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UK TV Listings 1966
Tuesday 3rd May 1966
Budget Day

09:35 For Schools and Colleges
09:35 Exploring Your World: The Body's Covering
10:00 Discovering Science: Animals and Their Food
10:20 Close
10:45 Watch With Mother - The Woodentops
11:00 Interlude
11:05 For Schools and Colleges
11:25 Close
13:00 Heddiw - Welsh topical magazine
Crystal Palace, Sutton Coldfield, Holme Moss, Wenvoe West transmitters only.
13:25 News and Weather
13:30 Close
14:05 For Schools and Colleges - Looking At Australia
14:25 Close
15:05 Jackanory
The Donkey
15:20 The Budget
reports on the tax changes with expert opinions and analysis
17:30 Tom Tom
stories and items of interest in a modern and changing world
17:55 News
18:05 Town and Around
news and views in London and the South-East followed by Weather
18:30 Look: The Private Life of the Kingfisher
18:55 Points Of View
comments and criticisms from viewers
19:00 The Newcomers
19:30 Meet The Wife (Comedy series)
Brother Tom
20:00 Film: The Love Affair
with Tyrone Power and Gene Tierney: That Wonderful Urge, Part I
20:50 News
21:10 The Budget
21:25 The Love Affair (Part II)
21:55 Sportsview
22:25 Twenty-four Hours
22:55 Bonjour Francoise
23:20 Weather


11:00 Play School
a programme for children at home
11:25 Close
17:30 Advances in Language Teaching: Secondary French
20:00 Inside Ireland: The Mother - an insight into the life of Mrs Redmond
20:30 The Money Programme: The Making of the Budget
21:10 The Budget: The Chancellor of the Exchequer
21:25 Show Of The Week
Bruce Forsyth and his guests
22:10 Lord Raingo by Arnold Bennett
Part II - Power
22:55 Canvas
personal reflections on great paintings. Robert Hughes on Caravaggio's "The Martyrdom of St Matthew"
23:10 Newsroom
followed by Weatherview
23:30 Late-Night Line Up and Film Requests


11:30 For Schools
11:50 Close
14:05 For Schools
14:53 Close
15:30 The Budget
16:45 Small Time
17:00 The 1966 Budget: A special report
Andrew Gardner, with William Rees-Mogg and Robert Heller
17:25 Secret Squirrel
17:55 News & Weather
18:07 Mad Movies
A 1903 bathing belle contest, with Ben Turpin and child stars Mickey Rooney and Shirley Temple
18:35 Crossroads
19:00 Double Your Money
starring Hughie Green
19:30 Emergency Ward 10
20:00 Mrs Thursday
Kathleen Harrison in You Don't Have To Book For Buckingham Palace
20:55 News
21:10 The Budget
The Chancellor of the Exchequer interviewed by Robin Day
21:25 Amos Burke, Secret Agent
Gene Barry in Nightmare of the Sun. Story of the attempted assassination of a Mexican statesman.
22:23 The World Tomorrow
Life Without Money (Credit-Card living)
22:53 News
22:55 Division
with George Ffinch, Alastair Burnet and Geoffrey Hodgson
23:25 Payton Place
23:55 Dateline From America. Weather
00:05 The Hidden Hand
Francis Hoyland talks about Childlike Poetry of the Spirit.

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