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UK TV Listings 1970
Saturday 3rd January 1970


 12.00 Weatherman
12.05 Casey Jones
12.25 Zokko!
12.45 Grandstand
5.15 Dr. Who
5.40 The Debbie Reynolds Show
6.05 BBC News
6.15 It's Cliff Richard
6.45 High Adventure: Broken Arrow (1950 Western Film) starring James Stewart, Jeff Chandler, Debra Pagett
8.15 The Val Doonican Show (new series)
9.00 Vanity Fair: part 1 The Famous Little Becky Puppet, starring Susan Hampshire as Becky
9.45 BBC News
10.00 Match of the Day
11.00 Braden's Week, with Bernard Braden
11.40 Weatherman


3.0-4.10 Davy Crocket, Indian Scout (film)
7.00 BBC News & Sport
7:15 Gardeners' World: part 1 Madeira: summer 1969
7:30 Rugby Special: Bedford v Bristol
8:15 One Pair of Eyes: Is the Law an Ass?
9:00 Buddy Rich in London
9.45 Review: Film on Albert Camus, Student Drama Festival, and Judi Dench reading poetry
10.30 The Jazz Age: Lily Christine
11.20 Colour Me Pop: highlights from past programmes
11.50 BBC News Summary
11.55 The Last Hurrah (1958 film) starring Spencer Tracy, Jeffrey Hunter

ITV London (LWT London Weekend Television)

12.00 RAC Road Report
12.05 Thunderbirds
12.55 ITN News
1.00 World of Sport
5.15 Doctor in the House: Why do you want to be a Doctor?
5.45 ITN News
5.50 Bonanza: The Thirteenth Man
6.45 The John Davidson Show
7.35 Never a Cross Word: Interior Devastation, with Paul Daneman, Barbara Murray
8.05 Rocky Mountain (1950 Western Film) starring Errol Flynn, Patrice Wymore
9.35 ITN News
9.45 Saturday Night Theatre: Suffer Little Children, with Lee Montague, John Le Mesurier
10.40 The Untouchables: The Waxey Gordon Story
11.35 All Our Yesterdays: Round up of the last six months of 1944
12.05 Outlook '70
ITV Midlands (ATV Associated Television)

12.00 All Our Yesterdays
12.25 Captain Scarlet
12.55 As London
5.15 Tarzan: Trina
6.10 ITN News
6.15 Parkin's Patch: Manchester Passenger
6.45 As London
8.10 No Time to Die (1958 film) starring Victor Mature, Leo Genn, Anthony Newley
10.00 ITN News
10.15 Saturday Night Theatre: Suffer Little Children
11.10 I Spy: Sparrowhawk

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