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UK TV Listings 1973
Wednesday 4th April 1973


12:30 Nai Zindagi Naya Jeevan Repeat
12:55 News
13:00 Pebble Mill at One
13:30 Barnaby New cartoon series
13:45 Made in Britain Repeat: Uncle Sam's Stake
14:00 I Like It Here New Series
Tom Williams, keeper of three miles of River Avon
14:30 Great Zoos of the World: San Diego, California
15:00 Where is your God? Repeat: What do you mean by God?
15:35 Television Top of the Form Repeat
16:00 Peter New Cartoon series: Peter goes shooting
16:10 Play School: Desmond goes to Scotland
16:35 Jackanory
16:50 Boss Cat Repeat: The Con Men
17:15 Event New series: on children preparing for a sporting event
17:40 Sir Prancelot
17:45 News
18:00 Nationwide Not in colour
18:45 Ask the Family: Quarter Final
19:05 Tomorrow's World: How effective are children's safety belts?
19:30 Are You Being Served? Camping In: Bus strike makes the staff have a sleep-in
20:00 Barlow at Large: Starring Stratford Johns
20:50 Week By Week: April 1960
21:00 News
21:25 Sportsnight
Personality and action assessment of next Saturday's FA Cup semi-final ties,
World Ice Hockey Championships: Czechoslovakia v Sweden
22:00 Liberal Party Political Broadcast
22:10 Monty Python's Flying Circus Repeat
Programme which won the Society of Film and Television Arts Award
22:40 Midweek: Informal review of reporting and relevant talk
23:25 News
23:30 Man at Work Repeat
Be your own boss
23:55 Weather
00:00 Close


11:00 Play School
Desmond goes to Scotland
11:25 Close
17:25 Open University Not in colour
19:05 Looking to Europe: A Matter of Course
19:30 News
19:35 The Butcher's Legacy: Story of seven-a-side Rugby
20:00 Man Alive: The Juggernauts
20:50 Midweek Cinema: Ziegfeld Follies (1944)
22:00 Liberal Party Political Broadcast
22:10 Midweek Cinema: Ziegfeld Follies
22:45 Edition: Public relations
23:15 News, weather
23:45 Close

ITV Anglia Television

09:40 The North Country: Where the people come first
10:00 Paulus Repeat
10:10 Gilbert and Sullivan: The Mikado
11:05 The Galloping Gourmet
11:35 Coachbuilders: Craftsmen at work
12:04 Anglia News
12:05 Hickory House
12:25 Cuddles and Co
12:40 First Report, weather
13:00 Sing Out with the Settlers
13:30 Crown Court:
African claiming to be a dead man's son is accused of attempting deception - Day 1
14:00 Harriet's Back in Town: Charles refuses Harriet time to make up her mind
14:30 Houseparty
15:00 Whose baby?: With David Nixon
15:30 Dr Simon Locke Repeat: The Perfect Specimen
15:55 The Romper Room: With Miss Rosalyn
16:19 Anglia News
16:20 Get This! Harry Fowler, Kenny Lynch at Aviemore
16:50 The Jensen Code: Terry meets Mr Richards
17:20 University Challenge
17:50 News
18:00 About Anglia
18:35 Crossroads
19:00 This Is Your Life: With Eamonn Andrews
19:30 Coronation Street: Alan needs help
20:00 Shut That Door!!
Starring Larry Grayson, David Nixon, Leslie Sarony, Bob Blackman
20:30 The Protectors: Starring Robert Vaughn, Nyree Dawn Porter
21:00 Special Branch New series: Starring George Sewell
22:00 Liberal Party Political Broadcast
22:10 News, weather
22:40 A Place in the Country: Sizergh Castle, Westmorland
23:10 Late Night Theatre: The Eagle Has landed. Parody of the US Apollo Space programme
23:40 Spyforce: Operatives are sent to kidnap an American scientist
00:30 Reflection
00:35 Close

ITV Channel Television

As Anglia except:
13:15 Opens: News
15:25 The Saint
18:00 Channel news
18:10 Hogan's Heroes
19:00 Treasure Hunt
22:00 Life In France
23:43 Angling Today
00:10 Epilogue, news, weather

