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UK TV Listings 1971
Sunday 25th April 1971

 ITV Granada (North West)

11:00 A Family Service for St. George's-tide
from North Walsham Parish Church.

12:10 Music in the Round
Crumhorns in Concert. Humphrey Burton talks to David Munrow and the Early Music Consort about Medieval music.

12:35 The Communicators
The Making of a Politician. Today's programme examines the politician's use of mass media.

13:00 Farmhouse Kitchen
Beer and Pop. There is a growing interest in beer at home, not only because it is so cheap, but many people
think the result is so much better than pub beer.

13:25 All Our Yesterdays
After a severe winter, with icy conditions continuing right up to March, people in Britain were able to enjoy
a summer-like Easter in 1946. Brian Inglis looks at the holiday scenes of the time.

13:55 Spiderman The Peril of Parafino

14:05 The British Film Season
The Ant and the Grasshopper / Winter Cruise / Gigolo and Gigolette. Three more Somerset Maugham short stories
which result in an almost non-stop parade of favourite British character actors.

15:45 Football
Gerald Sinstadt and the Granada Outside Broadcast cameras yesterday visited one of the North's major Football
League clashes to bring the highlights of a match involving two major First Division sides.

16:40 The Golden Shot
Bob Monkhouse with Dennis Price, Desmond Dekker and The Settlers. Nothing against Desmond Dekker, but we hope
for Dennis Price's sake that the studio audience doesn't applaud Desmond too loudly - he might never stop singing.
"I can't help it," says Des. "The audience only has to shout my name and they turn me on. I get into my songs
and I'm lost." However, applause permitting, Golden Partner Dennis Price aims the bolts and The Settlers provide
folk music.

17:35 Another World
The Living Jungle. An animal that can walk on water...an insect that looks like a leaf...ants on the march.
just a few of teh fascinating wild-life scenes cameraman Robert C. Hermes captured in a forest in Panama.

18:05 News
18:15 All That Jazz
The Noah Jazz. The children of Manor School, Ruislip present a mini-musical that is real jazz.

18:35 Thou Shalt Not
Thou Shalt Not Kill. The book of Exodus, Chapter 20 is quite emphatic: "Thou shalt not kill." Yet Chapter 21 says:
"He that smiteth a man so that he die shall surely be put to death." Tonight Mike Raven and his guests examine
the Sixth Commandment.
18:50 Appeal
Derek Nimmo appeals on behalf of the National Association for Mental Health.

18:55 Stars on Sunday
Keith Michell, David Hughes, Ronnie Hilton, David Watson with Miss Gracie Fields and The Madrigals.

19:25 Doctor at Large
Lock, Stock and Barrel. Mike is on the look-out for a better job, and when Collier leaps in and snaffles the one
that comes up first - it's war!

19:55 The Big Picture: The Secret of My Success
starring James Booth, Lionel Jeffries with Shirley Jones, Honor Blackman and Stella Stevens.
21:50 Bugs Bunny
Bowery Bugs. Steve Brody decides he needs a rabbit's foot as a good luck charm and picks on Bugs Bunny to provide it.

22:00 News
22:15 Persuasion
Part 2. Anne Elliot turned down Captain Wentworth's proposal eight years ago. He went to sea and is now a rich
and sucessful naval officer. She has not met another man she liked as much. What are their present feelings?

23:10 The Avengers
Murdersville. In which Emma marries Steed and Steed becomes a father...
00:05 Closedown

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