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UK TV Listings 1964
Tuesday 10th March 1964

 BBC2 pre-launch trade test schedule
Trade Test on UHF/625 Lines (Channel 33)

09:00 Test Card
09:15 Film
09:30 Test Card
10:05 Films: Adventures in Industry; Mr Marsh Comes to School
11:00 Test Card
11:10 Film : Energy for Europe
11:50 Test Signal
12:00 Film: Who Cares
14:00 Diavolezza

London ITV (Associated Rediffusion)

14:35 Schools
15:35 Close
16:45 Small Time
17:00 Five O' Clock Club
17:25 The Barnstormers
17:55 News; Weather
18:08 People in London
18:15 I Love Lucy
18:45 Here and Now
19:00 University Challenge
19:30 Emergency Ward 10
20:00 Big Night Out
Featuring Mike and Bernie Winters, Adam Faith and Lionel Blair
20:55 News
21:10 The Plane Makers
22:05 Second City Reports
22:50 Camera Eye: The Learning Game
23:15 One Step Beyond
23:40 Epilogue

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