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UK TV Listings 1971
Thursday 21st January 1971
*black and white

BBC1 Television

12:30-12:55pm Practical Techniques for Nurses in Training*
1:00-1:25 Swyn y Glec*
1:30 Watch with Mother
1:45-1:53 News
4:20 Play School
4:40 Jackanory
4:55 Blue Peter
5:20 Scooby Doo
5:44 The Magic Roundabout
5:50 News
6:00 Nationwide
6:45 The Doctors
7:05 Top of the Pops
8:15 The Good Old Days: Music-Hall
9:00 News
9:20 Play for Today: Hell's Angel
10:35 24 Hours
11:20 Factfinder
11:45 Weatherman

BBC2 Television

11:00-11:20am Play School: Ideas Day
6:35-7:00pm Small Builder*
7:05 Open University: Mathematics 2: Errors that Die*
7:30 Newsroom
8:00 The Craftstman: Images in Glass
8:15 The Money Programme
9:00 Look, Stranger: The Empty Hills
9:20 Dave Allen at Large
10:05 People for Tomorrow: Our Time is Coming - Selma James
10:35 News
10:40 Test Cricket from Australia: highlights
11:10 Hiroshima Mon Amour, film with Emmanuele Riva, Eiji Okada

ITV - ATV Midlands

3:10pm Houseparty
3:20 Tomorrow's Horoscope
3:25 Women Today*
4:00 Peyton Place
4:30 The Rookie Bear
4:35 The Wind in the Willows
4:50 Sooty Show
5:10 Magpie
5:45 ITN News
5:55 ATV Today
6:35 Crossroads
7:00 Slaughter on Tenth Avenue (1957 bw film)
starring Richard Egan, Jan Sterling, Dan Duryea, Julie Adams*
8:50 Mr. Magoo
9:00 Nearest And Dearest: comedy series starring Hylda Baker & Jimmy Jewel
9:30 The World of Whicker
10:00 ITN News at Ten
10:30 Cinema
11:00 The Avengers: Killer, starring Patrick MacNee, Linda Thorson
11:55 Weather, Closedown

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