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UK TV Listings 1979
Tuesday 20th November 1979

09:34 For Schools, Colleges
09:35 Out of the Past: The Normans
09:58 Talkabout
10:16 Look and Read
10:38 Dès le Débur
11:00 The Nativity (1)
11:17 It's Your Choice: A Play
11:38 Taking Shape: Steel
12:05 General Studies
12:30 Closedown
12:45 News and Weather
13:00 Pebble Mill at One
Max Jaffa looks back over 50 years of music making
13:45 Bagpuss repeat
For young children
14:00 You and Me repeat
Also for toddlers
14:14 For Schools, Colleges
14:14 Encounter France
14:30 Part 2 of Plough and the Stars repeat
15:00 Closedown
15:25 Dechrau Siarad
Welsh programme
15:55 Play School
The story of Jack and the Beanstalk
16:20 Secret Squirrel
16:25 Jackanory
Joseph O'Conor reads King Canoodlum and the Great Horned Cheese, his own story
16:40 Buford Files and Dinky Dog
17:00 Newsround
With John Craven
17:10 The Record Breakers
The world's most expensive shoes; and Roy Castle up a mountain in Hawaii
17:40 News
With Richard Baker
17:55 Nationwide
News and features
18:50 Rolf Harris's Cartoon Time
The title tells you everything you need to know
19:20 Film: The Double Man (1967)
With Yul Brynner, Britt Ekland, Lloyd Nolan. Thriller about the mysterious death of a CIA man's son.
The Austrian scenery is striking.
21:00 News
With Richard Whitmore
21:25 The Great Inventor
Obiturary programme on Sir Barnes Wallace
22:10 Mainstream
Round Britain arts review. Getting better now, but still looking for a distinctive shape.
22:40 Question Time
Robin Day and panel, talking on an audience in a discussion session.
His guests are: Barbara Castle, Sir Monty Finniston, novelist Rachel Billington and Tory MP William Waldegrave.
23:40 News and weather
23:45 Closedown

BBC1 English Regions
As BBC1 except:
17:55 Regional Magazines
18:50 Times Remembered. East
18:50 Cartoon Time. London and South East
18:50 Flavour of Midlands. Midlands
18:50 Hometown. North
18:50 What's Cooking. North-East
18:50 Sit Thi Deawn. North-West
18:50 Pure Invention. South
18:50 The Music Quiz. South-West
18:50 Day Out. West

BBC1 Northern Ireland
As BBC1 except:
10:38 Schools
15:53 News
17:55 Scene Around Six
18:50 Green Rock
23:40 News
23:44 Festival Notebook
00:04 News

BBC1 Scotland
As BBC1 except:
10:38 Schools
12:40 News
15:25 Closedown
17:55 Reporting Scotland
18:50 On the Green
22:10 Current Account
22:40 Can Seo
23:15 Write Away
23:30 Mainstream
00:00 News

BBC1 Wales
As BBC1 except:
10:38 I Ysgolion
15:25 Closedown
16:45 Ci O'r Enw Samson
17:55 Wales Today
18:50 Heddiw
19:10 Pobol Y Cwm
19:40 Rising Stars
20:25 Some Mothers do 'ave 'Em
23:40 News

10:05 Business World repeat
Owning a franchise
11:00 Play School Same as BBC1 15:55
11:25 Write Away
Helping to improve your spelling
11:40 A Child's Place repeat
Children in care
12:05 Closedown
14:30 The Engineers repeat
From shop stewart to director
15:00 Whistle Blowers repeat
Chris Dunkely with another programme about investigative journalism
15:30 The Living City repeat
Sociology series. Small and large business.
16:10 A Taste of Work repeat
Youth workshop
16:35 Closedown
17:35 Laurel and Hardy black and white
Below Zero. Stan and Oliver, street musicians, find a wallet and eat out sumptuously.
17:55 Grange Hill (8)
Part 8 of a series about a comprehensive school
18:20 The Waltons
Family series from America with much appeal for the heart, less for the mind
19:05 News
With sub-titles for hard of hearing
19:15 Testament of Youth (3), repeat
Repeat showing of part 3 of this distinguished adaption (by Elaine Morgan) of Vera Brittain's autobiography
20:10 Chronicle: The Priest, the Painter and the Devil repeat
French priest becomes rich after finding some parchments. Henry Lincoln investigates a treasure mystery.
21:00 Not the Nine O'Clock News
Last of this series of comedy sketches loosely inspired by the news. Worth trying but not worth a second series.
21:25 Man Alive
The difficulties some councils face when they take over new towns. The programme is called The High Cost of Cheap Housing.
22:15 The Mike Harding Show
Songs and jokes from this Northern comic
22:45 Floodlit Rugby League
St Helens take on Salford in a quarter-final tie. Highlights introduced by Richard Duckenfield,
with Eddie Waring commentaring.
23:15 News and weather
23:30 The Old Grey Whistle Test
Nottingham singer Alvin Lee, and the Secret Affair band
00:15 Closedown

