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UK TV Listings 1973
Saturday 20th January 1973
*black and white

BBC1 Television

 10:00am Repondez s'il vous plait*
10:30am Avventura
11:00am Croesi'r Bont*
11:25am Weatherman
11:30am The Herbs
11:45am The Harlem Globetrotters
12:00noon Desert Crusader
12:25-5:05pm Grandstand: featuring:
Horse Racing: from Haydock Park
Boxing Highlights at Albert Hall
2:25pm Rugby: Wales v. England
4:15pm Rugby Highlights: Ireland v. New Zealand
4:50pm Final Score
5:05pm Basil Brush
5:35pm BBC News
5:50pm Dr Who
6:15pm Wonderful World of Disney
6:55pm Film: Invasion (1966) starring Edward Judd
8:15pm Cilla: with Cilla Black
9:00pm A Man Called Ironside
9:50pm BBC News
10:05pm Match of the Day
11:05pm Parkinson: with Michael Parkinson
12:05am Weatherman & Closedown

BBC2 Television

8:55am-1:30pm Open University
3:00pm Film: Men of Sherwood Forest (1954) starring Don Taylor
4:15pm Play Away
4:45pm The Inauguration of President Nixon
5:45pm Pets and Vets: Donkeys
6:00pm Man Alive: Danger-Men At Work
6:50pm Westminster into Europe
7:15pm BBC News
7:30pm Rugby: Wales v England and Ireland v. New Zealand
8;15pm War And Peace: part 17: Of Life and Death
9:00pm Full House: including at:
10:40pm The Red Buddha Theatre: The Man from the East
11:15pm BBC News
11:20-12:55am Film: Too Late Blues (1961) starring Bobby Darin, Stella Stevens

ITV - ATV Midlands

9:15am Jobs Around The House
9:40am Getting Your Money's Worth
10:10am A Place in the Country
10:40am Thunderbirds
11:35am The Jackson Five
12:00 noon Skippy
12:30pm ITN News
12:35-5:15 World of Sport: featuring:
Horse Racing from Newcastle and Windsor
3:10pm American Football: Washington Redskins v. Miami Dolphins
4:00pm Wrestling
4:50pm Results Service
5:15pm It Takes A Thief
6:10pm ITN News
6:15pm Doctor At Large
6:45pm TV Film: The Dangerous Days of Kiowa Jones (1966) starring Robert Horton, Diana Baker
8:30pm The Val Doonican Show
9:30pm Upstairs, Downstairs
10:30pm ITN News
10:40pm Aquarius
11:35-1:20am Film: You're My Everything (1949) starring Dan Dailey, Anne Baxter*

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