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UK TV Listings 1961
Monday 4th December 1961

BBC Television

1.00pm Newyddion; Heddiw News followed by a topical magazine (Wenvoe, Blaenplwyf, Llandrindod Wells, Holme Moss,
Sutton Coldfield only)
1.25 The News
1.30 Table Talk A meeting for people with opinions
2.00-2.15 Watch with Mother: Picture Book
5.00 Blue Peter with Christopher Trace and Leila Williams
5.20 Whirlybirds
5.45 Seeing Stars with Patrick Moore
6.00 The News
6.09 Regional news magazines (London and South East: Town and Around)
6.25 Winston Churchill: The Valiant Years
6.50 Tonight Look around with Cliff Michelmore, with Derek Hart, Alan Whicker, Fyfe Robertson, Trevor Philpott,
Macdonald Hastings, Robin Hall, Jimmie Macgregor
7.29 Headline News
7.30 Citizen James starring Sidney James
7.55 This is Your Life says Eamonn Andrews to ?
8.30 Panorama The Window on the World Introduced by Richard Dimbleby
9.15 The News
9.25 Maigret A crime series from the novels of Georges Simenon, starring Rupert Davies as Inspector Maigret
10.15 Come Dancing introduced by Peter West
11.00 Late Night News followed by Weather

BBC Radio:  The Light Programme

6.30am Weather; News; Morning Music
8.00 On Your Way
8.55 Weather
9.00 Housewives' Choice
9.55 Five to Ten
10.00 Two's Company
10.31 Music While You Work
11.00 Morning Story
11.15 Mrs Dale's Diary
11.31 Faraway Places
12.00 Neal Arden: Twelve O'Clock Spin
12.31pm Midday Music Hall
1.31 Make Mine Country Style
1.45 Listen with Mother
2.00 Woman's Hour
3.00 Music for Dancing
3.31 Music While You Work
4.15 Mrs Dale's Diary
4.31 Racing Results
4.34 Playtime: records for the young with John Webster
5.00 Teenagers' Turn: with Jimmy Young
5.31 Roundabout: music, news, views and topics, with John Anthony
6.40 Sports News
6.45 The Archers
7.00 News and Radio Newsreel
7.25 Sport
7.31 The Reigate Squires: starring Carleton Hobbs and Norman Shelley as Holmes and Watson
8.00 The Clitheroe Kid: starring Jimmy Clitheroe
8.31 Free and Easy
9.00 Something to Shout About: a light-hearted look at the advertising world, starring Michael Medwin
9.31 Swingsong
10.30 News followed by Sport
10.40 The DJ Show: David Jacobs spins The Tops in Pops
11.31 The Starlight Roof: with Hector Stewart
11.55-12.00 Late News

Submitted by: Charles E. MacKay

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