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UK TV Listings 1967
Sunday 1st January 1967

BBC-1 Television
5:25 The Three Musketeers: Part 8: The Cardinal
5:50 Sooty: Barnacle Sooty the Sailor
6:05 News and Weather
6:15 Meeting Point
6:45 Sunday Story
6:50 Songs of Praise
7:25 Film: Bell, Book and Candle
9:05 News and Weather
9:15 Dr. Finlay's Casebook: Resolution
10:05 New Year's Day Concert from Vienna

BBC-2 Television
7:00 News Review for the Deaf
7:25 The Danny Kaye Show
8:15 World Cinema: The Sad Young Men
10:5 Out of the Unknown: The Prophet
10:55 News
11:00 On the Margin (comedy)
11:30 Late Night Line Up: Review of 1966

ATV London
2:30 Tempo
3:10 Star Soccer
4:10 The Big Valley
5:5 Thunderbirds
6:0 News
6:15-7:25 Religious Programmes
7:25 The Saint
8:25 London Palladium
9:25-11:20 Film: Elephant Walk / 10:15 News
11:20 The Eamonn Andrews Show

Radio: BBC Light Programme
9:00-10:00am Children's Favourites
10:30-11:30 Easy Beat
12:00 Family Favourites
1:30 The Ken Dodd Show
2:00 The Clitheroe Kid
2:30 Billy Cotton Band Show
3:00 Semprini Serenade
4:00 Pick of the Pops
5:00 Does the Team Think?
5:30 Movie Go Round

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