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UK TV Listings 1972
Friday 28th July 1972


09:45 Camberwick Green
10:00 Casey Jones*
10:25 Play Tennis
10:50 Adventures of Tin Tin*
10:55 Magic Roundabout*
11:00 Closedown
11:25 Cricket: 4th Test
13:30 Fingerbobs
13:45 News. Weatherman Bert Foord
13:55 Telewele (First shown on BBC Wales)
14:20 Racing From Goodwood/Cricket: 4th Test
16:20 Play School
16:45 Jackanory
17:00 The Monkees
17:25 Ask Aspel
17:50 National News and Weather
18:00 Your Region Tonight*
18:20 Tom and Jerry
18:30 The Virginian
19:45 It's a Knock-Out! (Jeux sans Frontiéres)
21:00 News with Robert Dougall
21:25 The Man Outside
22:15 Dave Allen at Large
23:00 Late Night news
23:05 Summer Talk with Robin Day
23:50 Weatherman followed by Regional News and Weather (except London): Closedown

BBC1 Wales

As BBC1 except:
13:30 Ar Lin Mam
18:30 The French Way
19:00 Heddiw
Topical Items
19:20 Taro'r Llygad


11:00 Play School with Carol Chell, Johnny Ball
11:25 Closedown
16:30 Cricket: 4th Test
18:35 Open University*
19:30 Newsroom with Richard Whitmore
20:00 Gardeners' World
20:25 The Entertainers: The Klondyke Brothers
21:15 The Beethoven Symphonies (No. 3, Eroica)
20:15 Sport Two with Colin Welland, Ian Wooldrige
23:30 News on Two, Weather
23:35 Late Night Line-Up

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