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UK TV Listings 1968
Friday 11th October 1968

ATV Network (channels 8 and 12) (ITV  in the Midlands)

10.30am Conservative Party Conference
11.00am Schools
12-12.30pm CPC
1.40pm Schools
2.55pm CPC
4.15pm Tingha & Tucker Club
4.30pm Crossroads
4.55pm Flipper
5.20pm Clubhouse
6.00pm Midlands News
6.10pm ATV Today
6.30pm University Challenge
7pm FILM: The Notorious Landlady
9pm Gazette "Stranger"
10pm News at Ten
10.30pm The Felony Squad "The Deadly Junkman"
11.05pm Midland Member (Angus Maude, MP)
11.30pm Frost on Friday
12midnight Pulse, weather.

Granada (Channel 9) (ITV in the North-West)

9.30am Conservative Party Conference
11.00am Schools (no details)
12-12.30pm CPC (as 9.30am)
1.40pm Schools
2.55pm CPC
4.35pm Pinky and Perky
4.50pm Rocket Robin Hood (cartoon)
5.20pm Clubhouse
6.00pm Granada News
6.05pm Fireball XL5 (rpt)
6.30pm University Challenge
7pm FILM: Scared Stiff
9pm Gazette "Stranger"
10pm News at Ten
10.30pm At Last--It's Friday!
10.50pm The Westerners "Three Graves"
11.20pm Frost on Friday
12.00am Closedown.

Scottish Television (Channel 10) (ITV  in Scotland)

10.30am Conservative Party Conference
11am Schools
12noon Conservative Party Assembly
1.40pm Schools
2.55pm CPA
4.20pm Scotland Early
4.30pm Crossroads
4.55pm Skippy
5.20pm Clubhouse
5.50pm ITN News
6pm Scotland Now
6.35pm Never a Cross Word
7.20pm FILM: Green for Danger
9pm Court Martial "Silence is the Enemy" (repeat)
10pm News at Ten
10.30pm University Challenge
11pm Scotland Late
11.20pm Frost on Friday
12.05am Late Call
12.10am Interpol Calling "Slave Ship"
12.40am Closedown

Southern Television (Channels 10 and 11) (ITV  in the South of England)

9.30am Conservative Party Conference
11am--12 noon Schools
12-12.30pm CPC
1.40--2.55pm Schools
2.55--4.20pm CPC
4.20pm Crossroads
4.55pm The Flintstones
5.20pm Clubhouse
6pm Day By Day (Ch 11)
Scene South-East (Ch 10)
6.40pm Out of Town
7pm FILM: Life for Ruth
8.45pm Popeye
8.55pm Weekend
9pm Gazette "Stranger"
10pm ITN News at Ten
10.30pm Peyton Place
11.20pm Frost on Friday
12.05am Southern News Extra
12.10am Weather & Closedown

The winter 1968/spring 1969 was not one of ITV's best eras, the new contracts had started,
Granada had "lost" Yorkshire, ATV had "lost" London, there was much expense required to fund the forthcoming
colour operation. The LWT programmes schedule had all been dropped by most other ITV regions as it was
losing them viewers & displeasing the advertisers.
At this stage, ATV and Granada merely substituted the LWT programmes with feature films, proper programmes
would not be ready for transmission until 1969.

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