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UK TV Listings 1978
Friday 22nd December 1978

None of the BBC programmes in this schedule were actually shown.
This was the penultimate day of a six week long strike on the BBC.
A caption and music was played throughout the day, and the only programme was a relay of BBC Radio 2 news
in sound only at 10pm, on both channels.

09:50 Paddington (Repeat)
09:55 Jackanory (Repeat)
Oscar Wilde Stories
10:10 Why Don't You...?
...just switch off your television set and go and do something less boring instead?
10:35 Charlie Brown (Repeat)
11:00 Buck Rogers (Black & White)
11:20 The Fantastic Journey
12:05 Tom and Jerry
12:20 A Christmas Carol
A cartoon version of Charles Dicken's story.
12:45 Midday News
followed by Weather with Jack Scott
13:00 Pebble Mill
including Dig This America, Peter Seabrook looks at gardens and gardeners US-style
13:45 Heads and Tails (Repeat)
What's In The Wind
14:00 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn First showing on British Television
A Feature Film starring Tony Randell
15:45 Tom and Jerry
in Mouse in Manhattan
15:53 Regional News (not London)
15:55 Play School (Shown on BBC2 at 11.00am)
Presenters Floella Benjamin, Bruce Allan with Carol Leader and Ted Moult.
16:20 Pixie and Dixie
16:25 Jackanory Writing Competition
with Kenneth Williams
16:40 Captain Caveman
16:50 Crackerjack
Introduced by Ed Stewart, starring Peter Glaze and Bernie Clifton
17:35 The Clangers (London and South East Only)
17:35 Regional News (Except London and South East)
17:45 Evening News
with Kenneth Kendall. Weatherman
18:00 Emu's Broadcasting Company (EBC1)
Emu and his team provide 35 minutes of holiday fun and action with many of your favourite programmes
including their own spectacular outside broadcast direct from Bogpool.
18:35 Rolf at Christmas
starring Rolf Harris and the children of Wilson Middle School near Salisbury
19:10 Star Trek (Repeat)
This Week: The Quire of Gothos
20:00 Citizen Smith
Written by John Sullivan
20:30 The Liver Birds
Written by Carla Lane
21:00 Nine O'Clock News
with Kenneth Kendall. Weekend Weather with Jack Scott
21:25 Starsky and Hutch
22:15 Max Boyce
22:55 Regional News (Except London)
22:55 National News and Weather (London only)
23:00 The Late Film : The Thomas Crown Affair
Starring Steve McQueen, Faye Dunnaway.
00:45 Close

11:00 Play School (See BBC1 at 3.55)
11:25 Close
15:05 Leonard Bernstein at Harvard
16:50 Mountain Days
17:30 News on 2 Headlines
with subtitles for the hard of hearing
17:35 Christmas Matinee : The Nun's Story
20:00 Country Game
Presented by Angela Rippon
20:30 Leo Sayer
The last of six shows capturing the versatility and energy that have made Leo one of Britain's top entertainers.
21:00 She Loves Me
A TV adaptation of the hit Broadway musical.
22:50 Late News
23:05 Emerson, Lake and Palmer Special
23:55 Late Night Story New Series
The first of five horror stories read by Tom Baker
00:15 Close

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