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UK TV Listings 1975
Friday 19th September 1975


12:25 Mynd a'r Gan
Travelling with a song
12:55 News
Weather, Keith Best
13:00 Pebble Mill
Donny MacLeod, Bob Langley, Marian Foster and David Seymour. Including Dig This with Peter Seabrook,
Jack Scott's Weather Talk and The Pebble Mill House - Day 10.
13:45 Along the Trail
Canadian wild-life
14:00 Close
15:58 Regional News
excluding London
16:00 Play School
First shown on BBC2 at 11am
16:25 Boris the Bold
Boris becomes Emperor
16:35 Jackanory
The Ormering Tide, by Roger Pilkington, read by Jack Hedley. Today: The Great Tide
16:50 Natural Break
Home Sweet Home
17:00 Scooby Doo:Scooby Doo meets Laurel and Hardy
17:40 The Wombles

17:45 National News: with Richard Baker
18:00 Nationwide
with Michael Barratt, Frank Bough, Bob Wellings, Susanne Hall and Dilys Morgan.
Including at 6.50 Sportswide with Jimmy Hill.
19:05 Bugs Bunny
Hare Trigger
19:15 The Wonderful World of Disney
The Mystery of Dracula's Castle part 2.
20:00 Dad's Army: Is There Honey Still For Tea?
20:30 The Liver Birds: You've Got To Laugh

21:00 Nine O'Clock News
With Richard Baker and Richard Whitmore.
21:25 Quiller: 4:Sacrifice to Survival
22:15 Tonight
22:45 Peninsula: Have Palette, Will Travel
23:15 Weatherman, Regional News
23:17 Brian's Song
TV movie with James Caan
00:27 Weather
00:29 Close

BBC1 Scotland
As BBC1 except
20:00 Take Five
Light Entertainment
20:30 As BBC1

BBC1 South
As BBC1 except
22:45 South Today People
23:15 As BBC1

BBC1 Wales
As BBC1 except
19:15 Heddiw
Topical items
19:35 Mynd a'r Gan
Travelling with a song.
20:00 As BBC1

BBC1 West
As BBC1 except
22:45 Arthur Elton
23:15 As BBC1


06:40 Open University
Maths Analysis - Sequences ; The Large Household ; Maths - Normed spaces.
07:55 Close
09:30 Liberal Party Assembly
11:00 Play School
Story: Said the Table to the Chair, by Edward Lear. Presenters, Karen Platt and John Golder
11:25 Liberal Party Assembly
12:50 Close
14:15 Liberal Party Assembly
17:00 Open University
Public administration ; Modelling for British Steel ; Day School Experiment ; Social Behaviour of Animals.
19:05 Close
19:29 Weather
19:30 Newsday
With Robin Day, Richard Whitmore
19:50 Pot Black
20:15 The Money Programme New Series
Taxed Beyond Belief
21:00 Fawlty Towers New Series
Basil Fawlty tries to improve the class of the hotel's clientele, with remarkable results.
21:30 Leap in the Dark New Series
1:The Rosenheim Poltergeist.
22:15 The Carnforth Practice
Adam, by Mervyn Haisman
23:05 Newsnight
with Richard Whitmore
23:20 Closedown
Michael Gwynne reads 'A Londoner in New England, 1941' by Jan Struther.

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