ITV Thames Television
09:30 For Schools
09:30 Experiment
09:47 Seeing and Doing
10:04 Reading with Lenny
10:16 Watch your Language
10:35 English Programme
11:05 Leapfrog
11:22 Good Health
11:39 The Land
Cumbrian Lake District
12:00 Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings
Bernard Cribbins narrates a children's story
12:10 Once Upon a Time
The story of The Fox and the Crow
12:30 Emmerdale Farm
More about Dolly's impending wedding
13:00 News
With Peter Sissons
13:20 Thames News
With Robin Houston
13:30 About Britain
Long-distance West Country stroller Clive Gunnell makes for Pendeen village
14:00 After Noon Plus
The magazine programme that always has at least one item of general interest
14:45 Love Boat
Tales of a luxury liner in the Pacific. Ostensibly a comedy series.
15:45 Georgie Fame and Company
Pop music show
16:15 Under the Same Sun
Picture story about old China. Title: The Thunder King.
16:45 Magpie
Jenny Hanley goes to Spain in this magazine for young viewers
17:15 Monty's London
Last of the series. Tonight, Mr Modlyn looks at some of London's less-publicized industries, including snuffblending.
17:45 News
18:00 Thames News
With Andrew Gardner, Rita Carter
18:25 Help!
Joan Shenton's useful advice spot
18:35 Crossroads
Motel series. Tonight, a row.
19:00 Sapphire and Steel
Penultimate episode of this adventure series with a science-fiction fringe. With David McCallum, Joanna Lumley.
19:30 The United Kingdom Disco Final
Fourteen finalists compete, live, at the Empire Ballroom, Leichester Square
20:30 George and Mildred repeat
Comedy series. Repeat of the episode about George's resigning as a traffic warden.
21:00 No Lullaby for Broadland
The dire effects of pollution and tourism on the Norfolk Broads
22:00 News
22:30 Film: Desperate Women
Made-for-TV comedy western about a desert treck. Stars are Dan Haggerty and Susan Saint James.
00:20 Close
Poems read by Ray Smith

ITV Anglia  Television
As Thames except:
13:25 Anglia News
14:45 Fantasy Island
17:15 Survival
18:00 About Anglia
00:15 Anthology

ITV ATV Midlands
As Thames except:
13:20 ATV Newsdesk
14:45 Family
17:15 Mr and Mrs
18:00 ATV Today
00:15 Stars on Ice

ITV Border Television
As Thames except:
13:20 Border News
17:15 The Squirrels
18:00 Lookaround
00:15 Border News, weather

ITV Channel Television
As Thames except:
12:00 Close Down -12:30
13:20 Channel News, What's On Where, Weather
17:15 Sam
18:00 Report at Six
22:28 News, Weather
22:32 Film: Desperate Women
00:15 Weather

ITV Grampian Television
As Thames except:
09:20 First Thing
13:20 Grampian Headlines
14:45 Young Ramsey
17:15 Survival
18:00 Grampian Today, Weather
18:05 Out of Town
00:15 Reflections
00:20 Grampian Headlines

ITV Granada Television
As Thames except:
13:20 Granada Reports
14:45 Family
17:10 This is Your Right
17:15 Crossroads
18:00 Granada Reports
18:30 Cabbages and Kings

As Thames except:
13:20 Report West Headlines
13:25 Report Wales Headlines
14:45 Family
15:45 The Entertainers
17:15 Magilla Gorilla
17:20 Crossroads
18:00 Report West
18:15 Report Wales
18:30 George Fame and Company
00:20 Weather

ITV HTV Cymru / Wales
As general service except:
13:20 Penawdau Newyddion Y Dydd
16:15 Goglis
18:00 Y Dydd
22:00 News at Ten, Report Wales Headlines
22:30 Pfilmiau'r 70au
23:45 Country Comes West
00:15 Weather

ITV Scottish Television
As Thames except:
13:25 News and Road and Weather
14:45 Young Ramsay
17:15 Cartoon
17:20 Crossroads
18:00 Scotland Today
18:30 What's Your Problem?
22:00 News
Scottish Headlines
00:10 Late Call

ITV Southern Television
As Thames except:
13:20 Southern News, Weather
14:45 London Belongs to Me
17:15 Cartoon
17:20 Crossroads
18:00 Day by Day
00:15 Southern News Extra
00:20 Weather Spacewatch

ITV Tyne Tees Television
As Thames except:
09:20 The Good Word, followed by North East Headlines
12:10 Stepping Stones
13:20 North East News, Lookaround
17:15 Mr and Mrs
18:00 Northern Life
19:30 Star Games
21:00 Mc Cormack - Special Agent
22:30 Film: Crash
William Shatner, Eddie Albert
00:30 Epilogue

ITV Ulster Television
As Thames except:
13:20 Lunchtime
14:45 Young Ramsey
16:13 Ulster Headlines
17:15 Cartoon
17:20 Crossroads
18:00 Good Evening Ulster
00:20 Bedtime

ITV Westward Television
As Thames except:
12:27 Gus Honeybun's Birthdays
13:20 Westward Headlines
17:15 Sam
18:00 Westward Diary
22:28 Westward News, Weather
22:32 Film: Desperate Women
Dan Haggerty, Susan Saint James
00:15 Faith for Life
00:20 West Country Weather, Shipping Forecast

ITV Yorkshire Television
As Thames except:
13:20 Calendar News, Weather
14:45 Cabbages and Kings
15:15 Calendar Tuesday
17:15 The Squirrels
18:00 Calendar, Weather
00:30 George Hamilton IV

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