Abbey
09:10 The Procession to Westminster Abbey
The Princess's coffin is taken by riders of the King's Troop from Kensington Palace to Westminster Abbey via Hyde Park
and The Mall
11:00 The Procession to Westminster Abbey
Coverage of the service, attended by 2000 mourners including former Prime Ministers John Major and Baroness Thatcher.
Including One Minute's Silence
12:00 The Journey to Althorp
The cortege begins the journey to the Princess's ancestral home
18:00 News
Followed by Newsline and Weather
18:30 The Wrong Trousers
Nick Park's Oscar-winning animated feature about a humble inventor who tackles a villainous penguin, with the help of
his crafty dog
19:00 Film: Free Willy
A young boy races against time to free a captive killer whale from a marine park. Sentimental family drama starring
Jason James Richter and Lori Petty. (1993)
20:45 Only Fools and Horses
More wheeler-dealing comedy with dodgy Del and the Trotter clan
21:00 Nine O'Clock News Subtitled
With Martin Lewis Followed Regional News and Weather
21:35 News
Followed by Newsline and Weather
22:00 Farewell to the People
A look back over the day's events
23:00 Pat and Margaret
A US soap star is reunited with her long-lost sister while on a trip to Britain. Comedy drama with Julie Walters and
Victoria Wood
00:25 News
00:30 Film: The Getting of Wisdom
Australian period drama about snobbish college for girls. Starring Barry Humphries. (1977)
02:05 Weather
02:10 Close

06:20 Open University
08:00 Children's BBC; Beatrix Potter
Charming Children's Tales
08:30 Diana: A Newsround Special
A special edition of the children's current affairs show, setting the context of Diana's death and her funeral
09:00 As BBC1 With Signing
12:30 Film: Lassie Come Home
Classic drama about a young boy's dog. With Roddy McDowall. (1943)
13:55 Oakie Doke
14:05 Beatrix Potter
Charming Children's Tales
14:35 Blue Peter
Katy Hill's experiences living with a native family in Mongolia
15:00 Film: Ferngully: The Last Rainforest
Animated adventure. (1992)
16:10 Les Miserables in Concert
Celebration of the hit musical's 10th anniversary, as a starry cast backed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra perform
a unique concert at the Royal Albert Hall
18:40 Stephen Hawking's Universe
The noted academic traces mankind's historical obsession with astronomy and technology in a bid to understand creation
19:30 BBC Proms 97; Faure's Requiem
The BBC National Orchestra of Wales performs Faure's moving piece in tribute to the Princess
20:15 Restless Nation
Kirsty Wark charts Scotland's historical push toward home rule
21:05 Bookmark New Series
Friends of poet Stevie Smith paint an affectionate portrait of the eccentric artist
21:55 Film: Out Of Africa
Meryl Streep and Robert Redford star in this Oscar-winning romantic drama. (1985)
00:30 Film: Lilies of the Field
Heart-warming drama starring Sidney Poitier. (1963)
02:00 Weather
02:05 Close

Channel Four
06:00 Early Morning
06:55 Dennis
07:15 Sonic the Hedgehog
07:45 The Finder
08:00 Dr Seuss on the Loose
08:25 For Better or Worse Short Tales
08:50 Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
09:15 The Adventures of Tintin
10:00 Back to the Future
10:25 The Legend of White Fang
10:50 The Adventures of Mole
11:40 Prince Cinders
12:05 Abel's Island
12:35 Eerie Indiana
13:00 News Summary
13:10 Film: Smoky
Family saga with Fred MacMurray as a roving cowboy who wins the trust of rancher Anne Baxter. (1946)
14:35 Film: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Animated fantasy adventure. (1978)
16:10 Wildside
Creatures including pygmy hippos
16:35 The Secret World of Alex Mack
Annie gets a college scholarship
17:00 Animation
17:05 Brookside
Jacqui realises Rachel could be in danger and offers her some advice
18:30 Serenade to a Princess
Highlights from an opera gala held in honour of Diana's 30th birthday
19:00 News Special - Diana, the people's day
Jon Snow reports on the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales and its impact at home and abroad
20:05 Stones of the Raj
The Jai Vilas palace, built as a tribute to the British Raj
20:35 Mark Tully's Faces of India
Indian politician Amarinder Singh reflects on the cultural impact of years of British sovereignty
21:00 ER
Greene's marital problems continue to escalate and Benton receives good tidings about his career
22:00 Drop the Dead Donkey
George discovers he's about to become single again and Dave has more than his share of bad luck
22:30 Homicide: Life on the Street
A special squad is set up to catch the person responsible for the death of a heroin smuggler
23:25 Nights out at the empire
Showcase for up-and-coming acts
00:15 Crapston Villas
00:35 The Client
Reggie defends a mentally handicapped man accused of murder
01:30 St Elsewhere
A doctor begins a steamy affair
02:30 The New Twilight Zone
02:55 Pearl
The luckless student gets confused
03:25 The Naked Truth
03:50 Planet Showbiz
The American entertainment scene
04:15 Porkpie
British comedy. Last in series
04:40 Dweebs
05:05 Partners

