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UK TV Listings 1970
Sunday 4th January 1970


9-9.30 Nai Zindagi-Naya Jeevan
11.0-11.30 Seeing and Believing
1.25-1.50 Farming
2.00 Education Programme: The Minister of Education answers parents questions
2.29 BBC News Headlines
2.30 A Film for the Family (new series): Goodbye My Lady (1956 film) starring Brandon de Wilde
4.00 Billy Smart's Circus for Children
5.00 Holiday '70 (new series) with Cliff Michelmore
5.30 Ivanhoe
5.55 Clangers
6.05 BBC News
6.15 Religion in the Sixties: part 1 The Personal Dilemma
6.50 Songs of Praise: from Singer Hall, Clydebank
7.25 Paul Temple: Inside Information
8.15 With a Song in my Heart (1952 Musical Film) starring Susan Hayward
10.05 BBC News
10.15 Omnibus: Ian Fleming, creator of the James Bond myth
11.15 Monthy Python's Flying Circus
11.45 Weatherman

5.15-6.15 Time Machines: Lecture 1 In the Beginning ... Moving Through Time and Space
7.00 BBC News Review
7.25 The World About Us: The Incredible Hummingbirds
8.15 Music Now: an examination
9.15 Yesterday's Witness: The Battle of Cable Street
10.00 Morning Story (play)
10.20 Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In
11.10 BBC News Summary
11.15 Late Night Line-Up: Film Night

ITV London (LWT London Weekend Television)

 11.00 Service from St. Matthew's, Bradford
12.15 Katie Stewart Cooks
12.40 Taste and Style: Genuine or Fake?
1.05-1.30 You and Your Child
1.50 Doctor on Call
2.15 Face the Press: Brian Clough
2.45 Sports Arena
3.15 The Big Match
4.15 The Owl Service
4.45 The Golden Shot
5.30 Julia: (US Sitcom) starring Diahann Carroll in It Takes Two to Tangle
6.00 ITN News
6.15 Friends and Neighbours
6.35 Seven Days
7.25 Frost on Sundays
8.25 Ice Palace (1960 film) starring Richard Burton, Robert Ryan
10.10 ITN News
10.20 Ice Palace (film continued)
11.05 Tonight with David Nixon
11.50 Outlook '70

ITV Midlands (ATV Associated Television)

 12.15 Doctor on Call
12.40 Taste and Style: Genuine or Fake?
1.05-1.30 100 Years at School
1.45 Cannonball
2.15 Star Soccer
3.15 Look Before You Love (1948 film) starring Margaret Lockwood
4.45 As London
5.30 The Forest Rangers
6.00 As London
7.25 Just for You (1952 film) starring Bing Crosby
9.10 Strange Report: with Anthony Quayle in Heart-No Choice for the Donor
10.10 ITN News
10.20 Frost on Sunday
11.20 Tonight with David Nixon

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