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Video Collectors Guide
Where to find your favorite Classic TV series on DVD &Video

"DVD Search"  searches the  websites listed below with  * Asterisk.
"DVD Collectors Search" searches the websites listed below with * Asterisk.

* e/p Partners (Dr. Ron Evans & Greg Prevost) *
* Cult Film Site - Classic Television (Ronnie Cramer)   *
   * TV ofyourlife.com: Classic Television from the 1950s to 1990s   *
 * The Vintage Theatre *  * Ebony Theatre Showcase (Los Angeles) *
* Hollywood's Attic (Burbank, LA)  (formerly Nostalgia Family Video, Inc) *
* MovieCraft Home Video  (Nancy Urbanski) *
* Eldon Russell Video Services  *  * Shokus (Public Domain) Robert's Hard to find Videos *

 * Critics Choice Video & DVD *
* S'more Entertainment *   * Shout Factory *    *  bygonevideo.com *
* Movies Unlimited *  * Falcon Picture Group *  * A&E Home Entertainment (at New Video) *

DVD Releasing Companies & Stores:- 

 The Big Studios:
* MGM Home Video *  * Sony Pictures *  * Warner Home Video  / WB Shop *  * Fox Connect *
* Universal Studios  (www.great-tv-shows.com) *

* Alpha Video  (at oldies.com) *   * Boxed TV Series.com *  * TV Box Set.com *
      * Mill Creek Entertainment *    * TMG Timeless Media Group *    * TVideo.com *
* VCI Entertainment *   *  MPI Home Video *
* dvdsettopshop.com  * dvd5collections.com *    dvdtvcollection.com *    showsondvd.com
* justdvdcity.com   *  justdvdcollection.com *

 clickdvdshows.com  /  tvshowsondvd.com  / tvdvdtown.com


https://sixtiesvideo.mysite.com/RONSVIDEOTRADELIST.htm (Ron Kleim)  (Mainly 1960's Pop Music Videos)

  Kine Video: Vintage Television Programming (Bruce Simon)

     Used -- DVD -- Search

Bob O'Brien  / Leszczak Video Collection 

Classic TV Website (Colin Duff)(Australia) 

         Classic TV on Video (Jim Potts)
      Classic Sitcoms (Vince Waldron) -    Like Television 
  Columbia House/TV Greats  -  Jim's Rare Serials      

TV Days Classic Video Archives/ Video Resources (New York) 

PDMB - Public Domain Movie Database
PDMD - Public Domain Classic TV on  Budget DVD - Forum (Bob Huggins)  

  Robert Rigdon's Video Library (mainly "The Virginian")  Aaron Mintz' Radio/TV Archive

     DownUnderDVD.com (Trevor B. Scott)(Australia)
Amazon (US) - Videos    /  Amazon (US) - DVDs
EBay (US) - auction site

MacDonald & Associates (macfilms.com) (Chicago)

Power DVD Store

Video Yesteryear (site close/moved?)    Rare Video (Shane Hall) (site closed/moved? )  


The Laser Examiner - DVD and Laser Disc News & Reviews 


  CBC Archive


Network DVD  -  Razamataz

Choose DVD Rental (UK)  (DVD Rental comparison site)

BBC Radio & Television Archive           ITN Archive
Dinosaur TV - Save Our Forgotten British Heritage (David Moore)

  Amazon (UK)      EBay (UK) - auction site

 Any Sites which have Moved or Closed - let us know and we will Delete or Redirect.

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