ITV Granada  (North West)

As Anglia except:
09:30 Enchanted House
09:45 Time To Remember Not in colour
10:10 Jackson Five
10:30 The Galloping Gourmet
10:55 Cartoon
11:00 Scotland Yard Casebook
11:30 Primus
11:50 Hammy Hamster
15:25 Yoga
15:55 Dr Simon Locke
17:15 Nature's Window
17:20 Crossroads
18:00 Newsday, What's On
18:30 University Challenge
20:30 Anna and the King
23:45 The Evil Touch
23:45 Close


As Anglia except:
10:00 Sesame Street
11:00 Sara and Hoppity... : Bake a Cake
11:10 Press Call: Ex-Chief Constable William Palfrey answers questions
15:25 The Saint Not in colour, Repeat: Starring Roger Moore
17:20 Chuckleheads Not in colour
17:25 Crossroads
17:50 News
18:01 Report West
18:15 Report Wales
18:30 Cuckoo in the Nest New quiz
20:30 The Best of Father Dear Father Repeat: Patrick has to replace Nanny
22:40 Time Was... : Music of the Forties with stars of the Forties
23:40 A European Journey
Rene Cutforth in Poland
12:10 Weather


As HTV except:
16:20 Miri Mawr
16:35 Cantamil
18:01 Y Dydd

ITV London - Thames Television

As Anglia except:
09:30 Yoga
09:55 Film: Tarzan's Savage Fury (1952) Not in colour
11:15 the Galloping Gourmet
11:40 Cartoon
15:25 The Saint Not in colour
18:00 Today
20:30 Father Dear Father
22:40 Film: Dangerous Voyage (1954) Not in colour
00:50 Exiled
00:50 Close

ITV Midlands - ATV
As Anglia except:
11:05 Bridge for Beginners Not in colour: After the opening
11:30 Survival Repeat: Inca treasure
12:00 Programme Guide
14:30 Good Afternoon!
15:30 The Saint Not in colour, Repeat
Starring Roger Moore. Templar is involved in The Revolution Racket
18:00 ATV Today
20:30 The Upper Crusts New series
Starring Margaret Leighton, Charles Gray.
Lord and Lady Seacroft find that all they have inherited is a huge overdraft
22:40 Citizens' Rights: With Peter Plant
23:40 The Baron Repeat: Diplomatic Immunity

ITV Southern Television

As Anglia, except:
10:00 Twizzle Repeat
10:15 Yoga for Health Repeat
10:40 Highway to Splendour
11:05 Gilbert and Sullivan: Iolanthe
12:00 Southern News
15:30 Danger Man Not in colour, Repeat: With Patrick McGoohan. It's Drake versus a ruthless millionaire
17:20 Cartoon
17:25 Crossroads
17:50 News
18:00 Day By Day: With Barry Westwood
20:30 Anna and the King: Starring Yul Brynner
23:40 Southern News
23:50 The Odd Couple
00:20 Weather, Guideline
00:25 Close

ITV Westward Television

As Anglia except:
09:55 The Unseen World
10:45 Danger Man Not in colour, Repeat: The Professionals
11:35 Dr Simon Locke Repeat: Death is a Wanderer
12:25 Hammy Hamster
12:37 Gus Honeybun
12:57 Westward News
14:30 The Galloping Gourmet: Kona Coast Shrimp
15:35 The Saint Not in colour, Repeat
18:00 Westward Diary
19:00 Treasure Hunt: With Keith Fordyce
23:40 Westward news, weather
23:43 Angling Today
00:08 Faith for Life
00:08 Close

ITV Yorkshire Television

As Anglia except:
09:50 Ed Allen
10:15 About Britain
10:40 Last Stand
11:05 Whicker
11:35 Rovers
14:30 Jobs
15:30 Jason King
18:00 Calendar
20:30 Anna and the King
22:40 The Protectors
23:40 You and Golf
00:10 Adam 12
00:40 Weather
00:45 Close

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