Channel 5
06:00 Dappledown Farm
06:30 Attractions
Ideas on leisure time
07:00 5 News Early
07:30 Havakazoo: Wimzie's House
Children's stories about a house inhabited by strange creatures. Followed by 5 News Update
08:00 Alvin and the Chipmunks
Cartoon capers with the gang
08:30 Land of the Lost
Annie is lured from a game of volleyball by a mysterious song
08:55 Diana; The People say Goodbye
Coverage of the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales from Kensington Palace and Westminster Abbey
13:00 Film: Something So Right
A hard-working divorcee finds a companion for her troubled son. Drama with Ricky Schroder. (1982)
14:50 Animal Calypso
The extraordinary flying technique of a hummingbird in Trinidad
15:15 Sunset Beach
Elaine learns of Cole's plans to leave Sunset Beach with Caitlin
17:55 5 News and Sport
18:00 Hercules; The Legendary Journeys
Maceus lures the strongman into battle using her long-imprisoned husband - will it end in tragedy?
18:50 Night Fever New series
The music game show, featuring Malandra Burrows
19:45 5 News and Sport
20:05 Xena: Warrior Princess
Xena teams up with a gang of ranting freedom fighters. Followed by 5 News Update
21:00 A Mind to Kill
A murderer sends a terrified child witness running for his life. Followed by 5 News Update
22:50 Film: Circuitry Man
Sci-fi adventure about a tough young woman's fight to escape her toxic underground city home. Dana Wheeler Nicholson stars.
00:30 Film: Courage
A housewife becomes a secret agent for the Drug Enforcement Agency. Drama with Sophia Loren. (1986)
03:10 Film: Outcasts of the Islands
Drama with Trevor Howard as a trader striving to find peace and happiness in the Far East. (1951)
04:55 Night Stand
05:30 Whittle
Followed by 5 News Update

ITV (Ulster)
05:30 ITN Morning News
06:00 GMTV
The nation pays its final respects to Diana, Princess of Wales
08:30 ITN Coverage of the Funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales
The start of proceedings as the nation mourns its great loss
10:00 Funeral Procession from Kensington Palace to Westminster Abbey
The Princess's coffin, draped in the Royal Standard, will be moved from her private apartment at Kensington Palace
and taken on a gun carriage to Westminster Abbey
11:00 Funeral Service at Westminster Abbey
The service today will be attended by 2000 mourners, including political leaders, celebrities and representatives
of many charities. With A Minute's Silence at 1145
12:00 Funeral Procession from the Abby to the M1
The cortege begins the journey o the Princess's ancestral home
13:15 Funeral procession from the M1 to Althorp
The cortege heads for the Spencer family home in Northamptonshire
15:00 Burial at Althorp
In a private ceremony, Diana is laid to rest within the grounds of the Spencer family's estate
16:00 The Darling Buds of May
This two-hour long special of the light-hearted rural drama sees Pop helping out an ex-RAF man who repays his good
deed with an evening at a nightclub
18:00 ITN News; Weather
18:30 UTV Live News
18:35 Survival
Creatures living on cliff faces
19:00 Jane Austen's Emma
Feature-length adaptation with Kate Beckinsale as the beautiful, wealthy woman whose match-making has near-catastrophic
21:00 ITN Special: Farewell to a Princess
A look back at the day's events as the nation paid tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales
22:00 Film: Mermaids
Romantic comedy with Cher, Winona Ryder and Bob Hoskins. (1990)
00:00 Grand Prix Special
Highlights of this afternoon's crucial qualifying session at the famous Monza circuit in Italy
00:50 In Bed With Medinner
Obscure and bizarre TV entertainment shows
01:25 Film: Delta Fever
Drama starring Leif Garrett (1988)
03:00 Carnal Knowledge
Saucy quiz hosted by Maria McErlane
03:55 Rockmania
Light-hearted music review with a guest host
04:50 The Chart Show
Rockers Queen feature in the Video Vault with You're My Best Friend

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